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Lobotomy Points or LOB Points are the in-game currency, which the player can spend to hire employees and increase employee stat levels to a max of V or EX with research. LOB Points are gained at the end of each day, in low amounts first, but as the days progress, the amount will start to increase, players also gain a great amount of LOB Points when completing the 3rd or 5th day of a week.

When an Abnormality is breaching when all energy has been collected for the day, they will apply a LOB Point penalty that will decrease the LOB Points got at the end of the day, and depending of their Risk Level, that amount will be higher or lower. The penalty applies for each different Abnormality breaching, able to stack with each other (Minions and Ordeals don't apply penalties).

The penalty for each Risk Level are: Risk Teth TETH: -1, Risk He HE: -3, Risk Waw WAW: -5, Risk Aleph ALEPH: All LOB Points.

Depending on the grade at the end of the day, the player will get a higher amount of Lob. The Grade is linked to percentage of living employees at the end of the day. All multipliers are shown by the table bolow.

Grade Living Employees(%) Increase
S 100% 3x lob
A 99-90% 3x lob
B 89-70% 2x lob
C 69-50% 2x lob
D 49-30% 2x lob
F 29-0% 1x lob

If the player has Malkut's research, they will gain extra lob proportional to the amount of lob after all calculations. For example if the player was on day 32 and passed the day with maybe a C grade, instead of getting 12 lob, they would get 14 lob. A 2 lob increase then normal. The player will also get 1 lob when an ALEPH escapes, instead of nothing.


  • The Highest amount of Lob points to be obtained in game is on day 49 with 56 Lob points. This is due to day 49 having the highest Lob bonus of +20 after completing the day, even if an ALEPH escapes, allowing the player to continue on to day 50 even if their entire facility was destroyed the day before. 

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