"Remember this melody? The professor played this song when the students were sleepy. Happy birthday."
- Abnormality Log
Theresia (T-09-09) is a Risk Teth TETH Tool Abnormality in the form of a rusty music box with ornaments, with a windup key in a side, and on the top of it, on a small platform poses a figure of a ballerina standing on one foot. While in use, a 'tune' almost played by random keys plays.

Information Edit

Ability: Edit

Theresia's ability triggers when an employee uses it. During use, a tune plays and overtime, employees of the same department as the Abnormality will start to recover SPHealing SP constantly. Between 20 to 30 seconds of use, the employee using it will enter into Panic and get out of the containment. If the employee using it isn't of the same department where Theresia is located, the user will not recover SPIcon SP.

The player can stop the work at any moment and the time of panic will reset.

Basic Information: Edit


Theresia's encyclopedia portrait

Theresia's basic information takes 30 seconds of using to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (Risk Teth TETH)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Continuous)

Origin Edit

The details of her origin are mostly unknown, but can be deduced from the sentence carved on the music box that it was a gift for someone for their birthday, probably taken from a professor.

Log and Method Edit

Interaction Amount
30 seconds
"A music box with a dancing ballerina."
"Subjects who listen to the Theresia‘s music will recover SP."
1 minute
"When the spring is wound, a sad melody begins to play. No one knows when or who made it, but it doesn't seem new judging from the slight skips of the music."
"When listening to the music box for 20 to 30 seconds, the subject’s SP will fall rapidly, causing them to panic."
2 minutes
"There’s a sentence carved crudely on it, "Remember this melody? The professor played this song when the students were sleepy. Happy birthday." "
3 minutes
"Listening to the music box makes anyone feel like everything’s going to be okay and their fatigue is lifted. But excessive listening will make the subject lose their grip on reality, driving them mad."

Trivia Edit

  • Theresia was originally in the official website of the game, with a different concept. Her previous subject number was "T-02-09-W (T)", with the (T) probably meaning Tool. Formerly named Teresia, it had an humanoid appearance, in the form of a skinny 'ballerina' dancer of white skin, black eyes, pointy long legs, wearing a flower-like skirt with a blue flower on it and some sort of pink helmet with a pair of small wings in the sides. It also include the next log:

“There was an experiment on the effects that the said Abnormality’s had on people. We tested it among [Redacted] employees. We were trying to find out what they were thinking: the common words, common images, common feelings they had while they were listening to the music. It was a surprise to find that an image of a long-haired girl, a garden filled with flowers, ‘siblings’, and ‘nostalgia’ were all common themes. Oh, and also ‘frightening’. That’s all we found out. There was no set conclusion from this experiment.”

  • It‘s possible that being classified as ‘Trauma‘, maybe is because of the unseen events that the music box actually drove the students insane and then later was given as a gift to someone. It could also represent Dementophobia, fear of insanity.

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