"...and my dear employees, I do hope you all put on the gas masks we distributed to you before we enter."
- Melting Love's Entry

Melting Love (D-03-109) is an Abnormality taking the form of a pink slime creature, with female humanoid figure. It has a head with substances resembling hair, covering the top of her head and from behind, going down to her waist; she possesses a pair of white eyes, a mouth, a thin body with a pair of arms, and from the waist down, it melts into a pink puddle.

Ability[edit | edit source]

Melting Love's first ability will trigger when an employee first performs a work, other than Repression.png Repression, on the Abnormality. If this happens, she will give them a blessing (D-03-109-1) resembling a slime heart that follows the employee before they leave the room, giving the blessed employee a special state. Upon exiting, a pink heart will appear on the employee, and pop afterward.

The employee in this special state will heal 30 SPHealing.png SP every 15 seconds, have an increased WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate (+10%) on Melting Love and will heal 25-35 SPHealing.png SP after completing a work with corresponding abnormality. On the other hand, the employee will create a pink explosion every 10 seconds, spreading several slimy particles around them. When the explosion occurs, employees or clerks in the same room have a 25% chance of gaining a small slimy mark on their cheeks, entering phase 1 of the infection. After about 50~60 seconds, the employee's face will turn pink, phase 2 of the infection. These marked employees and clerks will heal SPHealing.png SP over time and perform the same pink explosion, infecting other employees and clerks with a 25% chance. The pink explosion from the blessed employee will be paused for 30 seconds if the employee with the slime heart preforms Insight.png Insight Work and generates 24 or more EBoxIcon.png PE-Boxes. However, getting below 24 EBoxIcon.png PE-Boxes will cause all marked employees to be immediately transformed into slime minions. The blessing remains until the end of the day and only one blessing is given at the same time.

If the marked employees or clerks are not taken care of or the day is not completed before transformation (100~120 seconds), they will be eaten by slime from below and turn into a Risk He.png HE class slime entity with classification code D-03-109-2, with their skeleton being the only thing left of them inside the slime, becoming aggressive entities. They possess average movement speed, low HPIcon.png HP at 200 and deal moderate BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black Damage (6 - 12).

Melting Love's second ability will trigger when its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter reaches 0. The QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter can be reduced when getting a BadResult.png Bad or NormalResult.png Normal work result, as well as if the blessed employee does Repression.png Repression work. If the blessed employee dies, the heart will be removed and the Abnormality will drop her QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter to 0. She will also drop her QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter to 0 if half of the alive employees in the facility are infected while the blessed employee is still alive.

When the Qliphoth Counter is depleted, the Abnormality will breach. When breaching, her appearance will change, revealing a hunched over creature covered with the pink slime with long arms, there are also visible bones coming from insides of the slime. All employees who have not transformed, will transform on the spot as soon as she escapes. Melting Love possess 1500 HPIcon.png HP and average MovementSpeedIcon.png Movement Speed. She possesses a close ranged slam attack that does a decent amount of BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black Damage (15 - 25). She will occasionally fire slime from her mouth when a target is in the same area, dealing high BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black Damage (25 - 45). Employees who are hit by the slime projectile will have a pink glowing circle around them, taking 2 - 3 BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black Damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Employees killed by Melting Love will turn into the Risk He.png HE class slimes. After 40% of her HPIcon.png HP is removed, all minor slime will stop moving as Melting Love will reach out its arm, draining a pawn of its HP as she will heal 200 HPHealing.png HP after 15-20 seconds. It is important to eliminate all the pawns in order to prevent this from happening.

If the employee with the blessing is alive and Melting Love escapes, the 'blessed' employee will be eaten by slime from under them and turn into a Risk Waw.png WAW class slime minion with a classification code D-03-109-1. They possess an average amount of HPIcon.png HP at 800 and a slightly larger size compared to other Risk He.png HE class slimes. They are also faster and deal about double the amount of BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black Damage (12-20). They are still marked with the blessing, and the slime will follow Melting Love with all the other slimes. If D-03-109-1 dies while Melting Love is breaching, the Melting Love will heal all of her own HPHealing.png HP and enter an "Enraged" state, dealing extra damage with her attacks (Slam: BlackDamageTypeIcon.png 20 - 32 ; Slime projectile: BlackDamageTypeIcon.png 30 - 60).

Origin[edit | edit source]

Its origin is currently unknown.

Details[edit | edit source]

Melting Love responds to the four works in order of best to worst, varying with the next works: Attachment.png Attachment, Insight.png Insight, Instinct.png Instinct, and Repression.png Repression.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output is determined by the number of PE Boxes (Positive Enkephalin boxes) at the end of the interaction.

Melting Love's emotional state is divided into 3 sections: BadResult.png Bad, NormalResult.png Normal, and GoodResult.png Good. Completing 0-14 E Boxes will cause it to feel BadResult.png Distressed, completing 15-24 will cause it to feel NormalResult.png Normal, and 25-32 will make it's mood result GoodResult.png Happy. Its usual waiting time after a task is around 15 seconds. Its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter is 3.

