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"Hello, X. Welcome to Lobotomy Corporation."
- Angela

X is the main character that is used by the player. He signed up to work as a Manager for facility X-394 of Lobotomy Corporation. He starts from Day 1, following up with Angela's introduction. X doesn't have any aspect revealed or settled background story.

X is just a designation number, probably related to the facility he works on, and so his name(s) is unknown. He may or may not be the same person across all the runs (Cycles and New Games).


X lacks a proper personality due to being the player's character, so the player has the ability to decide the options that the scenes offers in the Story Phase. The player can pick what X wants to know, decide his actions, and respond to questions. Most of the time, X is a silent character who just listens and sometimes responds.


"And you have joined the company at an opportune moment."
- Angela

X lacks any background story and the game starts immediately with him meeting with Angela in his new Manager office, ready to work. Angela greets X and explains to him all the information required to understand his new job in the company, and as well as some information about herself, how she is an AI, and the efforts taken in order to make her. Among her lines, she also explains that she cannot leave the facility, as she is bound to it. She also introduces the Sephirah to X, who he has to meet later; and A, her creator and founder of Lobotomy Corporation.

As the days progress, for the first 10 Days, Angela continues to have conversations with X, as well giving compliments and asking questions. She is mostly friendly and prudent, still following all the instructions of the facility that has been settled, but her dialogue and actions foreshadow the future.

At Day 10, a system malfunction reveals a more realistic look to the facility and Angela. After a quick correction, Angela reveals that due to many Managers in the past losing their sanity because of witnessing some of the horrible aspects of the facility and the abnormalities, a Perception Filter was installed, which changes the perception of the facility to a more cartoon-like style in order to avoid grotesque and undesirable scenes. She remarks that it is for X's safety.

From Day 11, X will start to learn about the secrets of the Corporation and their facility, thanks to B, an infiltrator who managed to enter to the facility's system to contact X. Angela takes the situation into her hands and stops the infiltrator.

At Day 22, X receive a letter from A, who is pleased by the work done and his devotion to the job. Angela informs that A is on a long journey, and perhaps life itself is a journey and that X might also have this moment as one.

Story Mode Spoilers!
At Day 27, Angela finally reveals the intentions of A and his fate in the world. She says she was the first witness and culprit of his murder - if was physical or just a figurative speech, is not determinated if Angela did murdered him or was just a cause of her -, but that A does exist in the facility and that he watches over them. Angela mentions that the Sephirah ask her why they know the agony and burden of carrying the pain of their work, and feel the emotions that they do. "A machine must behave like a machine" is what A used to say, Angela repeats; and that maybe he wanted to make them like this because it is all like a puppet show to him. There is no clear answer to know how he thought about this or what was his complete intentions, but that is time for X to know. It is revealed to X that he is in fact, an iteration of A, and that there were many more 'A's in the past.

At the end of the cutscene, Angela begins the 'Memory Imprint', replacing X's memories with A's memories.

From that point, X starts to see various memories of A through his early days, and the woman that was a higher figure to him, Carmen. As the days progress, the memories of A finally synchronise on X, to transform his mind - and thus X himself - into A once more, and he will be referred to as such from those days on.

It's also entirely possible all "X"s are simply the original A with their memories reverted, and each previous "X" had failed due to either going insane or losing sight of their goals. This would give "X" a lot of previously nonexistent personality, such as being very good at reading people, with a very analytical nature as well as a colder, pessimistic, and secretive demeanor seen in the memories of A. This could be the reason why Hokma sees the manager as a personal friend, not a man with the memories of his friend.



Angela is initially kind to X, trying to provide all the assistance possible and being helpful to him for his work. However, she enters a period of distrust when B manages to catch their attention.

Story Mode Spoilers!
After Day 20, she drops her kind act and starts being more strict and straight to the point whenever she voices her opinion. She doesn't seem to discuss further about what X feels, and instead tells him about herself and the situation of the world around them and the facility.

Due to the lie detector given by B, it is also revealed that she plans harm X if it is necessary for her plans to succeed.


The Sephirah have individual personalities and responses to X, being from helpful, strict or uncaring, they are all related to X in terms of their positions, and throughout the story, X will try to get to know about them.


  • X, as being a designation instead of a name, might be a product of the facilities having specific designation names, and the issue of multiple Managers entering and leaving their positions.