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Risk Level explained in the Manual

Risk Levels are the categorization of power, danger level and/or threat to the facility, employees and player that an entity (Abnormalities, Ordeals and minions) or Equipment has.

In Abnormalities, the Risk Level determine how dangerous they are, from being harmless and beneficial, to an immense threat to the facility and employees. The Risk Levels can also determine how much energy they produce, the quality of their equipment, the conditions of work, the amount of damage they deal, the possibility of triggering their abilities and their difficulty when managing them. They inflict Fear Damage to employees who meet them, influenced by the Risk Level. If their Risk Level is higher than the Level of the employee, they will receive more damage. Their Risk Level is displayed on the top left of their containment unit, in their Encyclopedia and when breaching.

In E.G.O. Equipment, the Risk Level or Grade determine how powerful they are, with more abilities or synergies with their own or other sets. However, the more powerful they are, they will have more requirements to meet before an Agent is able to equip it. During combat, the damage is influenced by the Risk Level of the attacker and target. Depending of the difference, the damage might be higher or lower before the defenses apply. The Risk Level/Grade is displayed in the Encyclopedia of the respective Abnormality and when checking the E.G.O. Equipment in the Deployment Phase.

When an Abnormality is breaching when all energy has been collected for the day, they will apply a LOB Point penalty that will decrease the LOB Points got at the end of the day, and depending of their Risk Level, that amount will be higher or lower. The penalty applies for each different Abnormality breaching, able to stack with each other (Minions and Ordeals don't apply penalties).

The penalty for each Risk Level are: Risk Teth.png TETH: -1, Risk He.png HE: -3, Risk Waw.png WAW: -5, Risk Aleph.png ALEPH: All LOB Points.

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  • The Risk Level names are based from words of the Hebrew Alphabet.
    • Risk Zayin.png ZAYIN is based from the 7th letter of the same name (ז). Represents 'returning light.'
    • Risk Teth.png TETH is based from the 9th letter, Tet (ט). Represents both good and evil.
    • Risk He.png HE is based from the 5th letter, Hey (ה). Represents divine breath, revelation and light.
    • Risk Waw.png WAW is based from the 6th letter, Vav (ו). Represents a 'hook' that connects with God and binds together earth and heaven.
    • Risk Aleph.png ALEPH is based from the 1st letter, Alef (א). Represents 'master' or 'Lord.'