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"Umm, I’m not very skillful in many areas, but I’ll try not to be a hindrance, at least...!"
- Hod

Hod is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the upper layer, Asiyah, and is the head of the HodArmband.png Training Team.

She has long brown hair which she accessorizes with two hair clips, and has a cowlick as well. Her eyes are blue, and she wears a black business suit with an orange tie and an orange armband with the first letter of her name, "H", on it. The color associated with her text boxes is orange.

Hod's missions focus on promoting and dispatching employees or suppressing abnormalities.


Hod seems endlessly helpful and cheerful. She appears to care deeply about her employees, even offering counseling for them to keep them sane. She is somewhat unsure of herself and responds well to validation from others. She wants to be acknowledged as a good Sephirah by her employees and the other Sephirah.


When the manager first meets Hod, she greets them and then asks them whether or not they are angry. She then introduces herself and explains the purpose of the Training Team, which is to reduce the numbers of accidents and transfers, through the training of employees to deal with situations. She tells X that she is trying out new programs lately, but she is unsure if they will work. She begins explaining how the company is very demanding and how employees lose sanity frequently. An employee named Tiffany then knocks on the door and thanks Hod for her help, saying she saved her life. Hod encourages Tiffany and then says to X that her program is really working and that she wants to help as many people as possible.

After completing Hod's first mission, Angela confronts Hod about her counseling program and orders her to stop. Hod is confused, so Angela informs her that Tiffany became an Enkephalin addict. Angela criticizes Hod for prescribing the addictive substance to employees and for giving it to Netzach as well. Angela finishes the conversation by advising Hod to keep her distance from others, especially unstable employees.

Hod's portrait.

After completing the second mission, Netzach is seen talking with Hod. He asks her for help because Angela knows that he has Enkephalin. Two employees are heard talking about another employee, Eugene, who was apparently forced into the counseling program. Hod asks Netzach to give her some of the Enkephalin. Hod later asks X why everyone hates her, saying that she is trying her best and that she cares about her employees' well-being.

After completing the third mission, we see Hod lost in her thoughts. The voices of employees in her head are calling her a liar and accusing her of helping people only to boost her own ego, but Hod insists to herself that she wants to be a good person.


X (the Player)[]

Hod is gentle and friendly in front the manager, trying to help in every situation possible, as well sharing thoughts about how to help and her programs in the Training Team, but also more about her own deep feelings and how the other employees and Sephirah treat her.


Angela is strict with Hod, with she reacting intimidated and worried when Angela criticize her work and how her attempts to help aren't actually worthy.


Netzach and Hod have a more calm relationship, with Hod being the Sephirah who prescribed and gave Enkephalin to him. Netzach often requests her help in some cases, being because of Angela or to get more Enkephalin; Hod will try to help him but she still question her own actions.

Story Mode Spoilers!
Hod once asked to Netzach for Enkephalin, with him explaining that a side effect of the substance is hallucinations.


Hod tries to help Yesod when his department suffer a disaster, but he doesn't accept her emotional behavior and send her back to her department.


The suppression reports sent from the GeburaArmband.png Disciplinary Team go to the Training Team, which often make that Hod and Gebura talk to each other. Hod acts kindly to Gebura and try to offer a more 'reasonable' way to reduce casualties instead direct attacks. Gebura acts more soft with her but she actually thinks that she is weak.

Other Sefirot and Employees[]

Hod is friendly to the rest of Sephirah and employee, offering help when needed and counseling to the employees in nice way, even when they despise the programs and her, with just a few accepting her help, but only to take advantage from prescriptions of Enkephalin. One of the few Sephirah who seems to be kind to her and doesn't want anything in return is Chesed.


Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Michelle was previously a worker in the early days of Lobotomy Corporation. Her hair used to be shoulder-length, but she still had her hair clips and cow lick. She wore a lab coat over a plain beige dress. After her death, her human appearance was used in the creation of "Hod", utilizing the Cognition Filter.

Once the Player completes Hod's Meltdown, the Cognition Filter that hides her true appearance as a robot is lowered. Her robot form is made of two bronze-colored boxes on top of eachother, with a single digital glowing orange eye in the center of the lower part of the body. Her Sephirah name is displayed at the top of the upper part, and an antenna-like protrusion sticks up from the very top, resembling her hair cowlick. The body possesses mechanical arms and legs. Her legs are connected to a cylindrical piece below the body.


After completing the fourth mission, Netzach is explaining that hallucinations are a side effect when first taking Enkephalin to Hod. The voices she was hearing earlier were hallucinations, but Hod insists that they were not. Netzach asks if she thinks dead employees are coming back to life, which she says is possible because of everything that happens in the facility. Netzach suggests Hod skips the day's meeting, but she still goes. As she begins the meeting about abnormalities, she hears the voices of employees criticizing and insulting her like before. A real employee asks if there's any point to being prepared against abnormalities since death is basically guaranteed, to which Hod responds that it's better than doing nothing and being helpless. The real and imaginary employees continue to criticize Hod and her programs. Hod snaps at them and her hallucinations intensify to copies of herself.

Michelle worked for the Lobotomy Corporation under A. She was the youngest employee, noted as being "timid and innocent". However, Michelle decided to reveal Lobotomy Corporation's experiments and plans to the Head, as a result of witnessing the horrible deaths of Elijah, Gabriel, Giovanni and Enoch. This led to an attack by the Head on the facility, causing many key employees' deaths. A reads of her death in the newspaper and wonders if he can forgive her if they meet again in hell. After the Meltdown is completed, we see a memory from before Michelle's betrayal. A is unsure of Michelle's loyalty and ability, but Carmen reassures him and calls Michelle brave, patting her head. A speculates that it wasn't Michelle's intention to betray them, but it was her only option. He also says he has no right to hate her, and that he hopes that she did not die a horrible death like the rumors said. After her death, Michelle was used to create the Sephirah "Hod".

In the facility, Hod asks X if they were able to face themself. Hod was hoping for a second chance or a shot at redemption, but she realizes that what she did in the past can not be undone. She admits that she was being a hypocrite and that she was only being compassionate to her employees for her own sake. However, Hod says she will continue to try to be a nice person if it can help or comfort somebody, even if people hate her, thus attaining - "The Hope to be a Better Person".


  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Hod (meaning "splendor") is the eighth Sephirah. It represents God's kindness given to the world through hardships. It is also associated with the power of prophecy.