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"And the many shells cried out one word, "Manager"."
- Nothing There's Entry

Nothing There (O-06-20) is an Abnormality that does not resemble any sort of human being, but instead a creature made of varied human parts. It has a large rectangular head with 2 mouths - a pink tongue coming out of the biggest mouth. It has 4 blue/light-blue eyes on its face, and a light blue arm with sharp claws at the top of its head. It stands on 3 legs; the two front legs are made of bones and the hind leg is a red intestine in the form of a leg with a 'foot' at the end. Its torso is made of a transparent material, revealing red, blue, and green intestines. A dark liquid drips below it. The rest of its body is made of bones or muscles.


Nothing There will breach immediately when its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter reaches 0.

The QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter is decreased by:

  • When it takes the 'skin' of 2 employees, upon their deaths in its cell (see below).
  • When the employee completes the work with JusticeIcon.png Justice level 3 or lower

Employees with FortitudeIcon.png Fortitude Level 4 and lower will have a lower success rate proportional to their overall level (Level 4: Attachment.png Attachment -10%, Instinct.png Instinct -8%)


Nothing There will kill the agent working on it immediately when said agent:

  • Obtains a BadResult.png Bad work result
  • Has finished work on it with a FortitudeIcon.png Fortitude level of 3 or lower
  • Visited Nothing There while it's disguised

Skin Taking ("Possession")[]

If an agent died in Nothing There's containment unit for whatever reason, it will take their skin, disguising itself as the employee. It will keep the new appearance for a while until another employee enters its room. It will frequently say 'I love you' while it is disguised as an employee.

If another employee enters Nothing There's containment room while it is disguised as an employee, it will instantly kill the employee and breach disguised as the second employee.

Breach (Disguised)[]

Organ pieces will block the screen of the player temporarily before it breaches. After leaving the containment room, Nothing There will appear in a random location in the facility, which could be a hallway or a Main Rooms. The player will enter into 'Disposal Mode', where they get a single shot and 10 seconds to instantly defeat Nothing There. The time of the game will be paused during this time frame. The player must click on Nothing There disguised as the previous employee to succeed. the shot deals a whopping amount of RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage (10000) which instantly kills Nothing There, sends it back to its containment room, and reset the counter and form.

If the timer runs out - or the player does not shoot the correct employee - Nothing There will reveal its normal form and continue with the escape.

Suppressing Nothing There with the Disposal Bullet when breaching disguised as an agent does not contribute for Gebura's mission "Proving our Strength" or Hod's mission "I Just Want to Be a Good Person".

Breach (True Form)[]

Nothing There will escape in its normal form when the QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter reaches 0 or upon failure with utilizing the Disposal Bullet in time. It has three forms that it progresses through while breaching, unless it is suppressed fast enough.

  • It's first form has 2000 HPIcon.png HP and high MovementSpeedIcon.png Movement Speed. In this form, Nothing There can attack with the claw on its head to deal decent RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage (18-21) to a single employee. After 30 seconds it will enter its second form.
  • It's second form is an egg-like form, made of flesh and blue eyes. When it does this, it recovers all of its HPHealing.png HP. and will be incapable of attacking or moving. If Nothing There isn't subdued quickly while in this form, it will recover all of its HPHealing.png HP again and will transform into its final form. Transformation into its final for occurs in 30 seconds.
  • It's final form is a tall, red humanoid creature with big eyes and mouth, a secondary mouth on its body with an intestine coming out from it. Nothing There retains its massive HPIcon.png HP and has a slightly slower MovementSpeedIcon.png Movement Speed than its first form. When it finds a target, it can morph its own arms to create deadly weapons to do different attacks. It uses as a basic attack - a 'mace' arm - to deal high RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage (25-35) to targets in front of itself in a melee range. It can get on one knee and shoot out a piercing projectile from its hand (2 second delay) that deals heavy RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage (50-60) to all the targets in front of itself in the room while saying 'Hello'. It has an uncommon attack, that morphs its arm into a wide blade, slashing the targets in front of itself in a melee range, saying 'Goodbye' and dealing massive RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red Damage (300). In its final form, if left alone for a short period of time without taking damage, it will restore 17 HPHealing.png HP every second. If below 30% of its HPIcon.png Max HP it will instead heal 33 HPHealing.png HP every second.

It will wander around the facility in search for a target. Once it finds a target, it will follow it's target and kill anything in its path, eventually killing everything in the facility. Nothing There will remain breaching until it is suppressed or the day ends.


Its origin is currently unknown.


Nothing There responds to the four works in order of best to worst: Attachment.png Attachment, Instinct.png Instinct, Insight.png Insight and Repression.png Repression. Employees with FortitudeIcon.png Fortitude Level 4 and lower will have a lower success rate proportional to their overall level, this however doesn't change what works are better or worse.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output is determined by the number of PE Boxes (Positive Enkephalin boxes) at the end of the interaction.

