"The world’s most beautiful concert starts from the ruined."
- The Silent Orchestra

The Silent Orchestra (T-01-31) is an Abnormality in the form of a group of white humanoids, with parts of them composed by musical notation such as eighth notes and various clefs. The conductor, which is the only one in the containment room, is similar to a limbless mannequin. It is held up by a pole stabilized by a base, is dressed like the conductor of an Orchestra, and has eighth note patterns on its head. It possesses hands, however they only appear when performing its Ability and in its Encyclopedia Picture. The Silent Orchestra in itself is actually the entire ensemble, and the other members of The Silent Orchestra only appear when the conductor is performing its ability during an escape.

Ability Edit

Silent Orchestra's ability will trigger when its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter reach 0. When it gets a GoodResult Good or BadResult Bad result, it will decrease its counter by 1. When its counter is depleted, it will start its breach and curtains will cover their Containment Unit after a period of time and then a second pair of curtains will cover the screen of the player for a short amount of time. When the curtains are opened, The Silent Orchestra's conductor will have warped to the Main Room of its Department to perform a song. It will reveal two hands, one holding a baton, and begin to conduct the accompanying ensemble.

The entity possess 2000 HPIcon HP and the Symphony is composed by 4 movements and a Finale. As the song progress, notes will start to expand and more of the symphony's parts will appear seated near the conductor. The Silent Orchestra's defenses will vary during the movements, changing the melodies, gaining immunity to all Type of Damage except one, and dealing high WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage (30-40) to the nearby employees, increasing the area of effect as it progress. The further the employee is from the Silent Orchestra's first ring, the less damage they will take in its area of effect. For Example someone inside of the 1st ring will take the full damage, but someone standing in the elevator inside the 3rd ring will take ~0.33 (1/3) of the damage. During breach, the player can't change the speed of the game and only the pause feature works. These are the vulnerabilities during the mentioned movements, while being immune to the other damages:

  • During the beginning and first movement, it will be vulnerable to PaleDamageTypeIcon Pale Damage. The damage area is limited to the room.
  • During the second movement, it will be vulnerable to BlackDamageTypeIcon Black Damage. The damage area is extended to the nearby rooms and hallways.
  • During the third movement, it will be vulnerable to WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage. The minimum and maximum damage will be increased by +10 WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage. The high pitch noise in this movement may bother the player.
  • During the fourth movement, it will be vulnerable to RedDamageTypeIcon Red Damage. The damage area is expanded to the whole department.
  • During the Finale, The Silent Orchestra is immune to RedDamageTypeIconWhiteDamageTypeIconBlackDamageTypeIconPaleDamageTypeIcon All Damage.

For each of the first 4 movements, at the start of each one, a performer will appear. In the Finale, the entire band rises in a stand and when about to end the song, the notes will expand quickly with a loud sound and all the employees under half of their SPIcon Max SP will die, with their heads exploding. At the end of the symphony, The Silent Orchestra will return to it's containment room with the sound of applause in the background. Also at the beginning of fourth movement all EBoxIcon Energy which was gathered during the day will be depleted.

Origin Edit

Its origin is currently unknown, but is known that it was a previous conductor of the corporation, mentioned in its Last Observation dialogue (Legacy).

Details Edit

The Silent Orchestra responds to the four works in order of best to worst: Attachment Attachment, Insight Insight, Repression Repression, and Instinct Instinct.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output is determined by the number of PE Boxes (Positive Enkephalin boxes) at the end of the interaction.

The Silent Orchestra's emotional state is divided into 3 sections: BadResult Bad, NormalResult Normal, and GoodResult Good Completing 0-12 E Boxes will cause it to feel BadResult Distressed, completing 13-18 will cause it to feel NormalResult Normal, and 19-30 will make its mood result GoodResult Happy. Its usual waiting time after a task is around 10 seconds. Its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter is 2.  

Unlockable Information/Upgrades Edit

Basic Information (Cost: EBoxIcon 30 PE Boxes)

Unlocks and shows the name of the Abnormality, subject classification, Risk Level (Risk Aleph ALEPH), portrait, Damage Type (WhiteDamageTypeIcon White 7 - 9), the amount of EBoxIcon E-Boxes (30), their emotional state and its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter.

Instinct/Insight/Attachment/Repression Work Favor (Cost: EBoxIcon 10 PE Boxes)

Unlocks the percentage level list to the respective work.

Managerial Works 1/2/3/4 (Cost: EBoxIcon 8 PE Boxes)

  • "Managerial Tips 1"
    • "When the work result was good, its Qliphoth counter has decreased."
  • "Managerial Tips 2"
    • "When the work result was bad, its Qliphoth counter has decreased."
  • "Managerial Tips 3"
    • " The music that The Silent Orchestra plays when it escapes consists of 4 movements. As the movement goes on, employees suffer White damage, and the music’s area of effect continues to expand."
  • "Managerial Tips 4"
    • "With each movement, the weakness of The Silent Orchestra changed. For movement 1, it was Pale, while for movement 2, it was Black. For movement 3 it was White, and during movement 4, only Red attacks were effective against The Silent Orchestra. When the music was at its peak, The Silent Orchestra became immune to all types of attacks."

