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This section contains spoilers related to the story of Lobotomy Corporation.
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"Ah, that’s much better... I just can’t start my day without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning~" - Chesed

Chesed is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the middle layer, Briah, and is the head of the ChesedArmband.png Welfare Team.

He has shoulder-length cobalt blue hair with distinctly split bangs and a single lock of hair in the middle. His eyes are brown with bags beneath, showing fatigue. He dresses in a suit styled after the late 19th or early 20th century, along with a blue cravat secured with a button. He wears a blue jacket with a white collar and black trim above black slacks. He also wears a grey armband with the first letter of his name, "C," on it. The color associated with his text boxes is blue.

In the past, Chesed's hair was shorter, featuring a ripply fringe. He also had no bags in his eyes.

Chesed's Missions focus on speeding through the day in a certain amount of time.


Chesed is sleepy and enjoys coffee, despite the lack of a need to sleep. He is very easygoing, and lax with the members of his team, finding pride in the fact that his team has the best approval rating. Despite this, he has a rather cynical attitude, seeming to have come to terms with their eventual deaths due to being used by Angela. Previously, he was incredibly passionate and motivated, and believes that his past self would be ashamed of his current self. Chesed seeks to make members of his team comfortable before inevitable death.


Chesed's nonchalant attitude is made evident during his first meeting with the manager, which he initiates by asking for permission to have a cup of coffee. Introducing himself as the Sephirah of the Welfare Team, Chesed comments on his department's high approval rate and inquires whether his way of speaking is bothersome, mentioning that Angela ordered him to cooperate with X in spite of how unwilling he may be. The conversation is interrupted by an employee who goes on to apologize for not fully polishing the department's E.G.O, possibly having caused it to malfunction. Retorting in a way he describes as different from what Angela or the other Sefirot would have done, Chesed comforts the employee and allows him to go unpunished, pointing out to X that there is no point in putting the effort to chastise workers that will be eventually replaced. Realizing his coffee has gone cold, Chesed disposes of it, remarking that cold coffee just isn't worth it.

Once his first mission is completed, Chesed offers the manager some backhanded praise and commends his efforts towards making the company into a better place, going on to compare it to "coffee gone cold" and advising X to not invest himself too much in meaningless issues. Regardless of whether the manager chooses to rebut or ignore the comment, Chesed tells him to suit himself and displays curiosity in how long that passion will last. The scene then shifts to what appears to be a memory of Chesed speaking to Angela about spending all night coming up with ways to improve the well-being of the employees. Seemingly acknowledging some irony in the advice he gave to X, Chesed leaves.

After his second mission is completed, Chesed questions the manager on whether or not Angela has given him praise for his work, quoting a rather typical commendation speech in a dignified voice. Pointing out the emptiness on those words, he goes on to talk about his own past and how he used to be passionate about overseeing an entire department, something that predated even his liking for coffee. Chesed comments on the absurdity of his old ways, and how he once even insisted in managing the Abnormalities as well due to considering it wrong to leave such a job only to his employees. Chesed claims to have no idea as to why he changed so much, and the scene changes to expand on the previous flashback, displaying a conversation between Angela and a younger, more passionate version of the head of the Welfare Team. Angela is shown to dismiss Chesed's projects to improve the safety of the workers in the facility, including the use of machines to handle the more dangerous jobs. In spite of being vehemently denied, Chesed tells Angela he will keep trying and improving his plans until she is convinced.

Back in the present, the female Tiphereth is seen entering the Welfare Team to tell Chesed about an accident involving an Abnormality that escaped and killed 8 of his employees. She then forwards the suggestion of other workers to close the part of the corridor in which the disaster took place, as body parts still remain there. Chesed agrees and decides to tell his employees to take detours while the situation is handled, and X has the option to either comfort him or remain silent. Regardless of what is said, Chesed points out that such a disaster was bound to happen sometime, and with a look of uncertainty on his face, finishes off by saying the Abnormality must have given the workers a painless death by making them unconscious before disintegrating them.