Nothing There's emotional state is divided into 3 sections: BadResult.png Bad, NormalResult.png Normal, and GoodResult.png Good. Completing 0-16 E Boxes will cause it to feel BadResult.png Distressed, completing 17-26 will cause it to feel NormalResult.png Normal, and 27-33 will make its mood result GoodResult.png Happy. Its usual waiting time after a task is around 15 seconds. Its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter is 1. 

Unlockable Information/Upgrades[]

Basic Information (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 30 PE Boxes)

Unlocks and shows the name of the Abnormality, subject classification, Risk Level (Risk Aleph.png ALEPH), portrait, Damage Type (RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red 6 - 9), the amount of EBoxIcon.png E-Boxes (33), their emotional state and QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter (1).

Instinct/Insight/Attachment/Repression Work Favor (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 10 PE Boxes)

Unlocks the percentage level list to the respective work.

Managerial Works 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 6 PE Boxes)

  • "Managerial Tips 1"
    • "The lower the working employee’s Fortitude, the lower the success rate was and the less stable the work was."
  • "Managerial Tips 2"
    • "When an employee whose Justice was lower than Level 4 completed the work, the Qliphoth Counter decreased."
  • "Managerial Tips 3"
    • "<name>, who was in the Containment Unit, was killed by Nothing There. Suddenly, Nothing There changed into <name>. The same instance occurred when another employee had panicked."
  • "Managerial Tips 4"
    • "When the work result was Bad, <name> was attacked and turned into Nothing There’s shell."
  • "Managerial Tips 5"
    • "Employees of Fortitude Level 3 or lower immediately panicked when entering Nothing There’s unit. It is recommended that employees lower than Fortitude Level 4 never be sent to work with Nothing There."
  • "Managerial Tips 6"
    • "When <name>, who witnessed Nothing There’s human appearance, fell into a panic, they became Nothing There’s new shell. At the same time, the Qliphoth Counter lowered."
  • "Managerial Tips 7"
    • "When the Qliphoth Counter reached 0, Nothing There, taking the appearance of the dead <name>, disappeared from its Containment Unit. The manager must quickly find and kill Nothing There’s disguised appearance."

Escape Information (Cost: EBoxIcon.png 30 PE Boxes)

Information if the Abnormality can escape or not, plus its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth counter (1). All of its defenses are marked as 'Unspecified', due to them changing each time when in different forms.

In the Normal Form, its defenses are:

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Resistant (0.3) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Endured (0.8) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Endured (0.8) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Weak (1.2)

In the Shell Form, its defenses are:

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Immuned (0.0) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Endured (0.6) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Endured (0.6) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Normal (1.0)

In the Last Form, its defenses are:

RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red: Immuned (0.0) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png White: Resistant (0.4) - BlackDamageTypeIcon.png Black: Resistant (0.4) - PaleDamageTypeIcon.png Pale: Endured (0.8)

Work Level 1 Chance Level 2 Chance Level 3 Chance Level 4 Chance Level 5 Chance
"Very Low"


"Very Low"








"Very Low"


"Very Low"


"Very Low"


"Very Low"


"Very Low"












"Very Low"


"Very Low"


"Very Low"


"Very Low"


"Very Low"


Observation Level[]

Level 1 (1 Section unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon.png Speed Rate +3

Level 2 (2 Sections unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +3%

Level 3 (3 Sections unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon.png Speed Rate +3

Level 4 (All details unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate +3%

Unlocks the E.G.O. Weapon, Suit and Gift 'Mimicry'.

E.G.O. Equipment[]

E.G.O. Weapon Mimicry
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: Damage: Attack Speed: Range: Observation Level:
Risk Aleph.png ALEPH EBoxIcon.png 222 1 RedDamageTypeIcon.png Red
Fast Medium 4
Requirements: Agent Level 5
FortitudeIcon.png Fortitude Level 5
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"The yearning to imitate the human form is sloppily reflected on the E.G.O, as if it were a reminder that it should remain a mere desire.

When the unfamiliar and otherworldly eyes stare at you, you will feel a chill up your spine. If pushed to the limit, one can wield it.

It can deliver a powerful downswing that should be impossible for a human."

"Recover 25% of damage dealt to the target as HP"

E.G.O. Suit Mimicry
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED Defense: WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE Defense: BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK Defense: PaleDamageTypeIcon.png PALE Defense:
Risk Aleph.png ALEPH EBoxIcon.png 120 1 0.2
Observation Level: 4 Requirements: Agent Level 5
FortitudeIcon.png Fortitude Level 5
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"It takes human hide to protect human flesh. To protect humans, you need something made out of humans.

