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This section contains spoilers related to the story of Lobotomy Corporation.
Read ahead with caution if you want to experience the story for yourself.

"Manager, you are the head of this corporation. You are supposed to set an example for others, but that outfit would warrant at least 10 penalty points in our department."
- Yesod

Yesod is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the upper layer, Asiyah, and is the head of the YesodArmband.png Information Team. The player meets him on Day 7, after unlocking his first expansion of his Department.

His hair is short, colored purple. He has brown eyes with no pupils and a dark shadow that covers half of each of his eyes. He wears a normal dark business suit with a turtleneck, a purple tie and an armband with the first letter of his name on it, "Y". The color associated with his in text boxes is Mauve.

Yesod's missions focus on work performance and completion, granting researches that measure information, such as HPIcon.png HP and SPIcon.png SP gauges for the agents and damage dealt.


Yesod's personality is strict, uncaring and logical, but sometimes, he limits himself when he 'overacts'. He examines each situation meticulously and logically, believing that emotions and trust for his employees are unnecessary. Still, he tries to keep casualties minimized through prevention. He has a complex hallucination that causes him to always stay covered up, not revealing much of his skin or body besides his own head. Any type of description of him by other workers, like 'devoid of emotions, cold-blooded...' are taken as compliments by him, because he believes that personally knowing someone or feeling emphatic can make his own employees exploit him.


Yesod on selecting Department Expansion

"A single mistake from us could cause a disaster. I am sure you'd understand the gravity of my work."
- Yesod

Yesod is one of the most strict Sefirot in the facility, but one who can perform his work without much feeling of regret over death or emotions. His phobia of revealing his skin is believed to have existed before he joined the corporation, but since then, he always wears clothing that covers his whole body.

Meeting - Cutscene 1[]

Yesod will greet the Manager the day after the Information Team has been opened. He presents himself to the manager, judging their clothing in a strict manner. After that start, he presents himself as the Sephirah of the respective department and explains what his job is about. In the middle of the talk, he expresses his disgust for showing his own skin, something that he believes has existed since before he entered into the company; during this he is interrupted by Netzach asking for spare papers, inciting Yesod to reply that they should not trade between the departments. Netzach leaves, but not before commenting "Pft, Yesod the Viper is not in a good mood". Returning back to X, Yesod states that he actually likes his nickname because he obtained it on purpose; he then asks if the manager likes his nickname or not. Regardless of the choice, he states his liking for the nickname yet again, and shortly after gives his first mission to X.

Cutscene 2[]

Yesod's Portrait

After completing the first mission, Yesod will present himself to the manager and greet him. This time, he is interrupted by Hod, who heard that his department suffered an incident when multiple employees died. Yesod discards her suggestion of going to see his employees and confort them with a speech, making her leave. He then asks the manager if is necessary to comfort them. Depending on the option chosen, he will elaborate on his own thoughts; choosing 'Yes' will prompt him to question the manager, who stays behind a shiny monitor watching employees get turned into shreds, and asks if he actually goes to talk to them after those incidents. Additionally, he remarks that sympathy is not good in the company. However, choosing 'No' will cause Yesod to express his reasoning for why he feels that speaking to them is unnecessary: good will fuel the employees anger and frustration and that even in a higher position, their lives aren't the ones near the brink of death. He works hard to minimize casualties, unlike Hod who tries to help, closing her eyes like nothing happened.

Cutscene 3[]

After completing the second mission, there is a talk between two employees, Dirk and an unnamed one, who are playing 'Word Chain'. After one of them names the 'fictional' place 'Oz', Yesod appears, sending them back to work. He says to the manager that word chain is a popular pastime to play here, and after which asks the manager if he likes the game. The scene changes to a memory of Yesod's past. He is talking with an employee, James, whose stress level is above 80%. At that point, performing work would be against the rules, but James tries to convince Yesod to allow it, telling him that another employee named Sally went in with 82% and returned fine, and that by working, he will fulfil the energy quota. As Yesod remains silent, James adds "What are the friends for?", and comments about the word chain game that they were playing. Finally, Yesod allows him to work with the Abnormality.

