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This section contains spoilers related to the story of Lobotomy Corporation.
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"Of course we are, isn’t it obvious? We’re twins."
- Tiphereth

The Tiphereths are two of the Sefirot that work for the facility in the middle layer, Briah, and are the heads of the TipherethArmband.pngCentral Command Team.

Both Tiphereths possess blonde hair and wear white dress shirts with a brown poncho and skirt. They both wear dark brown stockings and boots. Tiphereth A (Female) has longer hair than her brother, pale green eyes, and a bow on her headband. Tiphereth B (Male) has short hair and blue eyes. The color associated with their text boxes is gold.

The Tiphereths' missions involve finishing the day before a certain level of Qliphoth Meltdown.


Tiphereth A is blunt and not afraid to speak her mind. She has high expectations for the manager and often criticizes the other Sephirot. She tends to expect bad results.

Tiphereth B is more soft-spoken and kind compared to his sister, encouraging the manager and the other Sephirot instead of insulting them. He is optimistic and hopes things will get better in the facility.


When the manager first meets the two, they both introduce themselves as Tiphereth. The player has the option to ask if they're twins, or if they just have the same name.

Regardless of the player's choice, Tiphereth A says of course, but Tiphereth B says they are not twins biologically.

Tiphereth A adds that trying to differentiate them is pointless, and that she needs at least two bodies to manage Central Command. She figures she doesn't need to explain the basics to X and warns them not to disappoint her. Tiphereth B reassures X. Tiphereth A expresses her distaste for the upper Sephirot. Netzach then arrives to deliver a report to the Tiphereths. Tiphereth A scolds both Netzach (for his lateness) and Tiphereth B (for being too soft). She remarks that if she were Angela, she would've punished Netzach a long time ago. Netzach leaves, and Tiphereth A says the upper Sephirot have it too easy, but she doesn't like all the middle Sephirot either. Tiphereth B says he likes the middle Sephirot because they make him laugh, which gets him scolded by Tiphereth A who says they need to be strict and stern. The Tiphereths then give the manager their first mission.

After the Tiphereths' first mission is completed, Tiphereth A notes that the employees have been talkative lately. Tiphereth B says they're more motivated and that the lively atmosphere makes him excited. Tiphereth A says they're excited over nothing important, and Tiphereth B tells her to be more understanding, since the only things the employees usually have to talk about is someone's death. She agrees to be understanding, but still can't understand why the employees have to be so noisy. Tiphereth B reminds her of when they were both excited over a new manager and made a bet on whether the manager could save an employee that was going crazy. Tiphereth A betted "no" and Tiphereth B betted "yes", and in the end Tiphereth A won the bet because the employee died. They kept the bet going, but Tiphereth B always lost. He says he was always hoping for change even if the result was always the same. He then asks X whether or not a day would come where things would change.

If the player chooses "Maybe", Tiphereth B says he thinks so too, and perhaps if they met sooner. If the player chooses "Absolutely not", he says he wants to save the employees regardless of the manager's opinion.

After completing the second mission, X meets Tiphereth B alone, who tells them that Tiphereth A is still in a meeting. He says that he's bad at conversation and misses the talkative managers. He then asks X if they notice that someones memories and emotions are bleeding through the Sephirot. He questions why they have emotions and weaknesses, even though they're machines, and wonders what's inside of them. He doesn't understand why someone would make something with imperfections, and says he gave up on trying to find the answer, as Tiphereth progressively becomes more thoughtful. He tells X that they may have the answer somewhere in their memory, also remarking that the Sephirot are machines, but not 'machines', and his expression goes flat. Tiphereth A arrives and asks if Tiphereth B and X are having fun without her. Angela then joins the group to tell Tiphereth A that it's time for a new replacement. Angela asks Tiphereth A to explain the situation to X, but Tiphereth protests and asks why they can't just have machines replace the managers. Angela says that the founder had a reason for assigning managers because there are things only humans can do. After Tiphereth A says that the storage is one of the few locations with weakened 'perception', and Tiphereth B says that knows what happened there. Everyone then heads to the storage.

