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This section contains spoilers related to the story of Lobotomy Corporation.
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"Ever heard of the saying, 'silence gives consent'? Consent enough for even hot lead to be embedded in your skull?" - Gebura

Gebura is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the middle layer, Briah, and is the head of the GeburaArmband.png Disciplinary Team.

Her long red hair is parted in the middle and her face is scarred. Her left eye is grey, and her right one is gold. She wears a red jacket over a light red full-body suit, as well as an armband with the first letter of her name, "G", on it. The color associated with her text boxes is Red.

Gebura's missions focus on suppressing Abnormalities.


Gebura has a tough and serious personality, considered more strict, aggressive or rude against most employees, even the Manager. She enforce the rules of the facility without mercy, having a great despise against cowards, employees who feel pity and those who fear death. Along that, she feels the same against Abnormalities, having a desire to make them suffer and never going 'soft' against them, as she knows the true nature of Abnormalities.

Her work involves the planning of combat and discipline in the facility, mostly to contain and suppress Abnormalities. Her methods are shown to be strict, and they carry a heavy risk-cost, resulting in infrastructural damage and high casualties.


Meeting - Cutscene 1[]

The Manager first meets Gebura in the Disciplinary Department. She doesn’t recognise them at first. If the manager introduces themselves, she remarks that they don’t look like one. If X stays silent, Gebura recognises them as the new manager that Tiphereth mentioned and asks them if they know the saying “Silence may put a bullet in your head’, followed by telling them to ‘watch themself’. She remarks that other departments might kiss X’s ass when they walk around with the arrogance of being a manager, but having that attitude in the Disciplinary Department might be their noose someday. She follows up by acknowledging that the manager wouldn’t be a dead weight, at least, as they’ve made it this far.

Gebura introduces herself and states that the Disciplinary Department is the best combat department, and they don’t need any cowards in the team. She declares her hatred for crybabies who whine about and pity Abnormalities, or who complain about not wanting to see anyone die, comparing them to soldiers who refuse to kill in the middle of a battlefield.

X then has the chance to ask her about her hatred for either cowards or Abnormalities. If asked about why she hates cowards, she states that it’s obvious, and that they’re dead weight. If asked about Abnormalities, she states that it doesn’t require an explanation. Either way, she moves on to the topic of Abnormalities, asking the manager what Abnormalities are to them. Gebura states that Abnormalities can be damaged, but never destroyed, and that they can feel pain. She then gives the manager the first mission.

Cutscene 2[]

After the mission is completed, Gebura comments that it was easy, but that the manager’s decisions were too soft sometimes. Before she can advise him on the next time, Chesed interrupts to ask about the suppression plan she sent him being too large. Chesed then brings up his department’s E.G.O malfunctioning, as it suppressed Abnormalities too fast. It’s revealed that Geburah had something to do with it, but she agrees to compensate Chesed and threatens him into keeping quiet.

Hod arrives in the department to address the suggestions Gebura made about Abnormality Escape Training, stating that it needs some adjustments. She mentions that the direct assault plan that Gebura suggested would lead to heavy casualties, and that swapping to a more defensive plan would lower the rate. Gebura seems reluctant to do so, mentioning that it would be too nice to the Abnormalities. Regardless, she accepts that Hod’s decision is final, and dismisses any attempts to explain it. Once she’s gone, Gebura comments that Hod is too weak, and that she wouldn’t act that way if she was in charge of the training team. She then assigns the manager their next mission.

Gebura's Portrait

Cutscene 3[]

At the beginning of the cutscene, Chesed tells the manager that Gebura is strangely obsessed with suppression and completely disregards the casualties in the process. He asks that X tries to reason with Gebura, though he doubts she will. Gebura arrives in time to see Chesed leave, asking the manager if there’s anything she should know about. After presumably relaying Chesed’s words, Gebura scowls and warns the manager not to act as if they know everything, stating that she’s been here longer and seen much more than him. The scene then shows a flashback to Gebura’s past, from before she had her scars, and while she still had both eyes.

The scene shows ‘Christopher’, a researcher; who’s speaking to Gebura as she conducts an experiment on him. He mentions that she’s a wonderful creation of Lobotomy Corporation, and that she’s a machine who has a soul. Christopher tells her that “A soul can’t be seen, but it can be felt”, and to trust A as the new saviour of mankind, stating his belief that the world will change soon and that he will be reborn.

