"What happens when the black swan wakes up from dreaming of a white swan?"
- Dream of a Black Swan's Entry

Dream of a Black Swan (F-02-70) is a group of siblings consisting of 6 brothers and 1 sister. The brothers are human boys with short blonde hair and blue eyes who wear black nettle shirts with a green necklace holding a gem in the middle, along with black pants and orange shoes. They are the only ones standing inside the containment unit. Five of them stand at the front, while the sixth brother stands behind them at the center.

Ability[edit | edit source]

Its ability will trigger when their QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter reaches 0. Dream of a Black Swan has multiple ways to reduce its counter, and when the counter decreases, the physical appearance of one of the brothers will change depending on the condition met. Each brother has a unique transformation. Possible changes include losing their eyes, their lower face melting into a green slime, and losing their legs, revealing the smiling brother behind him.

All of the next methods reduce their counter by 1. Each condition will only deplete the counter once, meaning all 5 must be activated individually to breach.

  • By getting a NormalResult.png Normal Work Result with the Abnormality (Fifth brother).
  • By getting a BadResult.png Bad Work Result with the Abnormality (Fourth brother).
  • Each time 5 employees die, not counting deaths by Execution Bullets (First brother).
  • Each time 5 employees panic (Second brother).
  • Each time 3 Abnormalities breach (Third brother).

When the Qliphoth counter is reduced by other means, such as by Crimson Dawn or the Big and Will be Bad Wolf, a random brother will be selected to transform. These are not limited to happen only once.

Once the QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter of the Abnormality is depleted, the "sister" will appear somewhere in the facility.

She appears similar to a large goose or bird-like creature with a black feathered body, wearing a necklace like her brothers; the neck of the bird ends in what seems to be a beak, revealing the head of the Abnormality. She has gray skin and smooth blonde hair (similar to her brothers); her head composes of two heads fused together at the eyes, giving her two mouths and noses, and three eyes. She has feathered arms with gray hands and dark wings, and holds an umbrella with an orange striped handle and black feathers. She has 2 orange striped humanoid legs.

The sister has moderately high HPIcon.png HP at 1500, average MovementSpeedIcon.png Movement Speed and roams the facility, smacking other employees with her umbrella, dealing 5~8 RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage at close range. She can open her umbrella and move forward with it, deflecting damage taken at her front back to the attackers. If she passes near another Abnormality's containment room and it possesses a QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter, it will drop by 1; if it reaches 0, it will trigger the ability of said Abnormality, leading to more breaches or other events.

After she takes enough damage, the beak will close and she will change to be more like a swan. Her attacks remain the same, but with a new addition: She will stop to let out a screech, decreasing the QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter of nearby Abnormalities by 1 and dealing 30~45 WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White Damage. She will remain in the facility until suppressed or when the day ends.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Elijah is the sister of the 6 brothers. They were once a poor family living in a city. Their parents passed away at some unspecified point. Elijah continued to provide for the family as the only one with a job, as her brothers no longer had the will to work after constant failures.

Sometime after, the city was covered with a grey fog that some people reported making them feel nauseous. Gradually people began to leave the city due to the fog. Elijah and her brothers remained, while she made clothing out of nettle that she believed would resist the effects of the fog.

Soon after the clothing is finished, Elijah collides with a stranger that appears to be fleeing from something. She tries to offer him help, but blood and green goo begin to ooze out of the orifices of the stranger's body, accompanied by a roaring in the distance. Elijah begins looking for her brothers as the city is in chaos, filled with panicking citizens and "black, wet, and smelly debris". She sees her brothers in the distance before succumbing to the effects of the fog.

What happened after is unknown, but Elijah turned into the Black Swan, who still roams around when her brothers are in danger. Although the nettle clothing seemingly helped save the brothers from the fog, they show various symptoms during containment when their Qliphoth counter drops. When and where they got captured is unknown, but they were presumably extracted from the aforementioned city.

