“Satisfaction is only temporary.”
-Abnormality Log

Mirror of Adjustment (O-09-81) is a Risk Zayin ZAYIN Tool Abnormality in the form of a full-length, standing mirror with spots of red around its rusty frame. The mirror itself doesn't reflect anything and is actually black, with a noticeable spiral form on it.

Information Edit

Ability: Edit

Mirror of Adjustment's ability consists of switching, dividing, or evenly distribute the value of the employee's stats around for another(s). For example, if an employee with a Level 2 FortitudeIcon Fortitude uses the mirror, the value of the FortitudeIcon Fortitude is then sent and swapped with another stat, so they could get Level 2 TemperanceIcon Temperance instead.

If an employee uses the mirror more than once a day, all of their stats will be lowered by a certain value.

Basic Information: Edit


Mirror of Adjustment's encyclopedia portrait

Mirror of Adjustment's basic information takes 2 Uses to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (Risk Zayin ZAYIN)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Single Use)

Origin Edit

The details of its origin are unknown.

Log and Method Edit

Interaction Amount
1 Use
"The only thing it shows are people."
"Subjects who face the Mirror of Adjustment will have their stats randomly adjusted."
4 Uses
"When facing oneself in the mirror, the subject changes. There are numerous suggestions like it is a possibility of a parallel universe, it's from magical powers, but none of this can be confirmed."
"If an employee faces the Mirror of Adjustment more than once a day, all stats will be lowered each time they face it."
7 Uses
"The person who faces the mirror may look the same, but actually becomes a totally different person."
10 Uses
"When looking into the mirror more than once, the subject's humanity gets removed, turning them into a walking corpse."
10 Uses
""Hey, Brian just ignored me and walked right past. What’s going on?”
“Ah, he stared in the mirror.”
“He always complained about being born too weak. I guess he finally made up his mind.”
“Satisfaction is only temporary.”"

Trivia Edit

  • This Tool Abnormality is the first one that can change the base stats of an employee right in the same moment.

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