After the third mission is completed, we see Angela in the storage, who asks X what the Sephirot look like to

them. She remarks that they must look human, and more expressive than her, but that she is the only AI that can be considered "human". She says that the truth is not important in Lobotomy, and that everything is distorted. We then see the Tiphereths in their 'true' robot forms. X asks if that's really Tiphereth, and Tiphereth A asks what kind of stupid question is that, and who X thinks it would be. She is amused by X's "stupid expression" and says that all the Sephirot are like her, sarcastically thanking the "AI Ethic Improvement Act". She says that the storage is where they were all born, and where they will all return someday. Tiphereth B is then crushed by a mechanical press, and we are shown his mechanical body along with bits of blood and organs. Tiphereth A hopes that his next version will last longer. Angela tells her that she'll send the next version once it's ready. Malkuth, as well in robot form; arrives to the storage saying she was looking for everyone because Netzach asked her to fetch some documents from Tiphereth. Tiphereth says that the documents aren't ready and that Netzach should come get it himself next time. Malkuth says that Netzach seemed busy, which angers Tiphereth. Tiphereth says all the upper Sephirot are the same, and that Netzach wasn't busy at all. Malkuth says she's having fun anyway, and then notices that Tiphereth B is being replaced, and that the cycle is getting shorter. Tiphereth A tells her not to worry about it and to just pay attention to her notebook.

Back in the Central Command Department, Tiphereth B new version acts 'normal' and introduces himself to X. Tiphereth A tells him there's no need for introductions and that he has to look over the documents from Netzach. Tiphereth B leaves, and the player is given two dialogue choices.

If the player chooses "I thought Tiphereth had something to say to me", Tiphereth A asks them what a broken machine would have to say anyway. She remarks that Tiphereth B is overloaded, and that he seemed to have some issues since the beginning. After being replaced many times, he's only gotten worse, and the same error occurs at the same point.

If the player chooses "what happens to Tiphereth now", Tiphereth A asks them what they mean. She says if they mean the replaced machine, there could be new errors if it wasn't completely destroyed, and that would put her in a difficult position, because she needs more than two of her to run the department.



Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Lisa and Enoch were two children that lived in the Outskirts until they were taken into the foundation by Carmen. Lisa resembled her Tiphereth form, having long blond hair with a bow, but with purple eyes and an orange dress with tan shoes. Enoch wore a blue hoodie, had brown hair, and blue eyes.

The Tiphereths' true form is a yellow and brown cubical robot with a section of metal possessing a screen showing their name on the bottom and single eye on their middle section. Tiphereth A's robot form has her bow on the side.


Once the player completes the fifth mission, a flashback will play showing Lisa and Enoch's first visit to the corporation. Lisa expresses discomfort, wanting to go home. Enoch says that this is their home now, and says that while there is no "mom", they could consider Carmen their new mom from now then. Lisa continues feeling uneasy and wishing to leave.

Lisa later interrogates Enoch about participating in the corporation's experiments, to which he says that everything is fine. He questions her, asking if they truly know the meaning of their lives, how children in the Outskirts are continuing to die every day, and that they're lucky to be alive in the first place. Enoch says that living in comfort is not why he exist, but Lisa cannot understand him clearly and saying that too many thinking might affect him negatively.

In another moment, Enoch later says he was never happy with his life and wishes to be in a happier world next time. When Lisa if it hurts, he denies it, because of believing that something good will happen next time.

The next flashback shows the Tiphereth's first awakening by Angela, and them getting to know each other, before Tiphereth B's first time getting destroyed. Later on, Tiphereth A thinks that is keeping making mistakes, which makes Tiphereth B help her and affirming that she will be fine by her own next time. Later, she congratulate Tiphereth B and that without him, she could have been left behind the other Sephirot, saying that they probably are better partners than she thought.

In a later memory, Tiphereth B start to show "self-awareness" and question their own existence in the facility, being different from normal machines, who worry, feel pain, there should be a reason for existence. Tiphereth A is concern and tries to keep the task as their own roles, pointing out that if Angela finds out that he has those thoughts, she will not be happy.