Details[edit | edit source]

Dream of a Black Swan responds to the four works in order of best to worst: Instinct.png Instinct and Repression.png Repression, Insight.png Insight; Attachment.png Attachment.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output is determined by the number of PE Boxes (Positive Enkephalin boxes) at the end of the interaction.

Dream of a Black Swan's emotional state is divided into 3 sections: BadResult.png Bad, NormalResult.png Normal, and GoodResult.png Good. Completing 0-8 E Boxes will cause it to feel BadResult.png Distressed, completing 9-16 will cause it to feel NormalResult.png Normal, and 17-24 will make it's mood result GoodResult.png Happy. Its usual waiting time after a task is around 15 seconds. Its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter is 5.

Unlockable Information/Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Basic Information (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 20 PE Boxes)

Unlocks and shows the name of the Abnormality, subject classification, Risk Level (Risk Waw.png WAW), portrait, Damage Type (WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White 5 - 6), the amount of EBoxIcon.png E-Boxes (24), emotional states and their QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter (5).

Instinct/Insight/Attachment/Repression Work Favor (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 7 PE Boxes)

Unlocks the percentage level list to the respective work.

Managerial Works 1/2/3/4/5/6 (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 5 PE Boxes)

  • "Managerial Tips 1"
    • "When the work result was Bad, the Qliphoth Counter lowered, and F-02-70-4’s appearance changed."
  • "Managerial Tips 2"
    • "When the work result was Normal, the Qliphoth Counter lowered, and F-02-70-5’s appearance changed."
  • "Managerial Tips 3"
    • "When 5 or more employees died within the facility, the Qliphoth Counter lowered and F-02-70-1’s appearance changed. However, deaths caused by Execution Bullets were not recognized."
  • "Managerial Tips 4"
    • "When 5 or more employees within the facility panicked, the Qliphoth Counter lowered and F-02-70-2’s appearance changed."
  • "Managerial Tips 5"
    • "When 3 Abnormality escapes were confirmed, the Qliphoth Counter lowered and F-02-70-3’s appearance changed."
  • "Managerial Tips 6"
    • "<Warning> Forceful reduction of the Qliphoth Counter can also change Dream of a Black Swan."

Escape Information (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 20 PE Boxes)

Information if the Abnormality can escape or not, plus its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter (5). Even when is classified as a 'Non-Escaped Object', the sister breaches instead. Her defenses are the next:

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Normal (1.0) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Endured (0.8) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Weak (1.5) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Normal (1.0)

Work Level 1 Chance Level 2 Chance Level 3 Chance Level 4 Chance Level 5 Chance
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Common" "Common" "Common"

Observation Level [edit | edit source]

Level 1 (1 Section unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon.png Speed Rate +3

Level 2 (2 Sections unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +3%

Level 3 (3 Sections unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon.png Speed Rate +3

Unlocks the E.G.O. Suit and Gift 'Black Swan'.

Level 4 (All details unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +3%

Unlocks the E.G.O. Weapon 'Black Swan'.

E.G.O. Equipment[edit | edit source]

E.G.O. Weapon Black Swan
Black Swan
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: Damage: Attack Speed: Range: Observation Level:
Risk Waw.png WAW EBoxIcon.png 60 2 BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black
Fast Short 4
Requirements: PrudenceIcon.png Prudence Level 3
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"Believing that it would turn white, the black swan wanted to lift the curse by weaving together nettles. All that was left is a worn parasol it once treasured.

It yearned to have a dream it would never wake up from, but reality was cruel as ever."

"When attacked, the damage has a chance of being reflected"

E.G.O. Suit Black Swan
Black Swan
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED Defense: WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE Defense: BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK Defense: PaleDamageTypeIcon.png PALE Defense:
Risk Waw.png WAW EBoxIcon.png 50 2 0.6
Observation Level: 3 Requirements: TemperanceIcon.png Temperance Level 3
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"In the dense smoke, they lived from day to day, worn to a shadow.

Whenever she felt exhausted from the agony and struggle, she looked at her brooch, a memento of the past, to stifle her feelings.