Unlockable Information/Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Basic Information (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 30 PE Boxes)

Unlocks and shows the name of the Abnormality, subject classification, Risk Level (Risk Aleph.png ALEPH), portrait, Damage Type (BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black 4 - 10), the amount of EBoxIcon.png E-Boxes (32) and their emotional states and its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter (3).

Instinct/Insight/Attachment/Repression Work Favor (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 10 PE Boxes)

Unlocks the percentage level list to the respective work.

Managerial Works 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 6 PE Boxes)

  • "Managerial Tips 1"
    • "When the work result was Bad or Normal, the Qliphoth Counter lowered."
  • "Managerial Tips 2"
    • "Melting Love gave a lump of slime to the first employee (D-03-109-1) who performed any work other than Repression with it. The lump healed D-03-109-1’s SP and raised their work success rate. However, further observation is needed to determine how the lump’s effects change according to the state of Melting Love."
  • "Managerial Tips 3"
    • "When D-03-109-1 completed Repression Work, the Qliphoth Counter lowered."
  • "Managerial Tips 4"
    • "Employees who are in the same area as D-03-109-1 have a low chance of being infected by the slime. Those who are infected by the slime (D-03-109-2) can be distinguished with a trace of slime on their cheeks. Employees who made contact with D-03-109-2 also had a low chance of infection. When enough time passed after infection, D-03-109-2’s skin was completely merged with the slime, and infected employees turned into ████████."
  • "Managerial Tips 5"
    • "The Qliphoth Counter dropped to 0 when the number of D-03-109-2 took up more than 50% of the department while D-03-109-1 was still alive."
  • "Managerial Tips 6"
    • "The Qliphoth Counter dropped to 0 when D-03-109-1 died."
  • "Managerial Tips 7"
    • "After a series of experiments, it has been found that the spread of the slime can be controlled through Insight Work. If D-03-109-1 performs Insight Work and produces 24 or more PE-Boxes as a result, the slime will not infect other employees for 30 seconds. However, please be cautious as if less than 24 PE-Boxes are produced, every single D-03-109-2 may transform into ████████."

Escape Information (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 30 PE Boxes)

Information if the Abnormality can escape or not, plus its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter (3). This includes her defenses when breaching:

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Absorb (-1.0) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Normal (1.0) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Weak (1.5) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Endured (0.8)

Big Slime (D-03-109-1):

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Absorb (-1.0) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Normal (1.0) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Vulnerable (2.0) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Endured (0.8)

Slime Pawn (D-03-109-2):

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Absorb (-1.0) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Normal (1.0) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Vulnerable (2.0) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Normal (1.0)

Work Level 1 Chance Level 2 Chance Level 3 Chance Level 4 Chance Level 5 Chance
"Low" "Low" "Low" "Common" "Common"
"Common" "Common" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Low" "Low" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low"

Observation Level[edit | edit source]

Level 1 (1 Section unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon.png Speed Rate +4

Level 2 (2 Sections unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +2%

Level 3 (3 Sections unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon.png Speed Rate +4

Level 4 (All details unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +2%

Unlocks the E.G.O. Weapon, Suit and Gift 'Adoration'.

E.G.O. Equipment[edit | edit source]

E.G.O. Weapon Adoration
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: Damage: Attack Speed: Range: Observation Level:
Risk Aleph.png ALEPH EBoxIcon.png 222 1 BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black
Slow Long 4
Requirements: Agent Level 5
TemperanceIcon.png Temperance Level 5
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"A big mug filled with mysterious slime that never runs out.

It’s the byproduct of some horrid experiment in a certain laboratory that eventually failed.

People who touch this slime complain of a strange sensation on their skin, but it won’t stop there."

"Reduces the Movement Speed of the target by 30% for 3 seconds
Target takes additional B damage for a certain amount of time"

E.G.O. Suit Adoration
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED Defense: WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE Defense: BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK Defense: PaleDamageTypeIcon.png PALE Defense:
Risk Aleph.png ALEPH EBoxIcon.png 120 1 0.3
Observation Level: 4 Requirements: Agent Level 5
FortitudeIcon.png Fortitude Level 5
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"It is not as unpleasant to wear as it is to look at. In fact, it seems to give you an illusion of comfort and bravery.

Be cautious because once you get too used to keeping the suit on, the viscosity of the slime might hold onto the wearer and become too sticky to let go."

