This page contains all the Abnormalities that weren't released for the game, gathered from the (now defunct) official website, the teaser trailer or artbook. All of the Abnormalities showcased here have been scrapped and are not present in-game.

Additional appearance descriptions, such as where they appeared (trailers or links), or other official information also could be added.

Beanstalk without Jack[edit | edit source]

Beanstalk without Jack Portrait.png

Subject Number: F-03-16-Z. Beanstalk without Jack is a huge beanstalk Abnormality.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

"It may sound like some ridiculous story, but I heard there was one employee who was determined to get all the way up to the top of the tree, and eventually started to climb. ...If the tree even has a concept of a 'top', then I guess the employee is doing well up there."

(The subject code begins with "F", making this abnormality a Fairy Tale-type (Jack and the Beanstalk), though strangely, the second number is "03", which would make this a "religious" abnormality)

(This text is implying that the employee never came back. This Abnormality could've operated in a similar manner to Opened Can of Wellcheers. Maybe that's the reason they didn't release it.)

Book without Pictures or Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Book without Pictures or Dialogue.png

Subject Number: T-04-11-T. Book without Pictures or Dialogue is a brown, probably old, book, similar to Poor Screenwriter's Note, but bigger.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

“Employees have a lot of ridiculous rumors. Of those one of them is as follows. When one has filled ‘Book without Pictures or Conversation’ in whatever way, then the book may grant one wish. It may sound absurd but many take the rumor seriously.”

(Since the subject number start with the letter T, which means trauma, it might be referencing "Bibliophobia", or "Fear of Books". But this is not a tool, a tool's second number of subject code must be 09, but this is 04, meaning "inanimated objects". For example, Parasyte Tree, Grave of Cherry Blossom, Burrowing Heaven, Queen Bee, etc. Their similarity is they don't get much movement when damaging the facility, while the person who's under control does the most. It might works like O-04-08, the Red Shoes.)

Clown Smiling at me[edit | edit source]

Clown Smiling at me.gif

Subject Number: O-01-17-H. Clown Smiling at me seems to be a clown's portrait, smiling and staring at somewhere or someone. It can probably move.

Its portrait is different from the full picture.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

“I should have left the containment unit as soon as possible... Seeing that I wasn't amused, it took out another tool. I thought it was a tool. Just that moment.”

(This text might implies that it looks harmless at some point, but suddenly attacks(Just like little helper). Since the subject number start with O(Original), it is not referencing the Coulrophobia, or "Fear of Clowns". The second number, 01, meaning that it will look like a human.)

Fallen Amurdād[edit | edit source]

Fallen Amurdād.gif
Fallen Amurdad.png

Subject Number: F-01-26-Z. Fallen Amurdād is a bleeding person covered in plants and foliage.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

"That this Abnormality was more than just a bleeding person in a vegetative state, and that it could hear all the meaningless words I have said and will say in the future and perfectly understand them."

(In Zoroastrian thought, Amurdad is known as the Amesha Spenta of immortality and, in later texts, plants)

My Sweet Orange Tree[edit | edit source]

My Sweet Orange Tree.gif

Subject Number: O-02-23-W. My Sweet Orange Tree is a formless being of yellow, light blue and green particles, floating around its current zone.

My Sweet Orange Tree appeared in the teaser trailer of Lobotomy Corporation, in a containment room with a floating employee, probably because of this Abnormality's effect. It also appeared on the (now defunct) official website and in the artbook.

“Why 'innocence' of all things? After countless assumptions, we could successfully define it. It was [Redacted].”

(For the abnormality's flavor text and encyclopedia entries go here: My Sweet Orange Tree (Unreleased) )

(It's not referencing anything, and it looks like an animal. Since it is "a cluster of thousands if not hundreds of millions of molecules", and it can show the best memory of a person, and it have the ability of mind reading and brain washing(through letting people remembering childhood memories to forget all other things), the reason it is here might be collect purest childhood memory, just like Funeral of the Dead Butterflies. )

Pale Horse[edit | edit source]

Pale Horse.png

Subject Number: F-02-22-Z. Pale Horse is a light blue horse with a long mane and tail, as shown in its artwork picture.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

“Joseph came to me screaming, his face flush with excitement. He told me that an Abnormality he'd been taking care of suddenly knelt down and began to shed tears as it looked at him. You don't know Joseph? He's the guy who turned into Nothing There's shell a few months ago. The horse wasn't acting friendly or anything. It simply sensed the scent of death that permeated him.”

Pale Horse is also referenced in one of Singing Machine's encyclopedia entries: "...But that day, <Redacted> insisted that we had to go there. The 'Pale Horse' had responded to something specifically that he had said. he repeated that a lot. I didn't think 'Pale Horse' was thinking about <Redacted> when it responded...."

It's possible that this Abnormality has the ability to predict someone's death, based on its concept information and the reference in the official game.

Even it is called "Pale Horse", it might not deal pale damage. It is a ZAYIN level abnormality.

Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage[edit | edit source]

Cinderella's Carriage.png
Pumpkin Carriage.png

Subject Number: F-05-21-T. Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage is a rotting carriage in the form of a pumpkin.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

“The thing itself had never forgotten its glory days. Everything was rotting but the memory of that night wasn’t.”

(It is referencing Cinderella and it is a machine.)

Puss in Boots[edit | edit source]

Puss In Boots Portrait.png
Puss in Boots.gif

Subject Number: F-02-24-T. Puss in Boots is a black cat with green eyes and white paws on its hind legs.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

“Rarely do I talk to humans. You should consider it an honor. The humans who have joined me could attain greater wealth and glory. Have I told you the story of a humble farmer's son who I made a king?”

Silent Girl[edit | edit source]

Silent Girl.png

Subject Number: O-01-0-T. Silent Girl, in its art/portrait, is an ornamental window of different colors and figures, resembling a pale girl with blue hair, covering her chest with her eyes closed. The Lobotomy Corp. logo is at the top of this window.

However, the actual Abnormality is the pale girl, holding behind her a hammer and nail.

Though Silent Girl never appeared in Lobotomy Corporation itself, she does appear in the sequel game, Library of Ruina, as an Abnormality Page. Her info can also be found in the artbook.

"An employee could enter Silent Girl's containment by themselves. The Abnormality had never done any damage to an employee before. We observed it for a week, but all we got was that while it hid a threatening weapon behind its back, it did not once make any attempt to attack."

(This Abnormality is given only one digit for its classification code, 0. It's unclear as to if this was supposed to be 00, or if it was changed because 00 was already taken)

Someone's Portrait[edit | edit source]

Someone's Portrait.png

Subject Number: O-01-19-T. Someone's Portrait looks like a simple portrait, with a head, with red eyes, staring to somewhere or someone.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

“I swear, that damn portrait was trying to make us lower our guard. Why else would it show absolutely no movement during all the observations and work we've done?”

Missed Reaper[edit | edit source]

Missed Reaper.png
Missed Angel of Death Portrait.png
Missed Angel of Death.png

Subject Number: O-01-13-H. Missed Reaper seems composed of 2 entities: An unknown tall being and a child. The child is standing together to the other entity.

As of now, it can only be found in the official artbook.

"I should’ve said, ‘I’m sorry that I let go of your hand’ and apologized, even if it didn’t mean anything. I’m sorry to ask this but… Can you take me to that room again, please?"

Miscellaneous Abnormalities[edit | edit source]

Abnormalities which are completely unrevealed, lacking proper names and/or subject numbers, as well as official descriptions, but have made appearances in other media like the teaser trailer or the official artbook.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In very early versions of the game, Someone's Portrait was thought to be implemented in the game but was delayed.
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