Lobotomy Corporation Wiki

"Now, I'll give your first mission! Since it's the first day, it will be an easy one."
- MalkuthArmband.png Malkuth

Missions are unique tasks handed to the player by the Sephirah to complete during the Management Phase. This could be anything, from just completing works, to suppressing Abnormalities a certain number of times. Missions are given by the Sephirah of each Department, during the Story Phase and help to progress in storyline of the respective characters. They give their first mission to the player once their Department is expanded to Level 2 (MalkuthArmband.png Malkuth is the only exception to this rule, as she gives the first mission on the first day) and will give the next missions once the player is done with the previous ones and has expanded their respective Departments. Missions don't have time limits and can only be completed when the Department of the respective mission it belongs to is unlocked.

When a mission from a Department is completed, the player can pick a Research from the respective Department to unlock, like HPIcon.png HP and SPIcon.png SP gauge bars or displaying the damage dealt. In Legacy, research was unlocked by using LOB Points.

Given by Mission Name Description and Objective
Malkuth PortraitV01.png
MalkuthArmband.png Malkuth
You Can Do This! "Manager! Please make sure to remember that your primary goal is harvesting energy from the Abnormalities; in order to harvest energy, you need to work on them! It is the most basic yet important task we have here at the corporation. Please don’t let me down, I know you can do it!!"

Detail: "Complete 3 work processes with the Abnormalities"

Semper Fi "Your job isn’t just to keep the Abnormalities in control, you need to make sure that they’re happy so they’ll produce as many PE-Boxes as they can! Please work hard on this, everything else should be secondary to that objective!"

Detail: "Complete 4 work processes with a Good result"

Controlling Meltdowns "As you may know, our facility isn’t really the most stable thing. We’re only able to keep the Abnormalities contained thanks to the Qliphoth Deterrence, which we briefly adjust down just before the work day begins. But, this deterrence becomes unstable as time goes on, and eventually, some Abnormalities may undergo a Meltdown."

Detail: "Complete 8 work processes in Containment Units under Qliphoth Meltdown"

When Dusk Falls "As the Qliphoth Deterrence weakens, the Abnormalities will begin to grow agitated; certain things we call Ordeals which we cannot contain will go into a rampage, just as they are right now. Could you calm down the employees by suppressing one of the Ordeals that show up at dusk? I’ll help you with it as soon as I can."

Detail: "Complete a Dusk Ordeal"

Yesod PortraitV01.png
YesodArmband.png Yesod
"Yesod the Viper" "The Information Team is always in need of more data on the Abnormalities. At this point in our research, we need more testing with Instinct Work. Instinct Work directly resolves an Abnormality’s primal instinct and drive."

Detail: "Complete 4 Instinct works"

The Paths to Take "Via Insight Work, we can indirectly handle the Abnormalities. Through Insight, we aim to find what they find favorable and unfavorable about their Containment Unit, and adjust the conditions accordingly."

Detail: "Complete 5 Insight works"

Why Won't It Rot? "Through Attachment work, we can build bonds with the Abnormalities. Abnormalities in possession of social desires will have a tendency to show their discontent if such needs are unsatisfied. This behavior will occur regardless of whether they have a full stomach and a spotless Containment Unit."

Detail: "Complete 6 Attachment works"

At the Cusp of Perfection "The best course of action is to handle things before everything turns sour; all will remain in order so long as the Abnormalities are managed with the best results. Please be sure to handle everything carefully. As far as I know, this is the best way to ensure nothing bad occurs."

Detail: "End the work day without a Bad work result"

Netzach PortraitV01.png
NetzachArmband.png Netzach
Lethargic Room "The Safety Team is in charge of… well, the safety of the employees. Pfft, employee safety… You’ll understand how hard it is to maintain that once you try it firsthand."

Detail: "End the day without a single death"

I'd Rather Get a Beer Vending Machine "What’s more important than keeping the employees alive is making sure they’re sane. If you aren’t careful, their minds might suffer permanent damage for the rest of their lives. ...You’ll see that keeping up sanity is much harder than keeping them alive."

