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This section contains spoilers related to the story of Lobotomy Corporation.
Read ahead with caution if you want to experience the story for yourself.

"Time is like a scythe; it relentlessly attempts to trim, divide, and cleave in twain the clasped-together hands of those you love."
- Hokma

Hokma is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the bottom layer, Atziluth, and is the head of the HokmaArmband.png Record Team. The player can meet him from Day 37 to 42, depending if the first expansion is unlocked.

Hokma, unlike the other Sephirah, looks to have aged older. He possess short combed hair of light gray color. He has light green eyes with no pupils and a dark shadow below each eye, similar to eye bags. He wears a monocle on his right eye, a long light gray clothing for the body, resembling a Zhiduo; with a belt on the middle, possessing gray ornaments resembling clouds on the cloth; and gray pants with black shoes. He carries with him an open dark pocket watch on his right hand. The color associated with him in text boxes is Gray.

Hokma's missions focus around the Agents' FortitudeIcon.pngPrudenceIcon.pngTemperanceIcon.pngJusticeIcon.png Stats, being over the threshold of 100, and increasing the maximum value.


Hokma is a collected person with a solemn and prudent personality. He shows a clear knowledge of time and the cycles, as well how time affect lives in many ways. Hokma shows care for A, explaining to him the work of time inside the facility while showing him that he wants to aid him while still trying to reach his goal. He is shown indifferent about the lives of others as he knows the regrets, the suffering and the fear, that inside there, are meaningless.


"Please think of it as my welcoming gift for you."
- Hokma

Hokma's work focuses on keeping records of the employees’ lives, aiding the player, and explains that lives in the facility are meaningless, as nobody truly dies here, that the cycle of life and death works differently.

Meeting - Cutscene 1[]

When the scene starts, B appears in front of A in a flashback of the past, standing near the ocean. He welcomes A and expresses how he missed him dearly, waiting for him ever since the first day he started working there. He asks A if he recalls that ocean, where A previously said that it's the place where all rivers and streams come to settle eventually. After this, the screen changes to the HokmaArmband.png Record Team with Hokma, ends that as such, at the lowest layers, everything sinks.

Hokma then asks A of what he thinks about the department, painted laboriously with white plaster. He then mentions how he knew he'd come there soon. As a welcoming gift, he settled the memory of A with B from the past, revealing that Hokma is B but seemingly quite older in appearance, aging not due to time, but due to the loss of everything he loved. He comforts A that he shouldn't blame himself, as the times he spent with A were the brightest moments of his life. He then mentions that the only thing he regrets to this day was how he was too scared, running away and breaking his promise of staying with A until the very end. But A found him, kept him there, thankful as it helps him fulfill his promise. He finishes the sentence by saying that A is just too kind to him, kind to the very end. After this, his first mission is handed.

Hokma's Portrait

Cutscene 2[]

After finishing the first mission, Hokma begins by questioning if they have reached their goal. As people said, aging doesn't mean greater wisdom. He comes with a metaphor of how greed creates a cycle of guilt and regrets, leading to a routine of looking at the clock for no particular reason. After that, Hokma says that he wanted to ask A something. He always saw an expression of sadness when his employees died. Like how he became an old man, nobody is free of the cycle of life and death. Their actual goal was to cure the 'disease', not to live forever.

For example, Hokma reminds A of an employee that was nice to him, who had died recently. When Hokma received his letter joining to Lobotomy, he wasn't expecting him to die in a futile death. If Hokma had wanted, he could revive him. But he didn't, the order of this place was that an empty spot shall be filled. After asking to A if he knows the secret of this place, he explains that lives in the facility are trivial and occur constantly that no mourn is needed, and that those who die might come back at the call of Hokma or remain in eternal rest. That's death in here. It’s not honorable or noble, neither miserable or cruel. Hokma comforts A from not suffering for it, not for trivial things, saying that he will have to bear more pain in the future. Then the second mission starts.

Cutscene 3[]

After finishing the second mission, Hokma appears once again by saying that A might believe he doesn't know what happens in the facility, but explaining that it is the other way: That A doesn't know. Pain, agony, regrets, and the shadow of the past- referring to the original employees of Lobotomy- that has spent time with A is no match to their time together, as they didn't know him. Those who couldn't accept their fate tried to escape, like an employee who broke himself whenever executing order "Redacted". Unnecessary emotions are unfavorable, said by Hokma.

