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"That’s right, I’ll be level with you. I don’t like my job."
- Netzach

Netzach is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the upper layer, Asiyah, and is the head of the NetzachArmband.png Security Team. The player can meet him from Day 12 to 17, depending if the first expansion is unlocked.

He has long, green hair with a choppy fringe. His eyes are brown and narrow, and one of his eyebrows has a notch in it. He wears a black business suit with a green loosened tie, and his shirt not fully buttoned or tucked in. His armband is green and bears the first letter of his name, "N", on it. He always has his hands in his pockets. The color associated with his text boxes is Green.

Netzach's missions focus on minimizing damage to employees by preventing them from panicking or dying.


Netzach strongly dislikes his job at the Corporation. He feels helpless and responsible for the death of his employees. He is pessimistic and has no hope for the future. Netzach slacks on his work while he drinks beer and gets high on Enkephalin to escape from reality. He wishes he would be scrapped or replaced.


Meeting - Cutscene 1[]

When the manager first meets Netzach, he is complaining about how the meeting room is far away. He then asks the manager if they know his name, then if they have anything else to say to him.

If the player chooses "yes", Netzach asks them if they can talk later because he is busy. If the player chooses "no", Netzach says "that's good".

After either choice, Netzach remarks that X looks a little dumbfounded. He asks if X should be telling him how grateful they are for their job, but says right away that no one wants to hear that anyway. Netzach then complains about his job and how assigning him to it was a mistake. He feels helpless over the deaths of his employees.

Cutscene 2[]

After Netzach's first mission is completed, he talks to X about a "different world". He tells X that he used to work hard to save people, but no longer sees the point in it. Netzach laments over the employees' lack of a future. He then asks X if it's possible to have a beer vending machine in the facility.

If the player chooses "I can do that", Angela appears and scolds them. Netzach says he just wants the vending machine to improve the welfare of the employees. If the player chooses "you know I can't", Angela appears and scolds Netzach instead.

Cutscene 3[]

Netzach's portrait.

After the second mission is completed, Malkuth is seen telling Yesod that Netzach is not feeling well and won't come to the day's meeting. Yesod sees through her lie and bluntly says that Netzach is wasted on Enkephalin. Malkuth asks him not to tell Angela. Yesod says Malkuth should also be at the meeting, and she leaves. He then asks X to keep Angela from seeing Netzach so wasted. When X finds Netzach, it's clear he's acting unusual. Netzach assumes that X thinks of him as a junkie and says that he gets that a lot. He then explains he uses the Enkephalin to escape from the reality of his life, and wonders if he's being punished for his sins. He then tells X that he wants to see the facility crumbling to pieces.

Cutscene 4[]

After the third mission is completed, we see female Tiphereth complaining to Angela about Netzach handing in a report a day late. Tiphereth can't find him now, so Angela suggests she talk to the Upper Sephirot, but she does not want to. Instead, Tiphereth continues to complain about Netzach, saying he is lacking as a Sephirah and that she wants him replaced. Angela denies her request. Tiphereth is confused, saying that Netzach doesn't do any of his work, but Angela says that is his role. Netzach appears to talk to Tiphereth and she lets him know that she told Angela about the replacement process, but Netzach is not intimidated by her. In fact, he wants to be scrapped, and says if he were Angela, he would have destroyed someone like him a long time ago.


X (the Player)[]

Netzach has an uninterested relationship with the Manager. He prefers a direct and honest approach, talking about his own mistakes and flaws rather than giving praise to X. Netzach often shares his unusual experiences to X while alone, having more trust in him than in the other Sephiroth.



Netzach doesn't like Angela and she herself sees little utility on Netzach, as he doesn't do most his work, doesn't present it on time and is half of the time high on Enkephalin. However, Angela neither forces him to do his job and accepts that his role is actually to get drunk and wasted, as explained with female Tiphereth; but she still imposes him limitations about spreading his behavior to other employees, like getting a beer vending machine.


Although there is almost no direct seen interaction between each other, Malkuth seems to encourage Netzach of trying harder when things go wrong in his department, and also who communicates the others when Netzach is going to be missing from an event. It's possible that Netzach is telling her to do it for him or that Malkuth does it by herself by checking on him.


Being from one of the side departments, Netzach often asks favors from Yesod and has a more casual tone to him despite the latter being completely attached to the rules. Yesod regularly has to cover up for when he is wasted with Enkephalin and having to lecture him the rules when incidents occurs in his department.

Story Mode Spoilers!
Despite their apparently distant relationship, Netzach still tries to help Yesod in other ways, one time even offering him Enkephalin doses.


Netzach and Hod have a more calm relationship, with Hod being the Sephirah who prescribed and gave him Enkephalin. Netzach often requests her help in some cases, being because of Angela or to get more Enkephalin; Hod tries to help him and cheer him up when there are disasters happening in his department.

Story Mode Spoilers!
Hod once asked to Netzach for Enkephalin, with him explaining that a side effect of the substance is hallucinations.