Back in the present with the manager, Yesod elaborates a bit more about his affliction. He feels that his skin is covered in festering boils, an hallucination that tortures him but his actual skin is normal; however, he feels that is worse, that his normal skin is actually the hallucination and that he has the festering boils behind them. Yesod is the only one who experiences this hallucination.

Cutscene 4[]

After finishing the third mission, Yesod talks about what occurred with James: he purposefully released two Abnormalities that killed seven people, eventually losing the Abnormalities as well as four employees. Yesod himself was personally ordered to shoot down James. Yesod knows the kind of place that they are working in, not feeling sorry for not being able to stop him but that he was weak and knew him personally, being exploited by his employees. He promised himself to never repeat that same error, keeping himself away from employees' personal lives and their emotions, pointing at the crude reality of the facility.

At the end, he asks why someone put an AI with emotions into this facility; revealing that he envies Angela because she lacks those feelings.


X (the Player)[]

Yesod keeps to formal and strict talks with the manager, not wanting to make any bonds or ask about their personal life; just referring to missions and proper work in most of the situations.


Angela considers Yesod to not be as weak as the other Sefirot, due to his tendency to keeping himself removed from employees' emotions; however, when he questions about the reasons for some of the company's rules, Angela questions him if he feels tired instead of answering. However, Yesod already knew the majority of her answers.


Being one of the side departments, Netzach often asks favors from Yesod, but Yesod still refers to rules and usually sends Netzach back to his department.

Story Mode Spoilers!
Despite their apparently distant relationship, Netzach still tries to help Yesod in other ways, one time even offering him Enkephalin doses.


Yesod and Hod are distant to each other, regardless of being on the same level and having their departments connected to each other. While Hod tried to help when his team suffered losses, Yesod refused her suggestions and returned her to her department, not liking her overemotional conduct.

Other Sefirot[]

Yesod's strict behavior applies to the rest of the Sephirah as well, only interacting with them if needed; i.e. for work orders, requests and information management.


Suppression of Sephirah’s Core Required

Gabriel was a previous employee of the Lobotomy Corporation, employed during the Cogito experiments. He used to wear a laboratory coat and a black turtleneck shirt, with black gloves. After his death, his human appearance was taken for the creation of 'Yesod', using the Cognition Filter.

Once the Player completes Yesod's Meltdown, the Cognition Filter that hides his true appearance as a robot is lowered. His robot form is composed of a dark purple rectangular chassis serving as the body, conformed by two squares, with a single digital glowing purple eye in the lower part, in a square cavity on the right at the front of their body, his Sephirah name is at top front part. It possess mechanical limbs, a pair of arms and legs, and its body is covered on dark wraps.

After revealing his true form, Yesod acts rational, cautious and overall more respectful; however, he stays as strict as before, still wanting to prevent employees' imminent deaths.

The reward for defeating Yesod's Meltdown is increasing the amount of EBoxIcon.png PE-Boxes gained by 25%, along with giving the YesodArmband.png Information Team immunity to QliphothMeltdownIcon.png Qliphoth Meltdowns.


Gabriel was a worker who organized and set up experiments in the early times of Lobotomy Corporation, during the time of the Cogito experiments; he often prepared procedures and rules for these, along with laboratories and supply rooms. After hearing to what happened to Elijah, he went to find A and talk about the incident still in a calm and rational manner, explaining that the lack of security methods and rules was the reason of Elijah getting the Cogito and causing her own death. He then tries to create new methods of regulation, like putting a time to return the keys of the supply rooms. Although he said he was strict, it was for the good of everyone and their safety, to prevent such events of occurring.

After Elijah's death, Gabriel started to become more compulsive with safety, starting to wear more clothing (supposedly to prevent chemicals from reaching him) until he was covered completely aside from his head.

Although he was trying to be level-headed, Gabriel's 'wounds' were psychological and couldn't be hidden with his clothing. He wanted to stick to the principles, hoping that following the rules strictly enough would help to prevent and avoid more deaths; however, his rationality turned into compulsion, and eventually into a damaging obsession.

