Deployment Menu

The Deployment Menu, showing Idle Agents (Right) and Assigned Agents (Left)

Hiring is the method that the player can get new agents by spending LOB Points, hiring employees is only available in the Deployment Phase.

The player can choose between 2 hiring options: Hiring 1 random employee for 4 LOB Points, which starts always at level 1 and with basic traits, or do a Special Hiring by hiring a custom or special employee by spending 10 or more LOB Points.

When doing a Special Hiring, a menu will show up, where the player can customize their own agent, by choosing the name, gender, the Life Style, 3 type of works, their starting Level, and including also hair and face appearance. The starting price of hiring an agent of Level 1 cost 10 LOB Points, and will cost 2 additional LOB Points for each extra level, up to Level 5 (18 LOB Points in total at Level 5).

Special Hiring Menu

Special Hiring Menu

The player can't choose any of the traits that the employee will receive, but if their level is higher, the employee will have higher chances to receive better traits. The player can't choose any extra accessories that the employee will receive.

All the employees hired by any method can be assigned to any department as usual. Special Hiring is more useful when looking for specific features of the agents when trying to take care of abnormalities.