Even though this is not the skin of a human, it is still akin to that barrier which protects us.

Employees using this equipment may lose the last bits of love for humanity that they may have left."


E.G.O. Gift Mimicry

Mimicry (Cheek)

Effects: HPIcon.png HP +10
User's HPHealing.png HP Healing increased by 5%

Drop Chance: 1%

Observation Level: 4


Nothing There's encyclopedia portrait

"An Abnormality whose appearance resembles a human, but cannot and should not be human. It periodically devours employees and wears their shell. The skeleton and organs are misplaced during the process, so it takes a bizarre form."

"The Abnormality does have a tongue, however, it has no knowledge of speech and as such cannot talk; it can only make meaningless sounds. There is no telling what is inside its shell, but its skin continuously wears down, so there is a need to change and maintain the outer layer. It is insensible to pain; it may break its own bones or cut itself up to escape through a small crevice."

"Bit by bit, we discovered that this Abnormality may be evolving. It demonstrates behaviour similar to the character of the person who used to be its shell. It even makes attempts to equate itself with human beings."

"When it escapes, it wears the skin of the person it killed and mimics them. Then, without any sign or forewarning, it reveals its true/second form. In its true/second form, its resemblance is much similar to that of humanity in comparison to its earlier form. The new form is confirmed to possess bipedalism, properly aligned organs, and the addition of greater physical strength. All the employees are afraid of this form."

<A Warning of Something> 
"If it has been confirmed that it has escaped and stood on two feet, there is only one thing you can do. Straighten up your posture, gather your hands neatly, and pray to whatever you believe in and observe the situation as it unfolds."

<Excerpt from Counseling Log>
“Just like how we observe Abnormalities as employees, ‘Nothing There’ observes us. Then it puts on the shell of an employee and thinks of itself as the employee that just died. The sight of that thing eating one of us is horrifying beyond words, just trying to think about it might drive me mad. Heading to its containment to check the state of its shell is a toil on your mind, too. Imagine that a colleague of yours who you chatted with just a few days ago is now sitting in that room, neck snapped, guts exposed, walking on all fours, drooling like a beast. (Omitted)

That’s not all. When I was still a new employee, no one else was willing to enter its Containment Unit, so I was forced to go work with it. It looked even worse than it does now. It was in the shape of a horribly deformed human. What’s worse, it tried to mimic humans. Doing stuff like looking into a mirror, mumbling to itself, or trying to fix its skeletal structure; it’s as if it was trying to mimic ‘us’. Who knows, it might get good enough to casually walk among us one day.”"

"<Warning>  Only employees Level 3 and higher are permitted to read this document.
(This recording is of a call from the Containment Unit’s emergency phone. Phone systems are installed in every room of Abnormalities of Risk Level HE or higher to enable quick threat response.)

Employee 1: Please pick up, please pick up. This is the Containment Unit of ‘Nothing There.’
The Emergency Response Department (ERD): Hello, this is the Emergency Response Team. What’s the problem?
Employee 1: I need a stun gun right now! There’s an emergency happening right now!
ERD: Can you please specify the reason?
Employee 1: The Abnormality… (the sounds of something breaking can be heard) It’s ripping up the employee.
ERD: Excuse me?
Employee 1: It’s killing my colleague!
ERD: We’ll respond immediately. Please identify the employee being attacked.
Employee 1: It’s uh… wait one sec. Their name’s <Redacted>. Control Team. I’m, <Redacted>. Also Control Team.
ERD: Confirmed. What’s currently happening to your colleague at this exact moment? Employee 1: Yeah, just please hurry. We need a weapon to control the Abnormality. (A loud noise can be heard, presumably the scream of the colleague) Oh god, this is…
ERD: What’s happening?
Employee 1: The Abnormality is attacking my colleague. It’s literally ripping them apart, I can’t do anything. I repeat, we need a weapon to control the Abnormality.
ERD: The Emergency Response Team has been dispatched. They’ll arrive shortly.(Omitted)
ERD: <Redacted>? What’s happening now? Is it still attacking your colleague?
Employee 1: Yeah, oh no. I think it’s done now.
ERD: Has it stopped attacking?
Employee 1: No, I mean. My colleague’s… He’s dead. Yeah, he’s dead alright.
ERD: How can you be so sure?
Employee 1: Well it’s because he looks… he’s…
ERD: Has he been ripped up somehow? What body parts are damaged?
Employee 1: All of them."

<Excerpt from Counseling Log> 
"Just like how we observe Abnormalities as employees, ‘Nothing There’ observes us. Then it puts on the shell of an employee and thinks of itself as the employee that just died. It mimics the employee's usual behaviour, the way they talk, likes and dislikes, and every other visible trait. We can only guess how carefully, and for how long it has been observing the employees to imitate them. What I’m trying to say is, we can’t just treat it like some ‘dumb scary monster’. Even now, it could be strolling about wearing the shell of someone we know. This Abnormality is becoming more and more like a human. Its transformation is getting faster too. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. If the time comes when we fail to recognize it, that will be the day the company falls.We must stay ever vigilant when dealing with this Abnormality."

