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"Big and Might be Bad Wolf (Legacy)" is using information from the Legacy version of the game (v0.0.2.2b). The information here is from an older version of the game before the most recent gameplay changes.

"Old stories are cruelest things. Lovely fairy tales have endings, but what about their lives?"
- Angela

Big and Might be Bad Wolf (F-02-58-W) or Big Bad Wolf for short, is an animal Abnormality taking the form of a humanoid tall wolf with gray fur, white paws, tail and belly button, black eyebrows and a scar on his left eye. When breaching, Big Bad Wolf appearance changes to look more like a beast, more thin or skeletal, and running on its four paws.

He is currently one of two unique abnormalities in game to have a counterpart, the other counterpart abnormality being Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary.


His ability is "Memories of Scars", which is triggered when his mood is depleted, when Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary is near his containment room, after eating 3 employees or by random chance after eating 1 employee. If an employee try to do violence work on Big and Might be Bad Wolf, a dark effect will appear on the wolf and they will get eaten by him when entering in his room, after a short scene. The same dark effect can happen by a random chance when an employee tries to perform a random work and is of lower level than the previous employee who did a work on it.

When the scene ends, Big Bad Wolf's stomach will inflate a bit and he would look satisfied. When he feels satisfied, he will deal less damage while in work, his mood gauge decreases more slowly and will produce more energy. After eating 3 employees or by random chance after eating an employee; Big and Might be Bad Wolf's mood will get reduced greatly, leading to his escape attempt. If Big Bad Wolf remains in a satisfied state for a long time, he will change to a 'bad state', where he will deal more damage and his mood gauge will get reduced faster. The employees eaten aren't considered 'Dead', but instead 'Out of Control' and if the player ends the day without the wolf entering in a bad state, they will recover the employees eaten. The player can also recover the eaten employees by doing and finishing successfully nutrition work on him after eating an employee, before he enters in the bad state.

When his mood is depleted, Big and Might be Bad Wolf will escape, trying to always get in the department's main room and attack nearby employees. His variety of attacks includes basic attacks, a pounce attack, which needs to charge to deal great damage to an employee and an area attack, which deals damage to all the employees and Abnormalities in the same room. After some time in a main department room, Big Bad Wolf will howl for a short moment, becoming immune to damage when doing so; and run to another main room of other department. He will repeat this behavior until subdued or the day ends. Usually Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary will breach to track him if he gets closer to her. If Big and Might be Bad Wolf is defeated, all the employees who were eaten by him will appear on the location where he was defeated. If the days end with him breaching and still with some employees eaten, they will disappear in the next day.

Additionally, any employees who were released of the Big Bad Wolf's stomach will receive a special trait named 'Lamb'.


The Big Bad Wolf follows many tales involving a wolf as an antagonist, but probably he participated in each of them (mentioned in his flavour text) before the Little Red's tale. The twist in that tale is assumed to be at the end, but is still unknown what happened. After the incident, the wolf somehow escaped the scene, and with a high probability, being the one who scarred Little Red. Although the wolf looks clueless during most situations, he seems to recognize the rivalry of Little Red and tries to fight her when both are confronting.

How the Big and Might be Bad Wolf arrived to the facility and where he was found is still unknown.


Big and Might be Bad Wolf loves consensus and amusement, likes nutrition and hates violence and cleanliness work. Is not recommended to use violence work because of Big Bad Wolf able to eat employees under that condition.

Like all Abnormalities, his energy output changes depending on his mood. He produces a moderate amount of energy when happy, drains a moderate amount of energy when neutral, and produces large amount of energy when distressed. He can't enter in the 'Mood Rating at its Best' state.

Big Bad Wolf's mood gauge is divided into 3 sections, distressed, neutral and happy. Under the 20%, he will feel distressed, between 20% and 65%, he will be neutral; and above 65%, he will feel happy.

  • "When <name> employee went to work on the wolf, the state of Big and Might be bad Wolf changed unusually. Big and Might be bad Wolf immediately ate <they> as soon as <name> employee entered the quarantine."
  • "The Big and Might be bad Wolf escaped from the containment when its mood level reached zero."
  • "After eating the employee, Big and Might be bad Wolf showed a satisfactory appearance. (Low aggressiveness and high energy production efficiency of Big and Might be bad Wolf were observed in the state.)"
  • "After a certain period of time in the above state, Big and Might be bad Wolf showed opposite behavior.(In that state, the Big and Might be bad Wolf's aggressiveness increased, and the mood decreased rapidly.)"
  • "In that state, Big and Might be bad Wolf appeared to escape with [Unidentified Date] outside the containment room."
  • "Big and Might be bad Wolf escaped regardless of its mood as the [Unidentified Date] approached the containment room."

Final Observation[]

(You see a wolf with sparsely bald fur)

I like it here.

At least it's better than where I used to live.

There are no pigs, or chickens, but I don't have to be Big Bad Wolf, at least.

You didn't immediately kick me out, so I will tell you my name. {My name is ----.

Forget it Remember the name
You better watch out. I can eat you with one bite if I want to.

(The wolf seems unhappy)

It's no use to remember it. None cares about my name!

(But the wolf seems happy)


Encyclopedia Entries[]

Big Bad Wolf's encyclopedia portrait

  • "A wolf with sparsely damaged fur. It is bipedal, and capable of communication to some extent. It always tries to devour employees and escape. Such actions are easily preventable, since it shows obvious signs in behaviors and conversations before doing so, which makes this abnormality fairly easy to manage.("...That's why I could slash the wolf's belly and returned safely back here!" )"
  • "The accident happened in X, XX promoted awareness to employees. The situation went out of control at the moment Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary and Big and Might be bad Wolf contacted. Avoid their contact at all cost. Considering the potential damage, it is rather wise to use some of the employees as living bait to distract them than allowing them to see each other."
  • "Flesh, I had been yearning for it for a long time. It was so delicious. I saw some red piece of cloth sticking out from the wardrobe. I might have seen it from somewhere, or not, actually I didn't care. I must be called Big Bad Wolf."
  • "There are many stories in the world. But none is as disgusting as the wolf's story. Wolves are born with sin. They have no names. People call them "Big Bad Wolf". All wolves grow into a giant, ferocious, and hairy monster. Wolves should not eat other animals even if they are starving. Wolves should not cross the line when doing bad things. Wolves should be punished. Wolves should be examples. Wolves should not make friends......(Omitted)"

Flavour Text[]

  • "<Name>, I'm telling this only to you. If you ever build a house, make it sturdy brick house."
  • "<Name>, <name>, By any chance, is there a chubby baby pig in this place? Oh, it's nothing. He was my friend. I just want to see how he's doing now."
  • "Big and Might be bad Wolf vividly remembers the moments when its belly is ripped open, and guts spilled out."
  • "According to employees who have been into Big and Might be bad Wolf's stomach. It is a dark, empty, and lonely place."
  • "'Open the door, sweetheart. I have brought gifts from the forest.'"
  • "<Name>, I will give you something good if you let me out!"
  • "<Name>, will you open this door, please? I won't hurt anyone, I'm just a little bit hungry."
  • "Big and Might be bad Wolf likes meat. He used to be always hungry, now he wants to be always full."
  • "'I have very big teeth.'"
  • "Big and Might be bad Wolf is suffering from chronic indigestion. The origin of this problem goes back to very, very far past......"
  • "'I can blow this room away with one breath!'"
  • "I am a big bad wolf. I will eat you all and get out of this place."


  • Big and Might be Bad Wolf seems to be a clearly reference to different fairy tales including a wolf as an antagonist, specifically Little Red Riding Hood as shown by the conflict between it and Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary.