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"It literally makes itself into “the safest place on Earth.” "
- Abnormality Log

The Shelter from the 27th of March (T-09-82) is a Risk He.png HE Tool Abnormality, which takes the appearance of a shelter, made of certain hard material that protects it, even from the light. The shelter has visibly two pillar structures, each one to the side of the front part, with the left one having the symbols '01' and the right having 'A0', with the 2 visible only in its portrait. In the background, there are metallic boxes, one of them stacked on the top of another, with all having a circular logo with a blue 'P' at the middle crossed with a line. The previous objects and structures seem to be stained with what could be blood. The door to the zone is at the right, as usual.

Is mentioned that the shelter has supplies and can house several persons, although is unknown what is more deep in the building since the camera is limited to the front.



The Shelter from the 27th of March can house one employee during use. The employee in the shelter will start to recover 8 HPHealing.png HP and SPHealing.png SP every 5 seconds, will become immune to any RedDamageTypeIcon.pngWhiteDamageTypeIcon.pngBlackDamageTypeIcon.pngPaleDamageTypeIcon.png damage and a few Instant kill effects (Transferred damage made by Portrait of Another World to a marked employee in the shelter will just be dealt to the original target). If the employee remains in the shelter for more than 30 seconds, a random Abnormality in the facility will get its QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter dropped to 0. After the initial 30 seconds, it will continue to happen to other Abnormalities every time the employee heals, and will last until they exit the shelter.

The player can stop the work at any moment and the timer will reset.

Basic Information:[]

Shelter from the 27th of March's encyclopedia portrait

The Shelter's basic information takes 30 seconds of using to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (Risk He.png HE)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Continuous)


The details of its origin is mostly unknown, but in its logs is mentioned that it was used to protect a group of refugees from an 'ocean of screaming and bloodshed', probably being a war happening. The 'P Company' built the shelter with the objective of being 'the safest place on Earth', providing enough supplies for people to survive for very long periods of time. Even when the objective was achieved, the shelter started to display anomalous effects on the people in it, making the outside more dangerous than what it looks like. As the name of the Abnormality says, something happened during that specific day, that maybe, recalls the events of that day.

It's unknown when the anomalous effects started and how the corporation found or even moved the shelter to their current location.

Log and Method[]

Interaction Amount
30 seconds
"A bomb shelter that completely protects its interior from all hazardous influences of the outside world, including light."
"Any subject who enters Shelter from the 27th of March will be immune to all forms of damage. (However, this does not apply to damage caused by O-09-91). Furthermore, the subject’s HP and SP will slowly recover starting the moment they enter Shelter from the 27th of March."
1 minute
"The shelter still retains the memory of that day."
"If a subject enters Shelter from the 27th of March while being pursued by a hostile entity, the subject will become undetectable to the pursuer."
2 minutes
"Company P wished to construct the safest place on Earth. As such, the interior of this shelter houses a large number of non-perishable goods, which would allow anyone who stayed inside to survive for an extremely long period of time."
"If any subject remains inside Shelter from the 27th of March for more than 30 seconds, the Qliphoth Counter of a randomly chosen Abnormality currently contained in the facility will fall to 0. Such a phenomenon will repeatedly occur to all Containment Units until the subject exits Shelter from the 27th of March."
3 minutes
"Thanks to this shelter, the selected refugees were safely shielded from the ocean of endless screams and bloodshed."
"However, this shelter, while perfectly safe on the inside, alters the reality of the outside to be even more hopeless. It literally makes itself into “the safest place on Earth.” "


  • The Shelter from the 27th of March is the first Abnormality that acts as its own containment room.
  • In its portrait, the exact Abnormality is displayed but in a gray scale palette.
  • Because it is classified as ’Trauma’, it can be assumed that it’s based around the events of the "Mist War" mentioned through the days, as refugee against the war. It could also be a representation of Agoraphobia, the fear of 'Outside'.
  • Every Abnormalities' containment room except Shelter from the 27th of March's has a black and bold number "27" on the wall. Whether it's intentional or not is unknown.