Main Screen after day 50 and with 100% completion.

Challenge Mode is a post Story Mode where the player can play until day 99 without checkpoints, increasing the energy goal each day. Ordeals or Random Events only appear past the start of challenge mode. The player can unlock it after completing Story Mode, which will become available from the main screen by showing a button named 'Challenge Mode', and alternatively, the player can also proceed by clicking the 'Continue' button.

The main differences of this mode are:

  • The player can't get anymore checkpoints once starting.
  • The Qliphoth Immunity is completely removed.
  • The player can not get abnormality observation level bonuses.
  • The energy required to end the day will increase each day, but without more new Abnormalities, making the days more longer to collect energy.

This mode focus in energy production only, and until there are more features, the Challenge Mode provides an 'Endless Mode' feeling, without getting much different features and the days must be performed perfectly to avoid a total game lost.

Upon Completing day 99, the game will exceed the day limit resetting back to day 1 and showing the day 1 lob reward. You will be put back on the main menu after loading the next day because there isn't a day after day 99.

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