When the E.G.O Gift is equipped, a RED-type shield is created when more than 10 damage is taken while HP is under 20%

Movement Speed is reduced by 50% for 3 seconds after the shield is activated

E.G.O. Gift Adoration

Adoration (Head 2)

Effects: HPIcon.png HP +5, SPIcon.png SP +10, WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate -5, WorkSpeedIcon.png Work Speed -5

Drop Chance: 1%

Observation Level: 4

Story[edit | edit source]

Melting Love's Encyclopedia portrait

  • "This Abnormality was created with the ideas provided by Tumblbug Backer 'mul'. "
    "A melting slime with a resemblance to humans when inspected closely. Its Containment Unit is covered in its mucus secretions."
  • "Today, I’d like to talk about the recent incident everyone has heard of. That’s right, that dreadful incident when an army of slimes took over our facility for (Redacted) minutes. There were several containers left in the (Redacted) lab which were not processed properly during the experiment related to (Redacted).
  • If you know about the (Redacted) experiment, you would already know that the contents of those containers are merely useless leftovers that only prove the experiment has failed. Our researchers felt there was no need to dispose of them.
  • It was obvious that one newbie to the research team had no idea what was inside those containers. Employee Marie found the containers of pink slime and felt that they could pose a threat. It is assumed that she thoroughly concealed and kept them in (Redacted) status. If my assumption is correct, the melted object in those containers was probably the (Redacted) of (Redacted). I became sure of this when I read the passage that described its appearance as that of an adolescent human."
  • "I dunno if it was fortunate for us or not, but its memories, including those of the experiments, were completely gone; it could barely speak a word or two. It was also mentally unstable. It became extremely nervous whenever Marie was not present.
  • A brother. Marie had a brother whom she lost during her childhood. It all started when she felt an attachment to the childlike pink slime that followed her around. Marie showed an unprecedented level of decrease in her mental corruption. Indeed, it was extremely unusual. Of course, it was certain that the Abnormality somehow affected her in a positive way, but that was the end of the benefits. 
  • Her colleagues started noticing her odd behaviors; they tried to ask her about them, it was the right thing to do. They were educated about the potential implications of a steep decrease in mental corruption levels, and understood that a person disappearing every single break time is a dangerous sign. However, Marie didn’t say a word to them and ended up detained in the counseling room until she opened up. 
  • Meanwhile, this slimy creature that had forgotten everything instinctively remembered one thing: it had to get out of the facility no matter what. This Abnormality once again felt extremely nervous when Marie didn’t show up on time. It thought that she was in danger; it was then that it decided to escape WITH her. A rare bond had formed between the two. They cared about each other from the bottoms of their hearts."
  • "Confined within the counseling room, Marie eventually gave up her right to remain silent and began to reveal what she had done. How she kept the contents inside the container, and how she was able to form a bond with it. However, she couldn’t finish her words. This was because she melted in the blink of an eye, moments after signs of an anomaly showed up on her skin. Yes, she quite literally melted, melted in her entirety. And that wasn’t the end of it. The slime that once was Marie a few seconds ago began to move. It wasn’t a difficult task for a fluid creature to slide under the door of the counseling room.
  • Did it have a speck of human rationality? No. Just like a newborn duckling blindly follows its mother, it simply moved towards the Abnormality. And it wasn’t just Marie that turned to slime. Every single employee who had made contact with her in some way began to melt too. Those who were questioning her, who had shared a meal with her, who had worked together… Soon, this army of slime began to attack other employees. All for the mother slime, the Abnormality they loved. Yes, out of love and love alone, they killed."
  • "...and my dear employees, I do hope you all didn’t forget to put on the gas masks we distributed to you before we entered, did you? I do hope that no one took it off out of boredom or stuffiness. I must inform you all that some of you are already infected by the slime I told you about. We did not give gas masks to some of you, and we did say that it was because we were out of stock. Though, to be truthful, it was just so we could distinguish between those who are infected and those who are not. You may feel fine now, but before an hour passes, your flesh and bones will start to melt, and your mind will disintegrate into pitch-black nothingness. Then you will begin trying to wreak havoc on the facility. You’ll probably, as your first action in your new form, jump at the employees sitting right next to you. All for the mess of slime you so adore.
  • Yes, I know. It’s unbelievable. You feel so alive and clear now, just how on Earth could you melt down into slime? And yet you will. It’s not your fault of course. Someone among you made contact with the slime Abnormality, and you were just the unlucky sap who happened to be around that person. It’s meaningless now to determine patient zero. I doubt they had any idea how catastrophic the results of their actions would be. I doubt they had any idea how catastrophic the results of their actions would be. They did it out of pure affection, after all. 
  • Finally, those uninfected who are wearing masks, please ensure you pay extra attention to your hygiene and immediately report when you see an employee acting out of the ordinary. You’ll simply be infected as well if you attempt to help them. Now, in your desks, there will be 9mm pistols, all perfectly locked and loaded. What you must do now should be clear. We will not open the doors until the situation is… taken care of. If you think this too cruel, allow me to remind you that this is your job. I hope to see you again once everything has been handled."

Flavour Text[edit | edit source]

  • "Melting Love makes those who look at it feel affection without realizing it."
  • "Composed entirely of pink slime, Melting Love is sliding around its Containment Unit."
  • "If <name> feels like they may want to ignore some of the safety and sanitary protocols, it will result in a slimy hell."
  • "Unbeknownst to all, Melting Love’s army grows day by day."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Abnormality is made based on the idea of the Tumblbug backer 'mul'.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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