Tiphereth A (Female)[]

Tiphereth has always considered the Sephiroth of the upper layer the laziest ones, remarking Netzach being the biggest slacker because of him turning in all work late, and often threatening him by telling Angela about his irresponsibility, in order to convince the latter to replace him. Netzach is not intimidated by her threats as he does really wish to be replaced.

Other Sefirot[]

Netzach is against the other Sephiroth and doesn't want to get involved with any of them for work and get more responsibilities that he cannot take care of.


Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Giovanni was a patient of Carmen's company and Carmen's friend who participated in the Cogito experiments of the early days of the Lobotomy Corporation. His hair was shoulder length and he wore light blue patient's clothing: a long-sleeved shirt and pants. After his death, his human appearance was used in the creation of "Netzach" utilizing the Cognition Filter.

Once the player completes Netzach's Meltdown, the Cognition Filter that hides his true appearance as a robot is lowered. His robot form is dark grey and rectangular, with a small piece at the top left containing a half-closed digital green eye. He possesses mechanical arms and legs as well. A green fluid which we can assume is Enkephalin leaks from the seams between his mechanical parts.

After revealing his true form, Netzach acts calmer, hopeful and accepting the Manager's actions, wanting to see him saving the employees from danger.

The reward for defeating Netzach's Meltdown is allowing all the Departments' Regenerators HPHealing.pngSPHealing.png heal employees in their hallways and non-Containment Units by half the amount, along with giving the NetzachArmband.png Security Team immunity to QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdowns.


Giovanni knew Carmen from very young age, becoming childhood friends during that path and he was interned as a patient of Carmen's company since an unknown time. Is unknown if he was still a patient the moment the Lobotomy Corporation became a company, but he was ready to join after Carmen's death. He was the only one who volunteered when A asked for volunteers to test the proper drug dosage for Cogito, with the reason being of 'reviving' Carmen because of A mentioning that it might save her.

Giovanni kept to himself most of the time and didn't really talked much with A since they didn't have anything in common aside Carmen's relationship. The experiment was long, requiring multiple testing and each injection made Giovanni become more disconnected of reality, living in the lie that Carmen could be saved and expecting his noble sacrifice to be for her good. A knew that they couldn't save her from the beginning but telling him about it will ruin his dream of saving her. He thought it was selfish of him to let Giovanni live in that lie.

They just continued testing the Cogito dose amount on him, ruining Giovanni until the point of his death by the injections. After his death, Giovanni was used to create the Sephirah "Netzach".


After completing the fourth mission, Netzach asks X if they are only meeting him to be praised and if they're sick of it by now. He goes on about the repetitive day-to-day events in the facility and how when something goes wrong in his department, other Sephirah try to help him but never say is his fault, despite being his. Netzach also informs X that all the employees are given a small does of a drug to desensitize them to the horrible things they experience and he asks if they can be blamed for relying on the drugs. Netzach tells X that he's been thinking about how to die, even though to him, an AI, death is metaphorical, so he plans to "overdose" on Enkephalin by putting a whole bottle into his robot body, causing irreparable damage since it can rust machines. He says that he shot up more Enkephalin than usual, and that he hopes to wake up somewhere without X, the other Sephirot, or Angela; and never meet again.

After that, a scene is shown of Giovanni on an hospital bed, with A explaining the research of the Cogito dose, trying to find the right amount for injections, but the most difficult was trying to find volunteers. He tried to persuade them by telling that was to save Carmen but everyone kept quiet about it, until one raised his hand, Giovanni. He was a patient of Carmen's company and they knew each other since very young, but he perhaps he just became a volunteer because A mentioned 'to save Carmen'.

A and Giovanni didn't talk much and just Carmen connected them each other, but the experimentation of Cogito wasn't short and continuous injections leave permanent damage, with the only option being to inject Cogito.


With the Meltdown finished, a memory of A and Giovanni appears, with him telling that if Carmen would be alive, she would laugh, as he and A didn't like each other at all and that he was there only to revive Carmen. However, A knew that they can't revive her from the start, but could not tell him or it will ruin his last glimpse of hope about the experiments and that he was happy living in a lie from a restless dream.

Back in the facility, Netzach tells X that he failed his "experiment" (suicide attempt). He says he'll try a different way next time, but quickly takes it back and asks X not to tell Angela or the other Sephirot. Netzach notes that he'll probably need treatment because his parts were full of Enkephalin, and he also says he wishes he hadn't woke up because it had been a while since he slept for so long. However, he says a voice called him back to reality, saying that in this place he needs permission even to die, and that X was the one who saved him. Even though Netzach still feels resigned to the horrors of the facility, he now believes in holding onto a shred of hope and in continuing to live. Netzach admits that he resented X from the beginning, but says that now he thinks they were sent to save him. Netzach has accepted to continue his life in the facility, with a "Courageous Fortitude".


  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Netzach (meaning "victory") is the seventh Sephirah. It represents God's active grace and benevolence in the world.
  • Netzach has a clear addiction to Enkephalin as a drug, along some consumption of beer.