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Sephirot location on object

"If I’m the cerebrum, they are the cerebellums."
- Angela

Sefirot are various high level employees who handle and manage each of the departments of the facility, with the exception of Angela, who manages each of the Sefirot and the entire facility overall. Each of the Sefirot have unique designs, quirks and personality; their colors correspond to the department that they manage, i.e. Gebura's main colors being black and red / Yesod's being a mix of various purples.

They play important roles in the Story Phase, and bring various decisions to the Manager's attention. Each Sephirah will appear when their respective department is opened for the first time. Individually, they each handle missions for their department and unlock research after the missions are completed.

Sefirot Area of Management Personality
Angela PortraitV01.png

The Entire Facility Calm and collected, with a hint of arrogance; cares for X.
Malkuth PortraitV01.png

MalkuthArmband.png Control Team Cheerful, enthusiastic, and impatient. She always puts in her best effort and aims for the best results.
Yesod PortraitV01.png

YesodArmband.png Information Team Strict and uncaring, logical; he constantly wears concealing clothing so that no skin is showing.
Netzach PortraitV01.png

NetzachArmband.png Security Team Pessimistic and unmotivated. Wishes he would be replaced and feels helpless over the deaths of employees.
Hod PortraitV01.png

HodArmband.png Training Team Optimistic and does her best to help everyone. She wishes to be appreciated for her efforts.

Tiphereth A (Female)
TipherethArmband.png Central Command Team Tiphereth A is up-front, getting straight to the point, yet really immature. At first, she does not trust other Sefirot.

Tiphereth B (Male)
Tiphereth B comes off as relaxed and positive at first.

Gebura Portrait.png

GeburaArmband.png Disciplinary Team Rigorous and sometimes rude; tries to suppress abnormalities with as much force as possible. Despises cowards.
Chesed Portrait.png

ChesedArmband.png Welfare Team Sleepy and mature, likes his coffee. He pretends to care for his employees.
Hokma Portrait.png

HokmaArmband.png Record Team Calm and collected. He considers the death of employees as a cycle.
Binah Portrait.png

BinahArmband.png Extraction Team She rarely displays any sort of emotion. Binah has sadistic inclinations.


  • The word Sephirah(Singular) and Sefirot/Sephiroth(Plural) come from the Jewish Kabbalah.
  • The arrangement of the Sefirot and their departments take the form of an inverted version of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Tree of Death), with Malkuth (Control Team) at the very top rather than the very bottom, and Kether (Architecture Team) at the very bottom rather than the very top. By the end of the game(day 50), the whole facility is rotated upside down and taking its form as the Tree of Life.
  • The Sefirah of Da'at is special in that in represents the unification of all 10 Sefirot, to the point where a few depictions of the tree of life would omit Daat; not unlike how Carmen's Chamber (which coincides with the sefirot's location) is hidden until the very last day.