Escape Information (Cost: EBoxIcon 30 PE Boxes)

Information if the Abnormality can escape or not, plus its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter (2). All of its defenses are marked as 'Unspecified', due to them changing each time during a breach.

Work Level 1 Chance Level 2 Chance Level 3 Chance Level 4 Chance Level 5 Chance
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Low" "Low" "Common"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Very Low" "Very Low" "Very Low" "Low" "Low"

Observation Level Edit

Level 1 (1 Section unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon Speed Rate +3

Level 2 (2 Sections unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +3%

Level 3 (3 Sections unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon Speed Rate +3

Level 4 (All details unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +3%

Unlocks the E.G.O. Weapon, Suit and Gift 'Da Capo'.

E.G.O. Equipment Edit

E.G.O. Weapon Da Capo
Da Capo
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: Damage: Attack Speed: Range: Observation Level:
Risk Aleph ALEPH EBoxIcon 222 1 WhiteDamageTypeIcon White
Fast Medium 4
Requirements: PrudenceIcon Prudence Level 5
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"A swinging scythe is silent and moderate just like a conductor.

If the weapon could play music, it would play apocalypse.

The wielder of this E.G.O weapon hears some silent music that no one else can hear. The conductor does not rest until the finale. It would be wise to leave some audience alive until the finale to hear them applaud."


E.G.O. Suit Da Capo
Da Capo
Grade: Cost: Max Amount: RedDamageTypeIcon RED Defense: WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE Defense: BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK Defense: PaleDamageTypeIcon PALE Defense:
Risk Aleph ALEPH EBoxIcon 120 1 0.5
Observation Level: 4 Requirements: PrudenceIcon Prudence Level 5
Special Information
Details Special Ability
"A splendid tailcoat perfect for a symphony.

Superb leadership is required to create a perfect ensemble. It would be wise to leave some audience alive until the finale to hear them applaud."


E.G.O. Gift Da Capo

Da Capo (Eye)

Effects: WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +4, WorkSpeedIcon Work Speed +4
While also wearing the same E.G.O. Suit, Absorb all WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage taken instead.

Drop Chance: 1%

Observation Level: 4

Story Edit


The Silent Orchestra's encyclopedia portrait

  • "An Abnormality that loves art and tries to play its music to the company. <The conductor not only corrects musical errors but it is also responsible for creating the best ensemble and leading the orchestra. A conductor's skills can be determined within 5 minutes. The moment the conductor opens the score, its eyes, behavior, and atmosphere will be judged by the musicians. The musicians will then decide if the conductor is worthy to lead them. Without their harmony and cooperation, the music's true message cannot be expressed. Therefore the conductor must maintain superb command, leadership, and have excellent power of persuasion.... (Omitted)>"
  • "<Movement 1: Calm and slow. >
    The conductor begins the apocalypse."
  • "<Movement 2 to 4: Joyful and fast >
    Employees start to forget everything and are moved by the symphony. Their emotion changes into one of madness, and they try to attack those nearby. The orchestra's music quickens, bringing all departments to their own destructions. When all musicians have gathered, some music which no one can hear, but one that all can listen begins."
  • "<Finale> "The music shall pierce through you.'"

Flavour Text Edit

  • "Usually, The Silent Orchestra's conductor and the containment chamber are silent."
  • "Conductors are magicians that imbue life into things. A shaman that calls for souls."
  • "The Silent Orchestra prepares for the song of the apocalypse."
  • "Performers live off of applauses from the audience."
  • "Employee <name> is about to finish working on The Silent Orchestra without any trouble."
  • "The Silent Orchestra's conductor waits for his performers."
  • "The world's most beautiful performance starts, from the broken ones."
  • "The sensational look of The Silent Orchestra's conductor will captivate everyone."
  • "Applauses are what drives the lives of the performers."
  • "Employee <name>, who will become an audience of The Silent Orchestra soon, has almost finished the work."
  • "Verily, The Silent Orchestra has the best ensemble in the facility."
  • "A standing ovation is the finest compliment that an audience can offer when they listened to a marvelous piece."

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the few Abnormalities that is composed of a group of entities instead of a single creature, along with Opened Can of Wellcheers, Rudolta, and arguably Queen Bee.
  • The Silent Orchestra, when performing, won't let you change speed of the game. This Abnormality, Apocalypse Bird and WhiteNight are the only ones to disable a setting of the game temporally, without counting the Sephirah Meltdowns.
  • The Silent Orchestra will not reduce the energy quota on Day 50.

Gallery Edit

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