Christopher’s wife, Isabel, speaks to Gebura next, telling her to pay no regard to those who disrespect her. She introduces Gebura to her daughter, Gilly, stating that they’re both kind and sweet. Gebura asks if the child has a soul too, prompting Isabel to tell her that every living thing has a soul, her included.

A while later, Gebura sees an Abnormality for the first time, asking Angela the difference between it and a monster. Angela tells her that monsters are inherently monstrous by their own existence, but Abnormalities are made from humans. The Abnormality in question has Christopher’s watch and voice, having been made from him, and bears his will.

Gebura then finds out that Isabelle has been sent into the experiment chamber with the Abnormality. Tiphereth A tells her that the test is to determine the ‘loss of humanity’, but she herself doesn’t understand. Gebura expresses that she wants to talk to Angela about the experiment hurting Isabelle, but is convinced by Tiphereth to keep quiet, lest Angela reset her for questioning orders.

Now back in the present, Gebura asks the manager about the story she just told him, asking him what he thinks would have happened to Christopher’s wife and daughter. She states that she doesn’t know what took place in the end, but Gilly’s blanket was the only thing to emerge from the chamber. Gebura mentions that Christopher and Isabelle told her she was worthy and looked past her exterior, acknowledging a soul that she wasn’t even aware of herself. The Abnormality has killed many people since then, but never dies. She declares that it’s unfair, and that since Abnormalities feels pain, she’ll make sure that she dishes out as much pain as possible to them. Gebura states that as her only reason she’s here, and tells the manager to never patronise her again. She then gives the third mission.

Cutscene 4[]

The day after finishing the third mission, the manager walks in on a meeting between Angela, Gebura, and Myo of the Rabbit Team. Gebura states her displeasure at the Rabbit Team being dispatched to the facility, feeling that they can handle suppressions without outsider interference. Myo remarks that Gebura is weaker than them now, and that the Gebura from ‘back in the day’ was far stronger. After the business meeting is concluded, Myo and Gebura have a short argument. Myo states that she was shocked to see Gebura trapped in her current state, in a place like Lobotomy Corp. She expresses that Gebura was once her hero, and that she didn’t want to taint those memories.

The power goes out as Gebura experiences a flashback to the past, remembering the time before she was a Sephirah. She remembers Christopher’s last request to her, to take care of Gilly and Isabelle; A request she failed to keep. Myo exits the facility, back in the present, leaving Gebura to remark that she’s not a hero.


X (Player)[]

Gebura treats X no different from a common employee when comes as for its role. If she has something to say to it, she will, not matter how rude it is, being completely honest of how she feels about the situation.


Although not having much respect for her, she has to hold in her hostility, as Angela has the ability to reset her, like she does done to Tiphereth B. Due to her past and the experiments she has had to witness, Gebura is wary of Angela's disinterest of peoples' safety or for their lives.


Although they occasionally interact with each other, Gebura seems to be less rude and more willing to exchange her thoughts with her, respecting her charge and changes of plans to a certain extent with the suppression method. However, she still finds her weak and if Gebura states that if she was in her position, she would never act like her.

Tiphereth (Female)[]

Being a Sephirah of the Middle Layer, they have a mere formal relationship when discussing issues related to their works. However, when the experiments on employees were still in progress, Tiphereth acted a bit more in goodwill for Gebura's protection, out of fear that Gebura would end up being reset for intruding in Angela's plans and experiments, with that kind of behavior being considered as 'Malfunctions', as in when a Sephirah becomes too self-aware or intrudes too much.


Although he is a Sephirah of the Middle Layer, Chesed only talks with her about matters concerning documents and procedures almost exclusively, and with only formal manners. As with other Sephirah, she treats him like how she normally treats the others, and perhaps even worse, as Chesed usually doesn't allow her use the Qliphoth Deterrence during suppressions, because of Angela's authority. She even uses assets of his department, as she has shown to be using E.G.O. of his sector, leaving them with malfunctions after use, and only compensating for them later when found out.


Gebura dislikes Myo, the Captain of the Rabbit Team, as she is part of the service that offers protection to the facility. This conflicts with Gebura's own desire to fight against the Abnormalities, as she claims that the facility and its personnel can handle their own problems without outside help.

Their current opinion of each other is harsh, with Myo declaring that she thought Gebura enjoyed slaughter, and that now she isn't the warrior that she used to be. Gebura doesn't feel the same for the slaughter, as she does it for justifiable reasons and not 'joy'.