Once his third mission is completed, Chesed mentions having an eventful, but bad day. He then comments on how it is good to have a clear assigned role, as it makes concentrating on work easier. Additionally, he remarks that Angela is extremely good at keeping everyone in check, and that he too has learned to accept his preassigned role. After he mentions having decided to wait until "her plan" ends, the scene shifts to another memory of his past, showing the still greenhorn Chesed confronting Angela due to an incident in his department involving a containment breach that shouldn't have happened. Angela remains silent as Chesed pieces together the facts that draw suspicion towards her and then promptly shuts him down, revealing that the Abnormalities yield more energy by killing people, which is why using robots as workers would be detrimental to the company's daily energy supply quota, and why it was necessary to cause a breach on the Welfare Team with its low escape rates. She then explains how job applications for the company are highly disputed among people, and that Chesed is in no position to take away their fortune. Angela finishes by telling the now speechless Chesed to go have some coffee and enjoy his higher position in the company, reaffirming her status as the best AI in the world before mocking his "detective work".

Once the scene shifts back to the present, Chesed points out how the Sefirot don't exist in the form that the manager sees due to the cognition filter, wondering how he looks from X's point of view. He then deduces it must be something distasteful and incapable, which he would have hated in the past.


X (Player)[]

Chesed's demeanour when talking to the manager strikes a balance between friendly and professional, as he does not mind having some casual chatter but is quick to leave if he has to be elsewhere. He initially appears somewhat skeptical towards X's worth as a manager, even trying to make him see things in a more objective light.


While once determined to impress and even question Angela's ways of treating the workers in the facility, Chesed has been repeatedly conditioned by her into becoming an obedient and passive follower. Angela considers Chesed to be among the Sefirot who understand her the most.


Chesed shows concern regarding Gebura's obsession with punishing Abnormalities and how it ends up throwing away more lives than needed, although he recognizes her efficiency when it comes to supression. He does not seem too keen on talking to her unless absolutely necessary, one time even asking the manager to relay his aforementioned opinions on supression to her. During one of their interactions, Chesed refers to Gebura as a "berserk warmonger."

Other Sefirot[]

During a very brief interaction with Hod, Chesed jokes about Gebura's overagression, claiming that saying something wrong is enough for her to hold someone at gunpoint. He describes Tiphereth as a pair of "weird twins", and while Tiphereth (Male) has stated that he likes the all middle Sefirot because they make him laugh, Tiphereth (Female) claims to not like all of them.


Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Daniel was once a highly-regarded member of society who came to Lobotomy Corpotation as per Carmen's request. He used to wear a a dark beige old-fashioned suit with a matching fedora. After his death, his human appearance was used in the creation of "Chesed", utilizing the Cognition Filter. 

Once the player completes Chesed's Meltdown, the Cognition Filter is lowered, revealing his robot appearance. His body is comprised of a dark grey rectangular box with two protrusions to the top and the side, as well as mechanical limbs, one of which is still holding a coffee mug. Two openings are visible on the front, with the right one displaying a blue digital eye and the left one resembling a mouth into which his coffee is poured, with his Sephirah name being displayed beneath.


After completing the fourth mission, Chesed approaches X and asks if he has ever woken up early to walk on the streets, appreciating the quiet atmosphere. He compares the dawn in the surface to the exquisite moment of peace in which Abnormalities hibernate due to the Qliphoth Deterrence, and laments how the facility will be thrown into chaos once worktime finally arrives. Soon after, a Welfare Team employee comes by, throwing words of praise at how Chesed does his job as a Sephirah as well as reveling in his own luck at being assigned to the Welfare Team. Chesed dismisses the flattery, and the employee leaves after further consolidating how the Sephirah cares about his employees more than anyone else in the facility. 

