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"This department is responsible for establishing company rules and guidelines. Also, it helps employees to adapt when they move to a new department by training them."
- Description

The Education Team Department is the fourth department that the player will unlock, at day 16 along with a checkpoint. This department is to the right side of the Information Team Department, and comes with 4 containment units, 6 in Challenge Mode, 1 main room, 2 elevators and hallways, and 3 small rooms.

Employees will wear different outfits depending of their job. Agents will wear black suits with orange pockets, ties, and the logo on their shoulder. Clerks will wear orange suits with black pockets and sleeves, and orange ties. The team's representative color is orange.

Researches Edit

Manual Distribution (3 Stages - Cost: 6/12/20 LOB Points)

"Provide employees with work manuals so they can work efficiently. As the research progresses, the speed of the employee promotion will be faster."

Machete Supply (5 Stages - Cost: 6/12/16/20/24 LOB Points)

"Employees receive a machete. Employees will be able to equip machete, increasing the number of machetes. Quantity of machete at next research: 3/5/7/10/20"

Automatic Pistol Supply (5 Stages - Cost: 6/12/16/20/24 LOB Points)

"Employees receive a automatic pistol. Employees will be able to equip automatic pistol, increasing the number of automatic pistols. Quantity of automatic pistol at next research: 3/5/7/10/20"

Trivia Edit

  • Like the Information Team lower room, the main room also have some sort of Abnormality or holographic image, which looks like a black hole surrounded by 2 golden rings, at the top of the room.

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