"So she came up with this brilliant idea!"
- Laetitia's Entry

Laetitia (O-01-67), also known as A Shy Kid, is a humanoid Abnormality having the appearance of a small girl with pale skin, gray round hair, red tips and red eyes. She wears a pair of golden jingle bells behind the side of her head, a red bonnet, a red ribbon around her neck, a red and white dress with a pair of red shoes and dark socks or pants. She moves in a mechanical way, more or less acting like a robot instead of a human. When working with her, the sound of a music box can be heard in the containment room.

Ability Edit

Her ability will trigger when she gets a NormalResult Normal Result. When this condition is met, she will give a floating heart-shaped gift which will follow the employee and upon reaching them, it will stay above their head.

The 'Gift' acts as a mark and when an employee with the Gift attached to them tries to go to the containment room of an Abnormality who is not Laetitia to work with it, the heart will show cracks and shake in increasing rate as getting closer to the half of the distance needed to travel to perform the work order. Once they reach half of the way to perform the work, counting from the point where the employee was ordered from, the employee will explode, killed instantly and a rainbow spider-like creature with multiple eyes will emerge from the corpse of the employee. If the player cancels the work, the heart will return to its normal state, avoiding the death of the employee. The Gift will be removed at the end of the day.

The minions, named 'Little Witch's Friend'; have an amount of HPIcon Health at 350, average MovementSpeedIcon Movement Speed and perform melee attacks that deal 8 - 10 RedDamageTypeIcon Red Damage. It has average defenses to each type of Damage and they will focus on the nearest target in the room, often following it to other rooms. It will remain breached until subdued or when the day ends, but will not subtract LOB Points when the day ends.

Origin Edit

Laetitia's origin is vague but it is said that she comes from a far place that enjoys laughter and which can be assumed that's where her friends also come from. She has many friends that couldn't come, but she hid them inside 'gifts' to give them to people that she like and cheer them up with a 'prank' when the friend comes out of the gift.

By the last entry in her story, it is assumed that Laetitia came to the facility on her own due to the dark and gloomy ambience of the place that affect its employees, staying and wishing to make them smile and cheer them up with her pranks.

Details Edit

Laetitia responds to the four works in order of best to worst: Attachment Attachment, Insight Insight and Instinct Instinct, and Repression Repression.

Like all Abnormalities, her energy output is determined by the number of PE Boxes (Positive Enkephalin boxes) at the end of the interaction.

Laetitia's emotional state is divided into 3 sections: BadResult Bad, NormalResult Normal, and GoodResult Good. Completing 0-6 E Boxes will cause her to feel BadResult Distressed, completing 7-10 will cause her to feel NormalResult Normal, and 11-16 will make her GoodResult Happy. Its usual waiting time after a task is around 10 seconds.

Unlockable Information/Upgrades Edit

Basic Information (Cost: EBoxIcon 16 PE Boxes)

Unlocks and shows the name of the Abnormality, subject classification, Risk Level (Risk He HE), portrait, Damage Type (BlackDamageTypeIcon Black 2 - 4), the amount of EBoxIcon E-Boxes (16), and their emotional state.

Instinct/Insight/Attachment/Repression Work Favor (Cost: EBoxIcon 5 PE Boxes)

Unlocks the percentage level list to the respective work.

Managerial Works 1/2/3 (Cost: EBoxIcon 6 PE Boxes)

  • "Managerial Tips 1"
    • "After the work result has been determined as Normal, Laetitia gave a gift to <Name>."
  • "Managerial Tips 2"
    • "When <Name> was assigned to work on a different Abnormality instead of Laetitia, a ███████ busted out from <Name>'s body."
  • "Managerial Tips 3"
    • "When the assignment was canceled before a ███████ was born, nothing strange happened to the employee's body."

Escape Information (Cost: EBoxIcon 16 PE Boxes)

Information if the Abnormality can escape or not. The defenses displayed are of the minions' stats, since Laetitia is classified as a "Non Escaped Object":

RedDamageTypeIcon Red: Endured (0.8) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon White: Endured (0.8) - BlackDamageTypeIcon Black: Weak (1.2) - PaleDamageTypeIcon Pale: Normal (1.0)

Work Level 1 Chance Level 2 Chance Level 3 Chance Level 4 Chance Level 5 Chance
"Common" "Common" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Common" "Common" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"High" "High" "High" "High" "High"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low"

Observation Level Edit

Level 1 (1 Section unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon Speed Rate +4

Level 2 (2 Sections unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +4%

Level 3 (3 Sections unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon Speed Rate +4

Unlocks the E.G.O. Gift 'Laetitia'.

Level 4 (All details unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +4%

Unlocks the E.G.O. Weapon and Suit 'Laetitia'.

E.G.O. Equipment Edit

E.G.O. Weapon Laetitia
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: Damage: Attack Speed: Range: Observation Level:
Risk He HE EBoxIcon 40 2 BlackDamageTypeIcon Black
Very Fast Very Long 4
Requirements: TemperanceIcon Temperance Level 2
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"It takes a lot of time, but its power cannot be ignored.

The crude design looks to have been made a long time ago. The small accessory remains like the hope of a small child that yearns for happiness."

Strategy and Advice: Really strong mid-game weapon, recommended for it's fast speed and black damage."


E.G.O. Suit Laetitia
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: RedDamageTypeIcon RED Defense: WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE Defense: BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK Defense: PaleDamageTypeIcon PALE Defense:
Risk He HE EBoxIcon 45 1 0.7 Endured 0.7
Observation Level: 4 Requirements: Agent Level 3
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"The ribbon on the coat represents a child's yearn for happiness.

Since the kid could not leave her friend behind, she thought of a brilliant idea."


E.G.O. Gift Laetitia

Laetitia (Head 2)

Effects: SPIcon SP +4

Drop Chance: 4%

Observation Level: 3

Story Edit


Laetitia's encyclopedia portrait

  • "Similar to a child in size, she always maintains a bright smile...
    She is a small very, very adorable child."
  • "Small adorable child means cute little kid!
    The kid came from a place far away!
    And when I find someone I like, I give them a gift which the kid made herself.
    But the content of the gift is a secret!"
  • "This is another important secret, but the kid has lots of talents!
    She says that she has many friends, but they can't come here with her.
    The kid was sad about this, so she came up with this brilliant idea!"
  • "If I hide my friends in a box and give it as a gift, everyone will be surprised!
    And they will laugh together over my prank!
    Oh, there goes the secret of the gift!"
  • "I hope I can find lots of friends here!
    The kid is shy, so the gift will be given in secret!
    Farewells are said, so I hope we can play more!
    And people here don’t smile!
    They look gloomy!
    So the little lady decided to stay until she brings laughter in here!
    I will be happy if everyone is pleased with my pranks!"

Flavour Text Edit

  • "Laetitia, who is very shy, may give <name> a personally prepared surprise gift."
  • "Laetitia came from a far away place and enjoys boisterous laughter."
  • "Laetitia likes friends."
  • "I hope <name> would be happy with this gift."
  • "Imagining the surprise the gift would bring, Laetitia looks at <name> with happiness."
  • "It'll be great if people will accept this small but precious gift."
  • "Laetitia's "friend" is sleeping inside the gift, waiting for the receiver."
  • "<Name> has no idea what's inside the gift that is shaped like a cute heart."

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first new Abnormality to be added after the Legacy version.
  • The file names for Laetitia are labelled "LittleWitch" which is also supported by its minion having the name "Little Witch's Friend", which can be considered as an alternative name.

Gallery Edit

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