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Total Chaos

Panic Level 3. If your facility looks like this, you messed it up

"Nothing There Abnormality has just escaped. What were you doing?"
- Angela

Panic Level or Panic Event occurs when an Abnormality escapes from their containment unit or when an employee falls under a possession. Both cases involve physical or psychological damage, or simply death. Normal clerks will end panicking after seeing an Abnormality which have a Fear Level higher than 0. When a Panic Level starts, the screen will begin to flash red and Angela will give a message to the player about the breach and which Abnormality escaped.

There are 3 Panic Levels, which can be recognized by the background music. Panic Levels increase when more Abnormalities are escaping or when more employees are under possessions. Example:

1 Abnormality breaching = Panic Level 1.

2 or more Abnormalities breaching = Panic Level 2.

3 or more Abnormalities breaching + most agents dead = Panic Level 3

The music may not play according to the Panic Level in the same moment it starts.

All breaching Abnormalities and possessed employees are aggressive to each other and will attack once they are in the same room, except for Abnormalities which can't attack or target other Abnormalities. Example: Big Bird can only attack employees under its mark. Rudol-ta of Sled isn't able to deal physical damage or attack, but can still be the target of attacks of other Abnormalities. Bewitched employees by Singing Machine will focus in other employees instead Abnormalities.

To end a Panic Level, the agents must successfully subdue all the breaching Abnormalities and possessed employees. Panic Levels can't be started by panicked employees under panic response: Murder or Shutdown, but there's a chance that a Panic Level will start once one or more employees dies under panic.

Trivia Edit

  • At the moment, WhiteNight is the only Abnormality which can cause an instant Panic Level 3.

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