Detail: "End the day without a single employee going into panic"

An Impossible Event "Impressive, so you were somehow able to do your job without losing anyone physically or mentally. If you were so capable, why didn’t you bother showing that until now? Because you weren’t assigned to do so? How about I give you another job then."

Detail: "Finish the day without any death or panic"

Total Efficiency "If we want to keep the death count down, maybe we should dispatch fewer employees in the first place. You know, to keep damage at a minimum…"

Detail: "Finish the day with 3 or less Agents deployed in each department"

Hod PortraitV01.png
HodArmband.png Hod
I Want To Help "I’m a part of the Training Team; we make instructional manuals and train our employees when needed. But there are some things about field experience that the manual just can’t teach. I’m sure you’ll guide your employees well enough to survive and be better people... right?"

Detail: "Promote two Agents to a higher level"

Unwanted Kindness "As you probably know, manager… The employees are graded into several levels, and are promoted solely based on their capabilities. You should try building up your teams; the more experienced employees you have, the more reliable partners to take on harder tasks for you."

Detail: "Promote an Agent to Level 4 or higher"

I Just Want To Be A Good Person "I’ve written and directed so many manuals and educational programs, but I learned that nothing beats hands-on experience. It’s all about real experience in the field, manager! The employees will have to tough out hardships to hone their skills. Unfortunately, not all our new hires survive their first few encounters with the Abnormalities."

Detail: "Suppress 4 different Abnormalities"

Test Training "Thanks to your excellent leadership and hard work, our employees are now more capable than ever. If they can show off the results of your perfect management and suppression skills to their coworkers, I’m sure it’ll have more effect than any silly document or video… Oh, I’m sorry… I keep hearing things..."

Detail: "Complete the day with 5 or more Level 5 employees deployed"

TipherethArmband.png Tiphereth
Proving Your Competence 1 "Central Command holds Abnormalities at specific locations. The Abnormalities become unstable over time, and the Qliphoth Meltdown Gauge that you see each day displays this. We all have our own limits, so try to finish your job before things go haywire."

Detail: "Pass the day with a Qliphoth Meltdown Level of 8 or lower"

Proving Your Competence 2 "To prevent Meltdowns from taking place, you must reduce the total amount of work by giving your orders in the most efficient way possible. If not, our facility will be flooded with Abnormalities and Ordeals."

Detail: "Pass the day with a Qliphoth Meltdown Level of 7 or lower"

Proving Your Competence 3 "If you take a look at the Sephirah Manual, the most capable managers have set records of tremendous efficiency and skill. Do you think you have what it takes to match them and beat it?"

Detail: "Pass the day with a Qliphoth Meltdown Level of 6 or lower"

Proving Your Competence 4 "It seems Tiphereth isn’t feeling well, so I’ll be working overtime myself until he’s better. Alright, this is the last thing I’ll ask of you. Take care of every single Containment Unit that melts down. If you do that, I’ll admit that you’re not entirely incompetent as a manager."

Detail: "Clear the day without a single Containment Unit’s Qliphoth Meltdown timer hitting zero"

Gebura Portrait.png
GeburaArmband.png Gebura
The Purpose of Pain 1 "If you want to last longer than a single day here, you have to get used to suppressing those monsters we call Abnormalities. Killing those things needs to be as easy as breathing for you. It helps if you make them suffer too, I personally enjoy that part."

Detail: "Suppress 5 Abnormalities of Risk Level HE or lower"

The Purpose of Pain 2 "Never, ever cower before your enemies, even if they seem dangerous. You just have to focus on hacking away and tearing apart each and every one of them. Show me that you’ll use any means necessary to kill a number of those WAW-level monsters."

Detail: "Suppress 5 WAW Abnormalities"

Proving our Strength "Since you’ve completed everything else so far, I assume you know what comes next? ALEPHs are the most dangerous and hateful things here. Give or take, monsters are still monsters, the creatures we have to get rid of..."

Detail: "Suppress 3 different ALEPH Abnormalities"

Our Work "We handle the work we’re presented with. Only I know best how to deal with things like this, so I can’t tolerate someone else trying to take over my stage. Let’s show these arrogant hares that we can take care of the business ourselves."

