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Grim Xzag Grim Xzag 27 December 2021

WhiteNight (Strategy)

This is a draft of the Stretegy section. Please keep in mind that all exploits (Using a Bug/error to make a challange easier) should be recorded in the Bugs section and not the Stretegy section. Location of this section is of course below the Ability section.

WhiteNight is one of the defense oriented abnormalities in Lobotomy Corporation, possessing Apostles that guard his position, immensely high HP at 12000, and the Red Ring of Death that revives Suspended Apostles. However this high fortification has its cracks, and exploiting these can destroy his barricade.

In as few words as possible to describe this strategy: just RUN AWAY from Apostles preforming attacks.

Because of the slow attack speed of the Apostles, one can simply move their empl…

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Grim Xzag Grim Xzag 16 November 2021




A Well Written Story (C-07-01) is an ALEPH Tool Abnormality that takes the form of a multipage script about a Hero and a Villain. The script is contained in a tank, floating in the middle when not equipped.

  • 1 Information
    • 1.1 Ability
    • 1.2 Basic Information:
  • 2 Origin
  • 3 Log and Method
  • 4 Gallery


Well Written Story's basic information takes 30 Seconds to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level ( ALEPH)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Mounting Type)

The details of its origin are unknown besides someone had to write it.

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Grim Xzag Grim Xzag 16 November 2021

Is it up?


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