Devoiding himself of emotions and expression, no longer being able to stand even small parts of his body being exposed, and - finally - starting to scratch himself harshly, it was suggested that Gabriel should receive a check-up to see if he was infected or contaminated. He refused this, which meant he was physically forced by other employees to be seen by the doctor. He was tied up by the other employees, but it was still hard to just keep watching him. At the end, they found that he was not infected, but he didn't get any better and his obsession continued, scratching himself worse than before, eventually leading to his death.

Gabriel's body was eventually found and soon taken apart into a robot hull to make a Sephirah, to create Yesod.


After finishing the fourth mission of the Information Department, Yesod will get flashbacks of conversations with the other Sefirot: Hod asking if he feels nothing about the recent incident, Netzach offering to drink Enkephalin, Angela remarking that he is not weak as other Sephirah, individually remembering that it's good to keep his head clear; and finally, A, referring to him as 'Gabriel' and asking why he is scratching himself.

Back from that short memory, Yesod greets the manager once again; however, this time he talks about the work periods of the Information Team, that some Abnormality Records are blank, and that the Information Team regularly deletes and expunges data about the employees who lost their lives while working in the facility.

As something 'funny', he comments that they are called the 'Information Team'; ironically, they only handle and delete information per orders and even the criteria for stripping records is unknown to Yesod and decided by other departments.

Angela comes in briefly after to bring some documents and a list of employees to expunge; taking the opportunity, he asks her what it means to remember someone's name and the reason to have a name. Angela sidesteps the question by instead asking if Yesod is tired, although apparently he knew that she would say that.

Yesod then turns to the manager and says that calling employees by their names aren't recommended here; all employes of the corporation receive identification numbers, but Malkuth is the only Sephirah who doesn't call their employees by their names from the beginning. He considers her as the most 'ideal' Sephirah between them because of this, but feels that this is not a reason for her to take all the pain, and that none of them should do that.

Yesod suddenly gets another feeling; questioning their own metal bodies, repeating their days endlessly, and hearing that the manager (who actually becomes A) is one of the designers of the Sephirah.

After complaining of the despair and how he's suffering from rotting from the inside, the scene changes once more: into A talking about Gabriel, how he was more rational than others, how he became expressionless and how Elijah's death affected him. The Cogito experiment helped to create a monster, and instead of grieving, they decided to use that time to study what happened. Gabriel tried to stay level-headed, but soon that became an obsession with contamination, covering himself with his clothing and starting to scratch himself. Eventually, he was forced into a medical check-up to see if he was infected or contaminated, and nothing was found; unfortunately, he did not recover, and this psychosis eventually lead to Gabriel's death as his health declined.

Soon after seeing this, Yesod's Meltdown will become available.


After finishing the Meltdown, a memory of Gabriel and A is seen, with Gabriel saying that he heard what happened to Elijah and is now starting to put more rules in for everyone's safety. He comments that he now wears a lab coat to not be sprayed with chemicals. A says in the memory that wounds have ways of showing, and for Gabriel it was his clothes and his excessive rationality that was the cause of what destroyed him. His hope for not seeing people die didn't happen, and as a final message, A says that Gabriel pretended that he didn't hear Elijah's shout of desperation.

With the memory ending, it returns to the manager and Yesod, He knew what happened to the manager and himself, stating that he feels more relieved and not as terrible that he expected. Yesod will still see the hallucinations on his own rotting body and an anger towards the manager, but he says that he can now be in all the despair that he wants, where all the pain will grow out of the wounds. Yesod says that X gave them a seed of hope, he knows that X will embrace his past soon, but that is always the beginning what's difficult. Even when Yesod possess a more logical way to see the situations, he has certainly a "Distinctive Reasoning".


  • On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Yesod (meaning "foundation") is the ninth Sephirot. It connects Tiphereth to Malkuth, and is said to be a channel for divine creativity.
  • Yesod used to play 'Word Chain' with other employees from his department.