The waterweed that grows under the dirty lake is as damp as a black swan's feathers."


E.G.O. Gift Black Swan

Black Swan (Head 1)

Effects: HPIcon.png HP -4, SPIcon.png SP -4, WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +10, WorkSpeedIcon.png Work Speed +10

Drop Chance: 3%

Observation Level: 3

Story[edit | edit source]

Dream of a Black Swan's encyclopedia portrait

"Elijah had a large family to provide for."

"Her impoverished parents would always say: “Although we don't have anything to pass onto you, we have the most valuable treasure, honesty and diligence. These may not be of great help to you now, but they will make all of you happy someday.” "

"One day, a dense fog covered the city.
The hazy fog, thought to be a natural phenomenon at first, didn't dissipate even after a few days had passed. Some claimed it was making them feel nauseous or making them retch, but most people thought nothing of it. A lot of people continued to work and go about their days in the fog.
Of course, Elijah was one of the people who had to be okay with it. She was the only family member with a proper job, and the inheritance of poverty had left them in huge debt. Elijah had several brothers, but their wills were broken after being faced with several failures. Elijah was always tired, but she thought if she just worked a little harder, things would work themselves out. Just like what her parents used to say to her, and just like in fairy tales.
Just like that bird who eventually spread its white wings and became the envy of all."

"Some people left the city to escape the fog. They said the city was done for. Elijah didn't listen. Elijah felt queasy at times. She felt her whole body blistering.
Almost there, just a little more; if she held out just a little longer, the clothes made of nettles would be complete, and if she threw them to her brothers she once loved dearly, then the days when her family lived harmoniously could be restored."

"One day, on the way home after work, she bumped into a pedestrian running at full speed. Though the pedestrian who crashed into her was at a full sprint, he was unable to get back up, so she offered him a helping hand, asking if he was alright. He slapped her hand away and got up on his own. The pedestrian took a few faltering steps before collapsing again. The man seemed like he was running away from something; he seemed worried that Elijah would hurt him. Elijah tried to ask him what was wrong.

However, the pedestrian opened his mouth first. The simple act of opening his mouth seemed labored, so she patiently waited for him to talk. The pedestrian didn’t open his mouth to speak; he began to vomit a mixture of blood and waste.
The gooey mixture poured from his mouth at first, then it gushed out from his nose, ears, and eyes. If he hadn’t been expelling from all of his orifices, then Elijah might have tried to help him. Elijah thought she heard a shout in the distance. She left the vomiting man behind and started to walk slowly."

"What happens when the black swan wakes up from dreaming of a white swan?
There were many people amidst the fog. Some screaming, some laughing. Some wielding clubs, some curled up; bodies covered in wounds. Dark, wet, and fetid dregs were scattered all over the ground, covered in footprints.
She began to look for her brothers. Her family who needed to wear the nettle clothing to be free from the curse. Ones whom she shared happy dreams with. She saw her dear brothers in the distance. Elijah fell to her knees and finally started to puke up the thing everyone else was vomiting.
The lake ripples gently. As if a number of swans just took flight."

Flavour Text[edit | edit source]

  • "Dream of a Black Swan’s brothers just blink; it's as if that’s the only thing they can do inside the Containment Unit."
  • "When her brothers show any sign of pain, Dream of a Black Swan will approach them, dragging her exhausted body."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dream of a Black Swan is the first Abnormality that summons another to breach instead of escaping from the containment itself.
  • Suppressing the sister does not count towards the Disciplinary mission "Purpose of Pain 2," being treated as a secondary entity from the abnormalities entirely.
  • Despite of being humans, Dream of a Black Swan is classified as Animal in their subject classification, referring to the sister instead.
  • This Abnormality is likely a reference to the fairy tale The Six Swans, which tells of a young girl who, after her brothers are magically turned into swans, makes clothing of nettle to lift her brothers' curse. However, instead of the brothers, it's the sister that's been turned into a swan.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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