"The following is a recording of the abnormal behavior an employee exhibited in their last moments after they became a shell of ‘Nothing There’.

Employee 1: Manager, manager!
Employee 2: Man, you've been looking for the manager for quite a while now. You've been acting really weird today y'know? With that weird smile and all.
Employee 1: ...
Employee 2: Anyhow, I sure hope we get pasta in the cafeteria for dinner today. I’d love some of that with thick bacon.
Employee 1: ...
Employee 2: Oh, we just got an emergency notice. It says the last employee to work with "Nothing There" should get to the counselor's office immediately.
Employee 1: ...
Employee 2: Wait... Wasn't that... You?
Employee 1: ...
Employee 2: Hey, say somethi—
Employee 1: Manager, manager! Manager!"

"The second employee proceeded to take immediate action upon hearing that. However, ‘Nothing There’ tore out of the shell of the first employee, revealing its beginning form. The recording only includes audio files, so what exactly happened or what kind of behavior the employee exhibited still remains a mystery. The shell with ‘Nothing There’ inside tries its best to mimic the behavior of the employee it tried to kill moments ago. The actions of the last employee it eyed, their final words, those sort of things. And the many shells cried out one word, “Manager”."

Flavour Text[]

  • "Nothing There’s appearance is just like that of a human being. However, employees with sharp eyes will notice a sense of incompatibility."
  • "Nothing There is different from ordinary Abnormalities. The biggest difference between them is that it has never once shown its true nature."
  • "Do you know the difference between the terms “shell” and “skin”?"
  • "Nothing There meaninglessly grinds its teeth while staring at <name>."
  • "The bone, which appears to be a rib of Nothing There, makes a crunching sound."
  • "Nothing There gazes at <name>, the twisted neck of its shell snapping and turning unnaturally."
  • "The organ that’s something akin to a mouth belonging to Nothing There occasionally drips intestines that may have belonged to a human once."
  • "<name> tries their best to avoid stepping on the unknown secretions of Nothing There."
  • "Even though Nothing There makes not a single threatening action towards <name>, their entire body shivers in fear."
  • "<name> is aware that the Abnormality is not going to attack them right away, but they are still extremely terrified of being in its containment."
  • "While <name> works, they find Nothing There to be somewhat familiar in an odd way."
  • "<name> spots something from Nothing There."
  • " “She” was <name>’s senior. They had never spoken a word to each other, but they may have been good coworkers."
  • "<name> had seen “her” employee profile. The reason why <name> could remember “her” is that she had a distinguishable mole on her face."

When activating its ability[]

  • "Nothing There has put on <name>."
  • "During the act of wearing on <name>, their bones were scattered across the floor."
  • "Nothing There, now assuming the shape of <name>, makes noises from its still displaced bones every time it takes a step."

When an employee panics during work[]

  • "<name> feels a helpless disgust and dread coming off of Nothing There. This innate hatred exuding from Nothing There strikes <name> to the core."

When an employee dies during work[]

  • "Now <name> has become Nothing There’s new shell. Perhaps the day will come when they may get a proper burial, like the “shell” Nothing There just molted."
  • "<name> has now become Nothing There’s new shell. Every employee in the facility will remember them; regardless if they wish not to do so, they will have to."


  • "Nothing There" may be a small nod to Nyarlathotep or The Crawling Chaos from H. P. Lovecraft for its ability and how destructive it is.
  • Nothing There is tied with Army in Black for the highest amount of management notes among all the other Abnormalities.
  • Nothing There had the first Red Damage Immune armor in-game (later changed in v0.2.0.0) and still one of the most useful due to the abundance of red damaging abnormalities.
  • When Nothing There takes the appearance of an employee, staying in its containment room, the shell will wear the default E.G.O suit.
  • Nothing there also could be based off of the creature in the movie THE THING. Both seem to have the ability to take control of and assimilate humans.
  • Nothing There, along 1.76 MHz are the only abnormalities in the Abstraction/Amalgamation Abnormality group.
  • The blade arm could have been inspired by the blade arm from the game series Prototype.
  • Its E.G.O Weapon "Mimicry" bears a striking resemblance to Soul Edge, a recurring weapon in the fighting game series Soul Calibur.
    • Additionally, It also has a very similar appearance to the Devil Sword Sparda[1] from Devil May Cry[2]
  • Even though its E.G.O Gift description says that it increases HP healing, it also increases SP healing.
  • In the Wonderlab comic, Nothing There has an Aberration named Nobody Is.


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