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"This department is responsible of educating safety procedures, predicting and planning counter method against possible emergency situations. It maps out a plan for incidents like an Abnormality's frenzy, seizure, escape and an employee's panic. It also set various safety rules. This department is mostly consisted of rather fastidious individuals. Being tardy is their worst enemies."
- Description

The Safety Team Department is the third department that the player will unlock on day 11 and also getting a checkpoint. This department is to the left side of the Information Team Department, and comes with 4 containment units, 6 in Challenge Mode; 1 main room, 2 elevators and hallways, and 3 small rooms.

Employees will wear different outfits depending on their job. Agents will wear black suits with light green lines, green ties and pants, and the light green logo on their shoulder. Clerks will wear light green suits with green ties. The team's main color is green.

Researches Edit

Physical Training (5 Stages - Cost: 6/8/12/12/16 LOB Points)

"Employee physical training is going on. As the research progresses, employees' physical damage defenses increase."

Shield Upgrade (4 Stages - Cost: 6/8/12/16 LOB Points)

"Proceed with research on shield. Level(1/2/3/4) can be equipped to employees. The performance of shield is improved. Increases the shield's maximum hp, defense, and stun defense. The movement speed of the shield is faster than before."

Shield Supply (4 Stages - Cost: 6/12/18/24 LOB Points)

"Employees receive a shield. The amount of shield increases. Quantity of shield at next level: 2/4/7/17(+3)"

Trivia Edit

  • The Safety Team's Main Room looks more like a nursery of some sorts, because the 'white crosses' in the background, usually related to healing.
    • In any case, all the main department rooms can heal their employees by having them on standby in the room.

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