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"These are high risk and carry devastating force. Most will be hostile toward employees, and the death toll could reach into the dozens."
- Manual


WAW Abnormalities are dangerous Abnormalities while breaching and also in containment, proving to be more dangerous than Risk He.png HE ones but just behind Risk Aleph.png ALEPH Abnormalities. They can easily cause mayhem across the facility and once their abilities trigger, it is hard to put them in their place. All of them have a way to breach containment, summon minions or possess employees. If neglected, their power will overwhelm you.

Working with these Abnormalities will trigger a special effect called Qliphoth Overload that decreases WorkSuccessIcon.png Success Rate with the Abnormality by -4% after each work (with a maximum of -32% penalty). This effect remains on the worked Abnormality until the next level of QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdown is obtained.

If there is an Abnormality or Abnormalities breaching and all the energy has been collected, they will apply a LOB Point penalty of -5 for each Risk Waw.png WAW Abnormality breaching if the day ends while still breaching, and stacks with other Risk Levels. A warning message will appear below the button to end the day with the total penalty amount.

Risk Waw.png WAW Abnormality List:

Name Subject Number Attack Type EBoxIcon.png E-Boxes QliphothCounterIcon.png Qliphoth Counter
T-04-53(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(4 - 6)
22 1
Backward Clock
D-09-104(-W) X X X
Big and Will be Bad Wolf
F-02-58(-W) RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED
(4 - 8)
22 2
Big Bird
O-02-40(-W) BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK
(2 - 6)
20 5
Judgement Bird
O-02-62(-W) PaleDamageTypeIcon.png PALE
(5 - 7)
24 2
Dimensional Refraction Variant
O-03-88(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(4 - 7)
22 2
Dream of a Black Swan
T-02-70(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(5 - 6)
24 5
Express Train to Hell
T-09-86(-W) X X X
The Firebird
O-02-101(-W) RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED
(3 - 4)
24 3
Flesh Idol
T-09-79(-W) X X X
Clouded Monk
D-01-110(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(4 - 6)
22 3
El Llanto de la Luna
D-01-105(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(5 - 7)
20 3
Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary
F-01-57(-W) RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED
(4 - 6)
20 3
Parasite Tree
D-04-108(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(5 - 6)
24 1
Queen Bee
T-04-50(-W) RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED
(4 - 6)
22 1
Snow White's Apple
F-04-42(-W) BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK
(2 - 4)
22 1
The Burrowing Heaven
O-04-72(-W) BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK
(4 - 5)
24 X
The Dreaming Current
T-02-71(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(3 - 6)
20 2
The King of Greed
O-01-64(-W) RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED
(5 - 7)
22 1
The Knight of Despair
O-01-73(-W) WhiteDamageTypeIcon.png WHITE
(4 - 6)
24 X
The Little Prince
O-04-66(-W) BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK
(3 - 4)
24 2
The Naked Nest
O-02-74(-W) RedDamageTypeIcon.png RED
(5 - 7)
22 X
The Queen of Hatred
O-01-04(-W) BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK
(3 - 4)
22 2
O-07-103(-W) X X X
O-05-102(-W) BlackDamageTypeIcon.png BLACK
(4 - 6)
20 2
Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter

Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating
Poor Screenwriter's Note
Poor Screenwriter's Note
O-05-31-W WHITE +10% -15% 40%
Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are 4 Abnormalities of this category which can't escape (Still able to work when triggering their abilities): Queen Bee, The Naked Nest, The Little Prince and Parasyte Tree, instead of escaping, will infect employees when their mood becomes bad. 5 if considering Legacy. Poor Screenwriter's Note never leaves its room but can possess employees who enter its room.
  • Risk Waw.png WAW is based from the Hebrew alphabet, the 6th letter, Vav (ו). Represents a 'hook' that connects with God and binds together earth and heaven.
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