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" '...Is your future totally grim? Have you hit absolute rock bottom, not a single way out in sight?' "
-Backward Clock's Entry

Backward Clock (D-09-104) is a Risk Waw.png WAW Abnormality resembling a clockwork machination, similar to an open container with 4 Nixie tubes attached to it, display multiple gears at the front and a wind-up key to the right side. All the lights start turned off at the beginning of the day.



Backward Clock's ability consists of a single use work depending on if it's fully charged or not. Employees can be assigned to charge the Backward Clock, but employees that are below level 3 have no effect when working on it. The Backward Clock will go from left to right, turning on a light each time an employee above level 2 winds up the machine, as a newly lit light will receive a number. If all 4 lights are lit (fully charged), a current system time (24 hour time) is visible on the clock, as another charge will activate the Backward Clock's Ability. The ability consists of two outcomes depending on what level the employee is that activated it.

Case 1: If the employee is Level 5 and uses the Backward Clock when fully charged there are a few positive effect that will happen:

  • All escaped Abnormalities or Ordeals in the facility will be re-contained or killed.
  • All types of QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdowns will be removed from every abnormality in the facility, including ones from An Arbiter.
  • All of the QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Overloads will be removed from all Risk Waw.png WAW and Risk Aleph.png ALEPH abnormalities. It will not remove the -50% QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Overloads on Abnormalities in departments that have all of their employees killed, since it doesn't bring employees back to life.

This effect is given with the cost of the employee dying and the backward clock disappearing, leaving nothing in the containment room.

Case 2: If the employee is below Level 5 and uses the Backward Clock when fully charged, all employees in the facility, except the one that charged it, have a normal chance of either dying or panicking. The machine will reset its lights back to 0 and can be charged up again. Attempting to activate the machine again with the left over employee will cause the employee to die or panic, making the situation close to impossible to come back from without a lucky event happening.

Entities killed by the backward clock will not progress the missions assigned by Gebura, Hod's "I Want To Be A Good Person", and Malkuth's "At Dusk". Ordeals killed by the backward clock will not reward the player with energy.

The effects (instant suppression) of Backward Clock do not apply to the following:

Abnormalities that possess an ability that grants temporary immunity, like Amber Dusk's burrowing, will not be effected. These abnormalities however are not granted complete shielding from the Backward Clock, unlike Dream of a Black Swan and Army in Black, since outside of the ability they are vulnerable to be killed.

The Abnormality isn't affected by the QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdown, even though it is not stated in the methods of the abnormality.

Basic Information[]

Backward Clock's encyclopedia portrait

Backward Clock's basic information takes 2 uses to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (Risk Waw.png WAW)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Single use type)


The exact details are unknown, but it is said to be made from an unknown company.

Log and Method[]

Interaction Amount
1 Use
"This Abnormality was created with the ideas provided by Tumblbug Backer '정현교 (Jeong Hyeon-kyo).'

An old clock manufactured by an unknown company. Its vacuum tubes give off a vintage vibe. The manufacturer stopped making these clocks a long time ago."
"One light turns on and energy is charged for each work done with Backward Clock."
3 Uses
" “…Is your future totally grim? Have you hit absolute rock bottom, not a single way out in sight? Have you ever thought: ‘Oh man, what if I’d done this instead of that?’
Humanity has conquered disease and nature. Now we have come far enough to harness time itself.” "
"Nothing happened when employees lower than Level 3 attempted to work with it."
5 Uses
" “Yes, we can rewind your wasted time. Just wind it up, close your eyes, and count to ten. When you open them, you will be standing at the exact moment you wished to be in.” "
"After all the lights have been turned on, Backward Clock can be activated. However, Backward Clock can only be utilized once a day, so please use it wisely."
7 Uses
"+ Please read the manual thoroughly. You never know what the extremely high voltage discharged from the machinery could do if it is handled poorly.
We are not responsible for any accidents that may occur from user error and carelessness. This clock requires a high amount of energy to operate. Please understand that it will take a considerable amount of time to charge."
"<Caution> Employees under Level 5 are strictly forbidden from making any contact with Backward Clock after it has been fully charged."
9 Uses
"Only Level 5 employees can operate Backward Clock normally. Backward Clock will send all except the operator to the most peaceful time of the day."


  • This Abnormality is based on the idea of the Tumblbug sponsor '정현교 (Jeong Hyeon-kyo)'
  • This is the first Abnormality that requires a specific overall Level to be used and the first tool to re-contain all escaped Abnormalities.
  • This is the 2nd abnormality to use four lights in order to show progression to an Ability, first being the Express Train to Hell.
  • This is the second tool that is not affected by the Qliphoth Meltdowns, first being We Can Change Anything
  • It is implied in the Logs and Methods that it is a time machine, but ingame, it doesn't bring employees or clerks back to life, it only suppresses and calms abnormalities.