Story Mode Spoilers!
Although they have their own problems, they seem to knew each other from the Backstreets, when Gebura was Kali and was a hero of the Backstreets, defending them from threats. How Myo managed to reach her current position and how she knows about Gebura being Kali is unknown.


Gebura and Binah have a dark past together, and consider themselves rivals of each other. When Gebura succumb to her anger during suppressions, Binah is sent to stop her and evaluate the damages. Although she would be more aggressive against her, Binah has the upper hand by being more prudent than her, but with a more dark and sadistic personality than Gebura.

Story Mode Spoilers!
Back when they weren't Sephirah, The Arbiter of the Head, Garion, who is Binah; attacked the facility and Kali, being Gebura; was the only one who could stop her before she died. The only reason Garion was killed was because she allowed Kali a honorable death, allowing for an unexpected strike. Since then, they have been rivals and contributes to the tension when both of them face.


Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Kali, also known as 'The Red Mist', was widely considered the strongest fixer from the Back Alleys, able to stand against Abnormality threats, the Head and the Claw. She got her nickname from the people of the Back Alley by protecting them from the external threats, as well as being universally recognized as such from associations (Based on information from the projectmoon twitter). Kali then applied to Lobotomy Corporation in the early days after Carmen found her in the Back Alleys while looking for more people that will be useful for the company. After her death, her human appearance was used in the creation of 'Gebura', utilizing the Cognition Filter.

Once the Player completes Gebura's Meltdown, the Cognition Filter that hides her true appearance as a robot is lowered. Her robot form is a red and dark rectangular chassis serving as the body, slightly resembling her body, with the more upper sides are of red color and having two pieces at the top. Her Sephirah name is displayed at the top of the body, with a rectangular opening on the middle where an digital red eye is in. It possess mechanical limbs, a pair of arms and legs, with mechanical three-finger hands.

After revealing her true form, Gebura acts more courageous and cautious of the employees' lives, having the same strict discipline as before, but not letting the effort of the dead employees be for nothing.

The reward for defeating Gebura's Meltdown is increasing the Maximum Amount available of all E.G.O. Weapons and Suits made from EBoxIcon.png PE-Boxes, but not higher than 5, along with granting the GeburaArmband.png Disciplinary Team immunity to QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdowns.


Kali beginnings are blurry, as she has a deeper connection with the Back Alleys but also mentions that she would have stayed in The Nest if wasn't from her connection, meaning she maybe started living in The Nest before moving to the Back Alleys, or she lived in the Back Alleys, had the chance to live in The Nest but returned back.

Kali was a Fixer of the Back Alleys, protecting them from the outside dangers that were mostly Abnormalities. Building a reputation for being protective and sometimes kind, she got nicknamed as the 'Red Mist' by the people of the Back Alley, and officially given this name by the associations of fixers. Her many battles got her the admiration of others, even Myo, and soon the attention of Carmen as she searched for personnel for the company. She gave the opportunity to Kali, thinking that she could bargain with her for cheaper prices, but mostly because of her kindness of she trying to repay an Old Lady's funeral for the food she has been given to her. With Kali applying for the company, Carmen told her to protect the employees of the facility as her task, with the warning that problems will soon come.

The Head used the Claw along the Arbiter of the Head, Garion, against the company after Michelle's betrayal and The Eye's exposure of their location. The Head planned in using the unstable Abnormalities to cause havoc in the facility and slay the employees while The Claw hunted the more important targets, being A and B. Kali got advice from an employee that all others are dead and it would be better for her to escape while she have time, as the Abnormalities aren't something they can control. However, she decided to fight and take the E.G.O. available to battle and defend what was left of the facility. She fought until the end, protecting A and B from death, suppressing the Abnormalities and killing 2 of The Claw, however, she couldn't last forever and had to face Garion in the last combat, and during the process of the whole battle she lost an eye (Black eye being different), one arm, and suffered irreparable scars on her body, until her body gave up and the anger consumed her. But before her death, Kali dealt severe injuries against the Garion, leaving her barely breathing and impaled with the E.G.O. Weapon Mimicry. Her last effort allowed for A to collect their bodies and then use Kali for the creation of Gebura, and Garion to find a solution to the problem that the Head is putting against them.

Gebura was the product of Kali, but her uncontrollable anger led to many reboots and reset of her, as she failed to protect the people that were put into her responsability against the monsters of the facility and the subordinates of The Head.


  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Gebura (meaning "justice") is the fifth Sephirah. It represents divine punishment and wrath.