"You've been pressing it for numerous times and you still have something you want to know about it?"
- Don't Touch Me
Don't Touch Me (O-05-47) is a large yellow box with a black horizontal stripe running across the center of the front face of the cube. It has a 'prohibited' sign in the center of its front face, and a large, red button with white writing on the top.

Ability Edit

Its special ability will trigger if the player tries to order an activity on Don't Touch Me. After trying to perform a work on it, it will either kill every employee in the facility after a "blood dripping down"-screen effect, or set them into panic after a shaking-screen effect; resulting in an immediate Game Over. Similarly, attempting to open Don't Touch Me's details page will cause a warning to flash on the screen that depletes the QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counters of every Abnormality in the facility.

It also has the ability to morph into other Abnormalities and create the different visual effects of other Abnormalities in an effort to fool the player into clicking on it, therefore punishing those who don't pay attention. However, even though its appearance changes, its name does not.

Pressing any parts to interact with the button too many times in a short time will cause it to crash the game after shaking the screen with a voice in the background, including an upside-down Lobotomy Corporation logo before 'turning off.' This will also happen if the player wants to select it in the Deployment Phase, making the screen crack each time it is selected, up to 3 times before crashing. Crashing the game will unlock its name, portrait and Risk Level.

Origin Edit

Its origin is currently unknown, although it was likely made artificially, like Little Helper, along with its previous origin from Legacy.

Details Edit

Its details can't be accessed due to its ability. Just remember where its current location is, and avoid clicking it at all costs.

Story Edit


Don't Touch Me's encyclopedia portrait

  • No entries are available since it can't be accessed through the usual ways. However, it should share the same entries as in the Legacy version.

Flavour Text Edit

  • (Why would you even want to touch it?)

Trivia Edit

  • Repeatedly pressing the button will cause a voice to say, in Korean: '만지지 마', which means 'Don't touch (me)'. It will repeat the last part several times. Afterward, the game screen will either turn to white or the logo of Lobotomy Corporation will appear upside down. The game will then 'crash' either way.
  • Usually, Don't Touch Me will show screen effects and part of them might be of upcoming Abnormalities for future updates.
  • Strangely, clicking on the abnormality itself does not activate its ability, this is probably meant to do something but is left incomplete.
  • When unlocking its 'observation', it is suggested to click on the details tab of the abnormality rather than the abnormality itself, as the latter will cause all E.G.O. equipment equipped by the agents who died to be lost permanently(until retrieved again) because the game saves the global observation(missions, boss upgrades, observations on abnormalities, EGO, etc) after getting its 'observation'.
    • By using this, you can save the game without the need of passing, given that you don't have any observation on the abnormality, allowing to save research or EGO on abnormalities in the middle of the week.


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