"Now everything will be just fine."
- Abnormality Log

We Can Change Anything (T-09-85) is a Risk Zayin ZAYIN Tool Abnormality in the form of a container of the size of an employee, having a humanoid white metallic form, possessing a body and head which open in three parts, revealing that the surfaces of the inside of the container are filled with spikes. It remains open when not in use.

Information Edit

Ability: Edit

We Can Change Anything's ability triggers during use. When an employee is sent to its containment to use it, the employee will get in the machine and it will close itself, showing a heart at the front and digital eyes on the face of the machine. It will then start to constantly deal around 2 of RedDamageTypeIcon Red Damage to the trapped employee in slow periods of time, increasing overtime. Every time that the employee takes damage, a digital sound can be heard and 1 of EBoxIcon Energy will be produced. After a bit, the speed of the damage dealt will increase, becoming more bloody. This can occur twice. When the employee dies by the injuries, the container will open and reveal the remains and organs of said employee, with a confirmation sound and a red cloud coming out.

The employee cannot get out once they're inside the machine, so they are going to die once inside it. The trapped employee dies even if the player ends the current day before the employee's HPIcon HP is completely depleted. The Abnormality isn't affected by the Qliphoth Meltdown.

Basic Information: Edit


We Can Change Anything's encyclopedia portrait

We Can Change Anything's basic information takes 15 seconds using to unlock. The information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject Classification
  • Risk Level (Risk Zayin ZAYIN)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Continuous)

Origin Edit

We Can Change Anything lacks a solid backstory, but was created by the X Inc., the same corporation that created Little Helper. It followed after Little Helper's 'success.' This home robot supposedly includes a solution to change everything once the customer gets in the machine, but it is actually a lie, as it simply kills the person and makes energy from them.

It is unknown how it arrived in the corporation, but it was probably confiscated from a customer, or bought as a still-selling product.

Log and Method Edit

Interaction Amount
10 seconds
"After the popularity of "Little Helper" took off, "We Can Change Anything" was released as the second installment of the home robot series."
"Placing an employee inside the machine produces energy over time."
30 seconds
"As to be expected of a product of the xx corporation, it sports various functions."
"Once the employee is inside the machine, the employee will take Red damage. And the employee inside cannot leave and will eventually die."
50 seconds
"Does your child cause trouble and cry all the time? We can change that!

Don't like your body? Too fat, too skinny? We can change that!

Are you not able to get the energy required due to your lack of home or money? We can change that!"
"The amount of energy produced will increase as time goes by."
1:10 seconds
"It's simple. Just open the machine, go inside and press the close button. Now everything will be just fine."
"This Abnormality is not affected by the Qliphoth Meltdown."
1:40 seconds
"The machine will produce energy after employee enters. Seeing as once inside, employees never come out, the inside of the machine must be comfortable."

Trivia Edit

  • This the only Tool Abnormality that can produce extra EBoxIcon Energy and is not affected by the Qliphoth Meltdown.
  • It is confirmed through its first log that the "Little Helper" robots were actually a helpful version of home robots due to its popularity, while an exceptional case became an Abnormality; and due to their success, "We Can Change Anything" was released as the second installment of home robots.
  • The form of the machine resembles an Iron Maiden, a torture device.
  • This Abnormality holds the classification of 'Trauma'. Following the log events. it offers the promise that despite of what displeasing conflict that the user would be facing, like kids causing trouble, uncomfortable with their own appearance or the lack of energy, getting in the machine would be solve all of those problems, when will actually kill them. In a stretch, it could also represent Metathesiophobia, or the phobia of change.

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