Risk Zayin

"Abnormalities with the lowest aggressiveness. It usually does not do much harm, and depending on the situation, it can have a positive impact on employees."
- Manual


ZAYIN Abnormalities are the lowest and safest Risk Level to interact with, before Risk Teth TETH. Players tend to get them through the first days and mid-game, and in certain occasions during the late game. They aren't very threatening to the employees or the player, none of them can breach, but most of them can still deal damage through abilities or even trigger insta-kill effects, so is still better to handle them carefully. These Abnormalities usually give positive effects and don't cause major consequences.

Risk Zayin ZAYIN Abnormality List:

Name Subject Number Attack Type EBoxIcon E-Boxes QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter
Army In Black
D-01-106(-Z) WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE

(7 - 9)

30 3
Don't Touch Me
O-05-47(-Z)  ???  ?? X
Fairy Festival
F-04-83(-Z) RedDamageTypeIcon RED

(1 - 2)

10 X
Mirror of Adjustment
O-09-81(-Z) X X X
Old Belief and Promise
T-09-97(-Z) X X X
One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds
O-03-03(-Z) WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE

(1 - 2)

10 X
Opened Can of Wellcheers
F-05-52(-Z) RedDamageTypeIcon RED

(1 - 2)

10 X
Plague Doctor
O-01-45(-Z) WhiteDamageTypeIcon WHITE

(1 - 2)

10 1
We Can Change Anything
T-09-85(-Z) X X X
You Must Be Happy
T-09-94(-Z) X X X
You're Bald...
Bald-Is-Awesome! BlackDamageTypeIcon BLACK

(1 - 2)

6 X
Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter

Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating
Hammer of Light
O-05-48-Z RED +20% -30% 50%
Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating

Trivia Edit

  • Don't Touch Me only is dangerous when the player interacts with it, so it is classified as Risk Zayin ZAYIN because of needing interaction to trigger its harmful effects and cannot trigger by itself.
  • Army in Black being rated as Risk Zayin ZAYIN in containment is probably related to how it seems to represent a safe Abnormality by being 'pink' in its own story, or to mislead players.
  • Risk Zayin ZAYIN is based from the Hebrew alphabet, the 7th letter of the same name (ז). Represents 'returning light.'
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