Risk Aleph

"The most dangerous abnormalities are labeled with this class. You must always give attention to these abnormalities. It is a relief if these abnormalities escape, and are suppresed before they destroy the whole department."
- Manual


ALEPH Abnormalities are extremely dangerous both in containment and when they trigger their abilities, being more dangerous than Risk Waw WAW Abnormalities. Their abilities are the most powerful in-game, as well complex with their own unique styles, from transformations, to massive area damage, to summoning multiple minions; able to cause a 'Game Over' if they aren't suppressed in time or neglected for a long time.

Working with these Abnormalities will trigger a special effect called Qliphoth Overload that decreases WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate with the Abnormality by -6% after each work (with a maximum of -30% penalty). This effect remains until the next level of QliphothMeltdownIcon Qliphoth Meltdown is obtained.

When finishing a day with an Risk Aleph ALEPH still breaching, no LOB Points will be gained from that day. A warning will be shown along the button to end the day when all energy is collected.

Risk Aleph ALEPH Abnormality List:

Name Subject Number Attack Type EBoxIcon E-Boxes QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter
Apocalypse Bird
O-02-63(-A) BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK
(1 - 3)
12 X
Army In Black
D-01-106(-Z) WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE

(7 - 9)

30 3
Blue Star
O-03-93(-A) WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE
(6 - 9)
33 2
O-03-89(-A) BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK
(5 - 10)
32 2
Melting Love
D-03-109(-A) BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK
(6 - 9)
32 3
Nothing There
O-06-20(-A) RedDamageTypeIcon RED
(6 - 9)
33 1
The Mountain of Smiling Bodies
T-01-75(-A) BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK
(6 - 8)
30 2
The Silent Orchestra
T-01-31(-A) WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE
(7 - 9)
30 2
T-03-46(-A) PaleDamageTypeIcon PALE
(7 - 8)
35 3
Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter

Summaries Edit

Apocalypse Bird will appear as soon as the three birds enter an Abnormality called Entrance To The Black Forest. You will not be able to Pause or change the Speed or escape when a certain egg is not suppressed yet. You will obtain the "unobtainable" when you suppressed it.

Army In Black creates multiple Risk Aleph ALEPH Risk Level imitations of its own.

Blue Star inflicts strong WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage throughout the entire facility, instantly killing panicking employees and low-leveled employees, absorbing them after.

CENSORED instantly makes any employee below Level V panic. It can restore its HPIcon Health by consuming the corpses of employees, creating minions soon after. Level V will be Hopeless by losing 60% of their Max Mental Point Sanity Point.

Melting Love breaches upon converting employees into its minions, and can spread its infection quickly.

Nothing There can be suppressed but this is extremely difficult when it reaches its last form.

The Mountain of Smiling Bodies can be suppressed easily at first. But after it consumes a certain amount of corpses it will grow in size, developing deadlier attacks.

The Silent Orchestra will increase its damage output overtime while breaching, changing its immunity constantly. It is also difficult to keep in containment, due to its mood mechanic. If its suppression cannot be done in time, it will deplete all energy collected.

WhiteNight transforms blessed employees into Apostles. The player can not Pause or change the Speed or escape as long as WhiteNight is breached. You will obtain the "unobtainable" when you suppressed it by force.

Trivia Edit

  • Risk Aleph ALEPH is based from the Hebrew alphabet, the 1st letter, Alef (א). Represents 'master' or 'Lord.'
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