Hokma tells A about an employee called "Anya", who had her parents and a little sister. She wanted to study but her parents financial state wasn't enough, and when she tried to join the Wings, but she wasn't good enough either. Then she received a mail from Lobotomy Corporation, where she was accepted. Anya thought it was a prank or someone had messed with the letters, but then realized she never applied for Lobotomy Corporation. It wasn't important, as she accepted anyway. The courier of those letters was Hokma, granting their wish after evaluating them. Although it wasn't the skill of Anya, she had a trait that other people couldn't see. To join a Wing and become a feather, is required to be better than ordinary people. How could Anya join their company without skill, graduating from school and leaving in the Backstreets out of the Nest? It happened 10 years ago. Her sister died from a disease and the parents passed away. Anya is now 'sleeping' in the Department, and this time, he grants authority to A to wake her up, as the scene gains a green electronic filter. After selecting the option 'Load', Hokma says that Anya is now awake and working, like 10 years have not passed since her death. Then, he tells A to erase her. Selecting the option 'Erase' will change the scene back to normal without the filter, but with a low scream in the background. Hokma asks A how he feels afterwards. The Anya who was killed by a 'monster' and the one who he erased were the same, adding that it is such a futile action to wake them up and erase them in a repeated cycle. The attachment of the Sephirah to employees is meaningless, as everything in the facility is paused, as they wait for morning with their eyes closed every night. They crumbled and blamed A for it, and Hokma tells him that he will never do that, as he wants to be an important part of A's life. Then, the third mission is added.

Cutscene 4[]

Finishing the third mission, A will face Angela in a black background, who assigned the upper and middle level Sephirah. But she says it might not be the last time she does it and will repeat it countless times, but 'he' will be different. He knows why this facility exists and what their mission is. She hopes he doesn't exhaust her and will not come down there unless the circumstances call for it, adding that she will neither watch nor interfere with whatever may happen. She hopes they won't see each other very often, as they will only hurt each other.

Back to the Department, Hokma explains afterwards that Angela was the best AI he has ever known and that A is the best architect he has ever known, but he already knows that Carmen's body is nothing but a shell that he couldn't forget. Hokma reveals he tried to keep her in a cryostasis pod, and then 'ransack' her body and core. Hokma was actually relieved when he was making Angela, as A was focused on something like before. But when Angela opened her eyes, he remembered how A looked at the windows of the laboratories instead of going inside. He says that he had been watching A for a long time to know that. Questioning A, he asks him what he thought after seeing Angela, who couldn't show signs of affection or emotions towards him unlike Carmen. Hokma had told A that he could make hundreds of AI, but they will never be Carmen, and now Angela is ordered to look over them. Something that he was mistaken in was teaching A to overcome everything, but the truth was that he never had overcome it. The fourth mission is then handed.


X (Player) / A[]

Hokma is very fond of A, as they passed their past lives together while working in the company before they went apart. He takes the time to explain to him about how the facility works and reassuring that he will always help him.


Not directly linked during the scenes or shown talking with each other, Hokma's opinion of Angela is clear of the machine made of grief over Carmen's death. He is displeased over the creation made by A to be an imitation of her.


Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Benjamin was previously a co-worker since the start of Lobotomy Corporation, being loyal to A since the beginning and aiding him in his goals. When he first joined the company he wore a laboratory coat, a gray shirt with a red tie, wearing gray pants with a light brown belt and black shoes. After his death, his human appearance at the time was used in the creation of 'Hokma', utilizing the Cognition Filter.

Once the Player completes Hokma's Meltdown, the Cognition Filter that hides his true appearance as a robot is lowered. His robot form is a white square chassis serving as the body, with the gray markings like on its clothing, gears on various gaps and the outside, and a single digital glowing light green eye in the center of the body. His Sephirah name is displayed at the top left of the body, and he still carries his monocle and pocket watch. The body possess mechanical limbs as well; a pair of arms and 4 legs.

While in his true form, Hokma acts more focused into the goal of releasing themselves from their past, focused in the future that waits now together to face. The reward for defeating his Meltdown is an improvement the Agents' FortitudeIcon.pngPrudenceIcon.pngTemperanceIcon.pngJusticeIcon.png Stats limit to 130, access to a new Stat Level (Level EX) when hiring, along with granting the HokmaArmband.png Record Team immunity to QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdowns.



Benjamin was presumably introduced to Lobotomy Corporation through A, and was his most devoted employee, most likely joining directly after him.

Benjamin, along with A, was a sole survivor of the attack from the Head.

It is later revealed that Benjamin may have been killed by Angela, since he tried to warn X about her nature. He was then most likely cast down into the lower levels to be forgotten.



  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Hokma (Chokhmah, meaning "wisdom") is the second Sephirot and first power of conscious intellect within Creation. Is considered the first point of 'real' existence.