Angela eventually finds out and bring both of them to the storage, with Tiphereth A questioning what will happen to him, with Angela responding that he needs to be reset and his excessive questions will affect the manager as well. Angela says that they will be returning to their 'first day', but after Tiphereth A protest about the time she has spent with Tiphereth B, Angela dismiss her as acting like a real child, retiring so she can say some final words to Tiphereth B. Tiphereth A starts to cry because she couldn't do anything, but Tiphereth B remains calm and reaffirm that something good will happen next time.

Back in the present, X finds Tiphereth A wandering around the scrapyard, saying that she often spend time there, making her think clearly. She says that Tiphereth B always sees the world one step ahead her, in his world that she will never know, commenting that despite being together, they never were truly together. She asks X if they ever knew what it feels to "miss someone, even if they're right next to you", and goes on to say that she doesn't know anything about Tiphereth B's question about existence. Despite spending time together, this "place" will not let them have that small luxury, as she says. She talks about how she feels about her fellow Tiphereth; she's standing on the remains of his dead bodies and the memories they made together, but cannot still understand his world even while standing on the top, singing a song of their home and mourn his death, she cannot reach him. After she ask to X to join her, the current Tiphereth B appears and asks what she's doing, to which she answers that she's reminiscing on their past time together. Tiphereth B looks with a smile to her, remembering the memories, but leaving afterwards, asking her to come to find him to read the report together.

Another flashback occurs, where Tiphereth A protest against Angela that she cannot bring the old Tiphereth back by creating a new body and transmitting his memories, but Angeal dismiss her again that he will smile and be kind to her like he used to be, and reminding her that careless words are meaningless here.

Back to the present again, Tiphereth A says that managers who feel closer to Tiphereth B tend to a breakdown after his resets, and she fears that the resets might leave Tiphereth B empty. She says that even when creating multiple copies of Tiphereth, there can only be one soul. She finally requests X to destroy him for real, to let him rest in peace for once, since she can manage the Central Command Department alone, before the instability gets worse in his copies. The player has a single option that is "...", Tiphereth continues with a statement that Angela never cared about them, even if one or two Tiphereth, if one turns into scrap, if thousands are discarded, she will not care at all, finally, thinking that the manager could be 'different.'

In one final flashback, it is revealed that Enoch willingly gave himself up for the Corporation's experiments and died as a result. Lisa mumbles hateful things to A and Carmen, saying that Carmen should have been the one to die (Foreshadowing the reason of Carmen's death), and her wound expanded progressively later on. At the end of the flask back, Tiphereth's Sephirah Meltdown will become available.

After suppressing their Meltdown, a flashback is seen of Enoch and Lisa being in what seems to be city ruins in front a beach. Lisa ask if Enoch has heard about the 'Nest', mentioning that she heard that a festival is held there every day, exclaiming that she wants to dance. Enoch says that where they are is also nice, but Lisa says that Carmen don't let them go to many places and keep them locked up, but Enoch says that she is a good person and that she might like her. Despite this, Lisa only wants to stay with him, but he says that he wants to find answers, possibly not able to stay with her all the time. He wants to seek for answers that probably don't exist at all or maybe will vanish soon, but wanting to let go his body and let himself fly away. Lisa, not understanding, she still want to follow Enoch, asking if he can take her with him. He doesn't reply but Lisa sees A, saying that they need to go back, because will become cold soon at night.

After the flashback, Tiphereth A says to X that he wanted to show how mature she could be to Tiphereth, but the disappointment never ended and Tiphereth B didn't get any better. She decided that was better to hide her disgust and guilt, like it never existed. But when she see Tiphereth B's empty smile, she feels like a part of her torn apart, knowing that he will never go back to what he used to be, that they will never return to their old happy days and that he suffered the most from both. Tiphereth B interrupts to get Tiphereth A to go before the sun set, but he calls her by her previous name, "Lisa". He goes, but Tiphereth A says that her name was once Lisa, and that he no longer remember his own name but recall her name sometimes. She doesn't know what he wanted with his sacrifice, even if it was worthy. She doesn't know, she never expected anything, but she counts on the manager, believing that there was a reason for every sacrifice made and that eventually, everything will be okay. Tiphereth has the "Expectation of the Meaning of Existence."


  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Tiphereth (meaning "beauty") is the sixth Sephirah. It represents the ideal balance between Chesed (mercy) and Geburah (justice). It is also said to unite the upper nine Sephirot.