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“The satisfaction is only temporary though.” "
- Abnormality Log

Mirror of Adjustment (O-09-81) is a Risk Zayin.png ZAYIN Tool Abnormality that takes the form of a full-length, standing mirror leaning on planks of (assumed) wood. Its frame appears to be some kind of rusty metal. The mirror itself is black and does not reflect anything. Only a grey spiral is visible in the mirror.



Mirror of Adjustment's ability consists of totaling the employee's FortitudeIcon.pngPrudenceIcon.pngTemperanceIcon.pngJusticeIcon.png Basic Stats and distributing it out in an unpredictable way. The Mirror will not go over the employee's stat total, nor go under the minimum values of 15-20, depending on the agent's Primary and Secondary title. For example, if an employee with an HPIcon.png HP value of 30 uses the mirror, the value of the agent's HPIcon.png HP is swapped with another stat, meaning they could get 30 WorkSuccessIcon.png Work Success and WorkSpeedIcon.png Work Speed instead. The employee will gain an updated Primary and Secondary title based on their highest stat level after working on the mirror. If all stat levels are equal after finishing work, they will gain the Secondary title Senior (level 3) or Elder (level 5).

If an employee uses the mirror more than once in the same day, their base stat total will be lowered by -20. If the employee falls below their level's requirement, the stat total will decrease because they now have a lower level title. The Mirror will not go under the minimum stat total of 60 (Example: FortitudeIcon.png 20(15) ; PrudenceIcon.png 17(15) ; TemperanceIcon.png 15 ; JusticeIcon.png 17(15)).

Basic Information:[]

Mirror of Adjustment's encyclopedia portrait

Mirror of Adjustment's basic information takes 2 Uses to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (Risk Zayin.png ZAYIN)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Single Use)


The details of its origin are unknown.

Log and Method[]

Interaction Amount
1 Use
"It assumes the shape of a cheval glass, but nothing is reflected on its surface."
"Those who face Mirror of Adjustment will have their stats randomly adjusted"
4 Uses
"The only thing it shows is people. When facing oneself in the mirror, the subject changes. There are numerous suggestions, like the possibility of a linkage to a parallel universe or magical powers, but none of this can be confirmed."
"If one faces Mirror of Adjustment more than once a day, all their stats will lower each subsequent time they face it."
7 Uses
"Those who face themselves in the mirror may appear the same, but in actuality, they have become completely different people."
10 Uses
"Looking into the mirror multiple times will gradually eat away one’s humanity until they become indistinguishable from a hollowed husk of a man, so caution is advised."
10 Uses
" “Yo, Brian just walked right past me without saying a word. What’s up with him?”
“Oh, he took a peek at the mirror.”
“Y’know, he always complained about being born too weak. I guess he finally made up his mind about it huh.”
“The satisfaction is only temporary though.” "


  • This Tool Abnormality is the first one that can change the base stats of an employee right in the same moment.