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"The final chapter ends with the phrase: “Born again.” "
- Abnormality Log

Notes from a Crazed Researcher (T-09-78) is a Risk He.png HE Tool Abnormality in the form of a simple notepad with incomprehensible writing on their pages. Is contained in a tank, floating in the middle when not equipped.



The Notes from a Crazed Researcher's ability triggers when equipped. The employee equipped with the note will receive a TemperanceIcon.png Temperance boost, increasing 20 points to WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate and WorkSpeedIcon.png Work Speed.

If the user tries to return the tool before 30 seconds has passed or if the user doesn't perform any work with other Abnormalities, the employee will explode, dying instantly. If the employee accumulates 60 or more HPIcon.png HP or SPIcon.png SP damage, or the total damage of both HPIcon.png HP and SPIcon.png SP, while holding the Note, they will explode, but unlike the previous death conditions, it will deal 30 RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage to all the other entities in the same room in a small radius. If the user dies, the Tool is returned to its containment. Returning the tool will reset both the 30 second timer and the accumulated damage to 0.

Basic Information:[]

Notes from a Crazed Researcher's encyclopedia portrait

Notes from a Crazed Researcher's basic information takes 30 seconds on use to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (Risk He.png HE)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Mounting Type)


The note belonged to a researcher who became mad after conducting various experiments in the corporation. The note contains descriptions of unethical experiments, confessions of guilt and 'gibberish', with a final sentence in the last part: "Born again."

Log and Method[]

Interaction Amount
10 Seconds
"The old notes are full of incomprehensible cursive letters and writings."
"Those who equip Notes from a Crazed Researcher will benefit from a sharp increase in the stats related to Temperance."
1 Minute
"They once belonged to a researcher who had gone mad during their work. It’s only been partially deciphered, but it seems most of it relates to the various experiments that were conducted in this place."
"If ordered to return Notes from a Crazed Researcher within 30 seconds of equipping, the user’s skin will start to swell and their body will explode within seconds."
2 Minutes
"It begins with guilt and confessions of unethical experimentation but gradually spirals into madness, overrun with insane and broken up sentences about research toward the end."
"If ordered to return Notes from a Crazed Researcher without performing any sort of managerial work, the user will explode."
3 Minutes
"The final chapter ends with the phrase: “Born again.” "
"If the user receives a certain amount of damage, they will explode, and the explosion will cover the entire section. The explosion will deal massive RED damage to all nearby."
3 Minutes
"One’s observational skill will improve just by holding this item. However, if it is returned without fulfilling the yearning for knowledge, the incompetent shall explode."


  • This is the first Abnormality that can trigger another effect when an employee suffers certain amount of damage.
  • It is classified as ’Trauma’ as the tool seems to have the written thoughts of a person who descends into insanity during the research. It could also represent Epistemophobia, the fear of knowledge.