Afterwards, Chesed starts having second thoughts about his work, questioning his status as a benevolent leader who values the lives of his employees. He comments on how Angela made his job easier by dwindling his passion, and concludes that he ultimately didn't care about the welfare of the employees at all. The conversation is cut off as Gebura barges in, notifying about a containment breach caused by unknown reasons. She asks Chesed to increase the Qliphoth Deterrence as to make it easier for the situation to be controlled, but he retorts, explaining that Angela's permission is necessary. Seeing through his lie, Gebura scolds Chesed, leaving after painting him as a coward who lives by sugarcoated words from his employees. 

Soon after, Angela arrives, asking for the Deterrence to be lowered instead. Chesed raises concerns that Gebura and the employees are still fighting the breach, but she proclaims Gebura has lost her way and is unable to control the situation. Chesed wonders if he is the only one who is seeing the event for what it is, and Angela contemplates whether she has provided the right enviroment for him in peace and quiet. Realizing their conversation has gone on too long, she asks one last time for him to lower the Deterrece.

The scene shifts to a flashback depicting Daniel during the earlier days of the corporation, enjoying some coffee alongside jazz music. He is interrupted by a mysterious woman who breaks into the room and claims to be a member of the Head. After asking a random employee for Daniel's name, the figure requests that he open the sector contaning the Abnormalities, adding that it would be easier to comply and allow some people to be saved rather than forcing her to take matters into her own hands.

Chesed describes how he felt during the encounter with the Head's agent: a paralyzing fear not felt by him even when dealing with some of the earliest Abnormalities. Back in the present, he tells the manager to not give him any more orders, lamenting how easily he allowed himself to be made into Angela's pawn. Brimming with shame from not having stood up for himself and the others, Chesed declares his rebellion against X and Angela.

Continuing the memory from the past, Daniel is seen talking with A through an intercom, describing the Head's ongoing attack on the corporation. While claiming to be the only survivor from the breach, he estimates that he too will die, and tells A they'll meet again in hell before the latter hangs up the call. A goes on to talk about Daniel's actions, describing how difficult it is for someone to stand up when facing a true nightmare. Detailing Daniel's status as a talented and accomplished man who stood out among everyone in the research lab, A concludes he could have easily got into any of the Wings of the world, but chose Lobotomy instead. In the end, Daniel died filled with regret due to his choices, haunted by the dead bodies of his coworkers and perceiving himself as the cowardly traitor who sealed everyone's fate.

After Chesed's Meltdown is completed, the player is shown a cutscene in which Daniel introduces himself to Lobotomy. He is surprised at how the people there don't drink coffee in the morning, as well as the lukewarm reception. Upon meeting A, Daniel claims he only decided to join such a shabby company due to Carmen, who reveals she was sure he would come. Carmen asserts Daniel is in the palm of her hands no matter how great he is, and he agrees to work as long as he is provided a coffee machine to show everyone how good fresh coffee can be. In the narration, A describes how Daniel drew everyone's attention due to his fancy suit, and that Carmen considered him a tad pompous. When A wondered how she was able to recruit such an elite member of society to the company, Carmen merely replied by saying she was good at blowing other people's minds.

Having recovered from his Meltdown, Chesed admits to the manager that he was waiting for a savior to break him from his old ways instead of waking up himself, and sees this mistake as an important lesson. Afterwards, Angela comes into the room, admitting her attempts to manipulate him as well as berating his rebellion which resulted in the death of many employees who looked up to him. Unfazed, Chesed brings up how strange it is for Angela to care about employee deaths and upholds his position of no longer being her obedient follower. She retorts by calling him a loser, to which he agrees, but ultimately asks for any hard feelings to be left behind. Before leaving, Angela affirms that no matter how great Chesed is, he will always be in the palm of her hands. While unsure whether he'll be able to face the fears that might come, in the end, Chesed decides to not run away anymore.


  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Chesed (meaning "loving-kindness") is the fourth Sephirah. It represents God's mercy, generosity, and benevolence.