This section contains spoilers related to the story of Lobotomy Corporation.
Read ahead with caution if you want to experience the story for yourself.

"You have proved that you are greater than you thought. Executives are paying attention to you. One of them is aforementioned 'A'"
- Angela
The Founder and Manager A is the founder of Lobotomy Corporation, creator of Angela and the first discoverer of the Abnormalities. The mysterious founder isn't reveal directly through the story of the game but through small references when talking with Angela. It is said, by the AI itself, that A developed almost all the systems of the company.

A's achievements include the way to extract energy of the Abnormalities and how to 'capture' them. Angela encourages X to stay working in this company to have higher chances to meet A in the future.

Story Mode Spoilers!
When progressing through the first weeks, at Day 25, is revealed to the player through a piece of newspaper that A died. Even when the cause of his death is unknown, seems like Angela was involved in it.

A had the idea that the world was sick of a disease that humans couldn't see, neither its symptoms. None believed him but that didn't discouraged him. Psyche was a concept that A believed to be a mysterious area inside of a person's heart, and that was needed to study to cure this sickness. He started his research secretly, focused in the dreams, but it became difficult since the world didn't believed in psyche, limiting the study of his research. But 'energy' became a great justification in that situation. A gave the idea of this new form of energy extracted from dreams, and the people became captivated by this deal. When an event called the 'Mist War' broke out, some positions were opened for the corporation, and like that they strengthened their position as an energy company. Still, the initial objective of the company wasn't to produce energy.

A started to study and extract energy from different parts of the human subconsciousness for his research: Memories, Emotions, Fantasies, all of them were fragments of life. When they started to see more than just energy from it, these started to show signs of life. As they extracted more energy from them, the most solid form they had. After some time, they weren't considered just 'monsters', but instead, origins which had been forgotten in the darkness for a long time.

At day 31, Angela offer to X to connect to A's memories by using a terminal. Is revealed that A wanted to 'save' humanity's subconsciousness and created new beings from it. With his arrogance, he believed that was a god from it too and when A wanted for more vivid and stronger emotions from the deep of the subconsciousness, the Ordeals were born from his sins, uncontrollable emotions which can't be locked like the Abnormalities. Even when their origins were in humanity's subconsciousness, they were born from A, and so, they represent a part of himself.

He was charmed by his own creations, and the stronger energy comes from more vivid shadows, realizing that from bad memories more powerful energy can be produced. His initial plan to cure the sickness on the world was overshadowed by his new ambition, but he didn't realized early and because of one incident, he saw what he had done. He started to find for someone which wouldn't betray him, and humans can betray themselves and don't have full control over their own actions. The solution was a machine, who wouldn't even try to betray him. Even when he detested machines, he needed one, and so he and other workers of the fields of technology, including B, they designed an intelligent AI made from different personalities, and Angela was created.

Is revealed that Angela actually killed A, but she also admitted that she killed more than one 'A'.