Detail: "Complete a Midnight Ordeal"

Chesed Portrait.png
ChesedArmband.png Chesed
For the Aftermath 1 "The Welfare Team is always busy. They work with a strong resolve even though this environment seems rather carefree. But you see, the best way to handle things is to finish them as quickly as possible. This ensures everyone works with precision and a cool mind."

Detail: "Finish the day within the allotted time limit"

For the Aftermath 2 "Huh, you did better than I expected. How about we raise the bar a little? I expect you’ll do a great job just like before."

Detail: "Finish the day within the allotted time limit"

For the Aftermath 3 Preventing accidents and mopping up after whatever passes is always up to us. Finishing up the work day quickly means we get just a bit more time to mop up everything."

Detail: "Finish the day within the allotted time limit"

For the Aftermath 4 "…Oh, excuse me, I was thinking about the past. My request will be just the same as the previous ones, all I ask is you try just a bit harder with your ability in mind. Yeah, I guess I can only stay in place as always, unlike you."

Detail: "Finish the day within the allotted time limit"

Binah Portrait.png
BinahArmband.png Binah
Collecting Extracted Specimens "Let us have you begin with extracting E.G.O before we proceed to more complex tasks. The nature of E.G.O and the Abnormalities are more akin than not. They are both phantasmal beings extracted to the material plane. Bone for bone, blood for blood…"

Detail: "Extract 5 or more E.G.O of grade HE or higher"

The Ego’s Accessories "One can take the word Gift literally: a present from the Abnormalities. Though weaker than the E.G.O Equipment, they are still a part of the ego pertaining to the Abnormalities. Beware however, that taking too many of such trinkets that hold the egos of others may cause one’s own colors to be muddled and faded."

Detail: "Complete the day with at least one employee who has 4 or more E.G.O Gifts"

The Ego’s Shells "To use E.G.O is to borrow the power of another’s ego. The employees may therefore gain enormous power and a strong body by donning the shells we call E.G.O. Even more so, some people such as the Red Mist took that power and claimed it completely as her own, but our own employees cannot do such a thing. The weaker one’s mind is, the more it craves refuge behind the shell of another."

Detail: "Complete the day with 8 or more ALEPH E.G.O in possession"

Abnormality Dissolution "As you are aware, Abnormalities and Ordeals are things that derive from the human mind and take physical form. That makes them possess the possibilities of the past, the present, and even the future. They are a mystery, and as such are unstable beings. However, we humans have never stopped digging at the truth; this desire to understand is not limited to Abnormalities, we yearn to know and understand everything."

Detail: "Complete the day with every Abnormality currently within the facility at the maximum observation level"

Hokma Portrait.png
HokmaArmband.png Hokma
Virtue of Protection "The growth of each employee here is based upon the 4 Virtues, and such growth is directly applied in reality. I wonder where the limit to them lies? First, Fortitude comes from strength, forbearance, and instinctive desire. No one knows if that aspiration will become a power to protect everyone, or a weapon to satisfy one’s own greed."

Detail: "Clear the day with 3 or more employees whose Fortitude is 100 or higher"

The Virtue of Governance "What is rationality? We see and analyze through the eyes of rationality; however, its prowess and usage differs from person to person. Crude prudence blinds you to your true worth and the circumstances around you, and excessive prudence morphs into a knife that cuts you. You must be soundly rational when you observe this world and its people."

Detail: "Clear the day with 5 or more employees whose Prudence is 100 or higher"

The Virtue of Creation "All humans are born with desire; what is important is how it is controlled. It is not simply a problem of the individual. One’s desires greatly affect how they see the world, and how they perceive the people in it. To hear and see only what one wants to hear. What is truly needed for humans is to tune the desires between oneself, others, and the world, perhaps. If we can attain that balance, it may be possible for us to give birth to great things."

Detail: "Clear the day with 8 or more employees whose Temperance is 100 or higher"

The Virtue of the Soul "Do you believe in the existence of the soul? I do. I also believe that the soul itself is the reason for one’s existence. But then, is there a perfect soul? I personally think otherwise; however, one can only infinitely close in on that perfection. That process in of itself is an endless ocean of agony. At the end of such effort, I expect that we will be able to make valuations of everything with utmost correctness."

Detail: "Clear the day with 10 or more employees whose Justice is 100 or higher"